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General Discussion / Bring Back MST3K
« on: November 24, 2015, 02:12:53 PM »
If you haven't heard already, Mystery Science Theater 3000 is being relaunched and they have a kickstarter going!

Jonah Ray from the Nerdist Podcast is set to be the next Host (Joel/Mike)

Felicia Day is set to be the next Mad Scientist who tortures Jonah with cheesy Movies!

Comedians Hampton Yount and Baron Vaughn will be the voices of Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo!

Rumors about the Mad Scientist Henchman... could be either Patton Oswaldt or Neil Casey (Other Space)

Check it out!

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Survival Zombie Mankill Simulators / Ark: Engram Calculator
« on: June 12, 2015, 05:40:16 PM »
Check it out and get your character build on!

General Discussion / The Greatest Debate Of Our Time
« on: June 09, 2015, 11:50:36 AM »

Peter Mayhew settles it for us all.

Well it was never really much of a debate...  And who the heck is Allen?

Other Games and Interests / Fallout Countdown
« on: June 02, 2015, 11:25:38 AM »
Fallout Official Site is now a countdown!!!

Ends at 7:00AM PST tomorrow!

General Discussion / Mad Max
« on: May 16, 2015, 12:09:38 PM »
If you haven't seen it yet, why the heck are you sitting on your computer reading this thread!  That's all I got to say.

Other Games and Interests / Convoy
« on: May 11, 2015, 04:06:23 PM »
Bought this game over the weekend and I think it was well worth the $15.  Gives me a good Mad Max taste to hold me over until the movie