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Crowfall / Stretch Goals
« on: February 26, 2015, 01:23:55 pm »

Got our first set of stretch goals posted. We definitely need to hit the Mounts one!

Other Games and Interests / EA's Star Wars Games Site
« on: February 12, 2015, 10:59:46 am »

I bet we might see some announcements for new games coming out this next winter when the new movie hits.  Probably some movie tie in games.  Battlefront? Wooo!


Today I’m sharing some important news about Shadow Realms and our BioWare Austin studio.

We’ve made the decision to not move forward with development of Shadow Realms. We fully recognize that this news is disappointing to some of our fans, so I want to explain more behind this decision.

While the team did amazing work on the game concept and we got lots of great feedback from our fans at events and through other game testing, right now there are other projects for the team to work on within the BioWare studios for the coming year and beyond. We’ve got an incredibly talented team here at the Austin studio, and they are excited and already deep on new projects within the BioWare family, ones that will make some great BioWare games even better.

These include additional ongoing enhancements to the award-winning Dragon Age: Inquisition, as well as the next game in the Mass Effect series and other new IP.

But the biggest focus for our team in BioWare Austin will be on Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. As every Star Wars™ fan knows, this is a massive year in the Star Wars universe. We have some great plans for expanding this epic game this year, and look forward to sharing the news about those plans with our players in the coming weeks.

For all the people that registered for the Shadow Realms Closed Alpha, we’re working on a way to say thank-you for signing up. To all those players that gave us feedback at Gamescom and PAX, and those that shared their thoughts and impressions in the past months, we thank you for being part of the conversation.

Jeff Hickman

General Manager, BioWare Austin

Sounds like some big things coming to SWTOR this year.  Can't wait to hear the next announcements...!

Applicant Introductions / Greetings Old Friends
« on: February 08, 2015, 01:09:55 pm »
I've been back playing SWTOR since July.  Came back for the Strongholds and Conquest patch.  I took a look around for which guild I would like to be part of and couldn't go any where else.  The Guardians are the best guild on the server and my competitive nature wouldn't be happier any where else.  It doesn't help that I also have over a decade of memories of greatness already with TG.  I just hope you guys will have me back.

I know the situation revolving around my removal will be highly debated in my application.  I just want to get one thing straight.  I'm here to play games with my friends and nothing else.  I don't want my application to rejoin to start fights or split up friendships.  The last thing I want to do is cause any more harm to TG.  I'm here to rebuild what I have lost and help TG continue to be the best guild it can be.  I just want to be a gear in the machine and have some fun playing games.

I have three 60s in SWTOR.  Airic - my gunslinger, Llwellyn - my Commando Healer, and Ciria - my guardian tank.  I'd like to get back into raiding, and usually you will find me in a warzone on Airic.  I've had a lot of fun playing beside TG unofficially the last couple months and contributing any way I could.  I was proud to see TG get Server firsts and game firsts in regards to the Conquest, I only wish I could have helped more.  If I'm not playing SWTOR, you can find me in H1Z1 or maybe in Minecraft.  In fact, I have a Minecraft Realm Server that I'd like to share if people want to play some old fashioned Vanilla Minecraft sometime.

A lot has changed for myself in the last two years.  I found the love of my life, Kayla, and she's thebomb.com.   We got married in November and it's been nothing but smiles and laughter.  We also got a second dog Daisy, so Rupert has a partner in crime to track mud into our house.  Recently, I just started my own business as a Farmers Insurance Agent.  So that's been taking up a lot of my time as well.  I use gaming to cool down from the long days.  So there's that.  I've grown a lot in the last two years and I hope those who are questionable of my return give me a chance to show I can help TG be the best it can be.

Survival Zombie Mankill Simulators / H1Z1: 1/23 Update!
« on: January 23, 2015, 07:25:37 pm »
The servers will be coming down at 3:45 PST for approximately 2 hours.

  • Revised loot spawn rules
  • Your nameplate will not display while prone.
  • Fixed Metal Doors to open/close/lock/unlock properly.
  • Punji stick traps, dew collectors, and rabbit traps will now slowly decay over time. They can be repaired with a hammer.
  • Punji sticks have lower health and should be a little easier to remove.
  • Spool of twine now has a unique icon.
  • The arrow recipe now produces one arrow instead of two.
  • Increased placed barricade resistance to damage.
  • Slightly raised the chance to harvest usable cloth from dead zombies.
  • Metal pipes, metal sheets, and hunting rifles can be melted down in furnaces for metal bars.
  • There were two Calamity (EU) servers. One has been renamed to Collapse (EU). Please check the green character indicator on the far left of server select to see if which server your character is on.
  • The ground tamper item has been disabled and the recipe to make it is no longer discoverable
  • Improved Vehicle Survivability
  • Rotten food has been removed from the fridge spawners

Survival Zombie Mankill Simulators / H1Z1: 1/20 Update!
« on: January 20, 2015, 04:53:43 pm »
Servers going down at 2pm PST for 2 hours, should be back up by 4pm PST.

Patch Notes!

The update includes the following fixes:
•Fixed issue with loot rules which were preventing spawning items inside containers
•Metal Gate should now work properly
•Floating Arrows should no longer cause damage or obstruct vehicles.
•Structures are now more resistant to damage
•Zombies should no longer slide or attack while knocked down
•Dragging a stack of items that was too large to fit in your inventory would not move any of the stack. It now tops off as much as it can fit
•Fixed issue where the inventory wouldn't accept the maximum it could hold when picking up items from proximity/containers.
•The dew collector should work now, seriously
•Adjusted many items so that they will stack in the inventory properly
•Added a recipe for a Metal Door that is more durable than a wooden door
•Additional server list sorting options are now available
•The inventory option "Delete" has been removed
•“Drop”, “Unload” and “Place” inventory options have been removed from proximity items
•Rebalanced melee damage, including fists
•Enabled melee headshot damage for NPC's and players Have feedback on the new melee changes? Post them in Jimmy's thread here
•Fixed issue with the Runamok Toxic Cavern container not working
•Stagnant water can now be purified in barbecue.
•Bear meat can now be cooked on a barbecue.
•Rabbit stew can now be cooked. It now requires cooked rabbit meat instead of raw rabbit meat.
•Hammers, wrenches, and combat knives can now be melted down into bars inside of a furnace.
•Some larger items like the machete and AR15 now yield more metal bars when melted in a furnace.
•Animal traps now take damage.
•The animal trap recipe now require four nails.
•Fixed picking overlapping blackberry bushes where players sometimes had crouch to pick them successfully
•Fixed event tickets so that tickets found in the world are granted and the name and count show up properly

General Discussion / Happy Holidays!
« on: December 22, 2014, 11:10:49 am »
Small | Large

Other Games and Interests / Blizzard Cancels Titan
« on: September 23, 2014, 07:22:24 pm »
Blizzard cancels its next-gen MMO Titan after seven years!


That's a boat load of money down the drain.  I was interested in seeing what Blizzard could bring to the table with a new IP and MMO.  Oh well.

Minecraft / Microsoft to Aquire Minecraft
« on: September 15, 2014, 10:55:51 am »
I've seen the rumors rolling around for the last couple weeks.  Turns out it really is happening!  Not sure about this one.

Official Mojang Statement

Official Microsoft Statement

Notch is leaving Mojang Statement!

Star Wars: The Old Republic / Reputation Estimates Were Wrong
« on: February 19, 2013, 10:37:05 am »
Since this morning with the reset, people have had the chance to look and see what it takes to make it a couple ranks higher.  It was assumed each Rep Level was +2500 of the previous level, but that is not the case.  Hmmm looking at the new chart I might go as far  and assume Legend is 25000 or maybe even 50000!

Champion = 15000 not 12500 like we assumed
Outsider = 2500
Newcomer = 5000
Friend = 7500
Hero = 10000
Champion = 15000
Legend = ?

Report a Bug / New ESO Forums
« on: February 18, 2013, 09:22:14 pm »
The New Elder Scrolls Forums don't show up on the Home Page Recent Posts Box.  Some people might be missing some hot topics.

Star Wars: The Old Republic / Here Lies Booms
« on: February 16, 2013, 06:53:46 pm »

Just visited theMemorial at the old Ilum Republic Base.

Pretty sure this Hefty Body is all that remains of our friend Booms after the Battle of Ilum.

Good times!


DayZ Mod / DayZ SA: Update Feb 15
« on: February 16, 2013, 06:25:08 pm »
Ivan is back!

The last two weeks have gone extremely fast for us. As many will have noticed, we didn’t do a devblog last week. While the aim is produce an update every week (scheduled for Friday), the reality is that development will always have priority over our devblogs - and there has been a huge amount of real work to do on the project!

To celebrate Ivan returning to assist with the tean; Ivan, Matt, and myself held a design meeting in a rather unusual setting - we went from a hike around a lake area in the Czech Republic. We got some excellent idea’s - and we’re all thrilled with the great concepts Ivan has been bringing. We look forward to including Ivan on our next video blog.

Project Team Expansion

One of the biggest changes in the last week has been the expansion of the project, both in scale and scope as well as with personnel. We’ve been getting more and more people involved, both locally and externally. Many of these people are from within the community. We hope that these people will be able to assist us in really pushing the game to its limits.

Multiplayer Testing

Our internal closed testing has been continuing, and then pausing, as we identify and fix crashes and other issues. The vast amount of changes we have made require meticulous testing. We’re hoping to begin our first large-scale capacity testing next week (assuming we have a stable enough build). This will involve us working the server over with around 50 people initially, then working up to 150 and beyond to obtain metrics as to what limitations we will have.

Architecture Developments

Our lead programmer has been continuing the revision of the entire engine multiplayer to operate under the server-client MMO model. The results have been outstanding, and it is going to radically change the product. As these changes are made we are filter them onto the approach taken at other levels, ensuring everything is moved from being done at a client level to being done at a server level.

We have been experimenting with some novel approaches  such as not having loot spawned at the server level, but having it spawned at the database level - therefore negating the ease with which loot tables could be produced and allowing us to conduct a form of economic regulation to item spawns dynamically. I think the end result, however, will be a mixture of the two approaches due to performance requirements.

Character Development

This is the absolute core of our current design efforts. As such, you can see some new screen shots of the new ethnic heads available for female characters. We want to allow characters to be fully customized and reflect the players story as they are going along. This has included some fantastic ideas inspired by the community. Until initial release, the vast majority of our efforts will be with expanding options for developing and customizing your character.

Inventory system

Based on feedback and development, changes continue with this area. It’s starting to operate really well. Our programmer here, Jirka, will eventually move onto the crafting system. He has been wanting to move onto this for some time, as it is a personal area of interest for him.

As part of the inventory system, we have started detailed work on the attachment system. Like the customization of characters, we want to allow maximum ability for the customization and development of a players weapons. As part of this, all weapons being introduced into DayZ are being redeveloped from scratch at extremely high detail. The work being produced so far is outstanding! This means that, on release, there will be less weapons in the standalone - but it allows us the ability to continue each week to release content updates with new weapons and items.

World development

Massive areas are changing here. Ivan Buchta having returned from his time in the Greek Prison has been a huge asset to the team, working with our world designer SenChi (designer of the Ironfront worlds) to redevelop Chernarus. I have included some low-detail screenshots taken by SenChi showing some of his developments.

Art development

New clothing, items, weapons, buildings, “special areas” are all the foci of art development. We are greatly expanding our team of artists, as we have hundreds of new items we want to include in the world.

This week’s blog is pretty light on detail and excitement, but the pace is such that pausing to write about it is taking too much time! Overall, each week is proving to be more exciting for us than the last.


Part of a regular feature we will be doing is to take peoples questions on twitter (hastag: #AskDayZ) and facebook - Matt will select a few and we will answer them.

Will we be able to host private (hive) servers? (Christian Haschek)

Private servers will be supported. The issue of private hives (central servers) is still an open question. Initially the answer is definitely no, as we need to concentrate the database centrally so we can continue development and change it regularly. There is a wider issue of regulating both the economy of DayZ, in terms of controlling item spawn, and ensuring a balanced approach. I think it comes down to a question of timing, much like with the mod.

There be any new features in the first version of the standalone or it will be the classic DayZ (Martin Rangelovwill)

The experience will be entirely new. There is virtually nothing that has been directly ported from the mod, everything has been redone. This wasn’t our original intention (hence the December deadline) - but it has evolved this way. We’re all glad it has!

End Game content - Other than the mad max mods to cars, what other endgame solution is there other than everyone becoming bandits, the forums have made mentions and suggestions of random events like raiding a c130 crash site or setting ambush to NPC convoys, What do the dev’s have in store for us? (Rhys Fiander )

Endgame is an open question, and is something we will look at later once we have got the basics where we want them (player customization, controls, animations, zombies, loot spawn, attachments, disease, hacking, etc…). I’m personally not a fan of NPC’s but we have been keeping this available as an option for development. I kind of think  using NPC’s is cheating in this context. I am sure we can come up with a more creative way of doing these kinds of events, working directly with the community.

Dean: will you being adding other food and drink types (Ross J MacGregor)

The list of planned items is huge. A reasonably small functional set will be available initially, then new items and weapons during weekly updates.

Are you working on other ways to indicate hunger, thirst, temperature to achieve a more minimalistic HUD or getting rid of it completely and instead use sounds and such ? (Jesper von Hundhufvud)

The current situation is “no HUD” and we hope to keep it this way, demonstrating through the use of sounds and animations. We do need to add options for those with hearing impairments and we will look at those options too.

It was a very romantic evening for me cleaning my sneaker collection (I’m a total sneakerhead), so no - I did not get my date in the end! No matter how many Lamborghini’s I promised!

What will be the pricing on standalone? (Dylan Panda Belisle)

It is still to-be-confirmed. However, to put it in perspective, I want a higher price than nearly everyone else in the company. So we’re not talking an expensive product. Released now, I am confident people are getting more than required value from the product.

Will you continue pursuing/developing the humanity system? have you made/felt the need to make any changes? (Daniel Yacoubian)

I think this will continue to be developed throughout the life of the product, it will be a very subtle art to get it right.

Will the number of zombies be increased, or should we expect a similar amount? (Kyle O’Dowd)

Yes, expect the numbers to increase as they are controlled directly on the server independent of player locations.

@Lirik - Will there be character slots or will it be limited to one survivor?

Initially, just one live character for each player account. We store a huge amount of data for each character, so we need to limit it.

@Biddaman - From what we know about next gen consoles so far, would Dayz be possible to run on those machines?

Personally, yes I believe it would be technically possible. Some of the consoles will be easier than others. There are some issues with requirements for publishers which are really annoying, and I have been frustrated in the past with some of the rules required that force some weird design changes in games (I don’t like tutorials!).

@zSc0pe - Will there be changes with the chat? I would like to be able to type or talk to friends in game without the whole server knowing

We’ve started development of a basic radio system. If you’ve played Space Station 13, you’ll recognize this system. More to follow on that. And love the songs by the way!

@jerry_hopper - Will the squadXML be overhauled,2 achieve more interaction ‘outside’ the gameserver? or will there be some API which taps in dayz?

API is something we, longterm, want to look at for nearly everything - considering the outstanding creativity within the community. In particular I think it is best to allow the community to develop its own player profile statistic sites. But this is something that will come much later in the year.

@Ray23estRay - If there will be any further map releases for DayZ in the future,will they be released as DLC content for money?

We are starting our planning process for this, but we don’t have any idea how we would monetize it. There are issues with the DLC model we would want to avoid. We’re hoping we will be so successful in sales, that we can just release as a free content update.

@TheBeehawk - What kind of vehicle customisation [sic] is planned?

I have only basic ideas on this currently, essentially functioning similar to the weapon attachment system we have designed. If your car has a missing or damaged door, take the door off another car. But of course, if they are different colors, you’ll see that. Each part also has various damage states, so we end up with GTA-esque damage visuals.

@Chernoeb Will there be different servers with different weapons. Example: One server has DMR’s while another server has no DMR’s

Not initially. Either loot will be entirely controlled centrally by the central server, or it will spawn based on loot probability tables, or (most likely) a combination of the two.

@poopthought - Do you have any malls, hotels, prisons or bigger hospitals planned for the standalone?


@EvanLutes1999 -   Will there be the old weapons from the mod, new weapons, or a mix of both?

New weapons, based on the old weapons.

IAsh - How many clothing varieties should we expect?

Once released, expect new content every week. We are planning hundreds and hundreds of clothing varieties.

General Discussion / This was on my Facebook stream last night
« on: February 14, 2013, 01:04:39 pm »

I laughed for a good while.  It wasn't censored :P  :torynn:

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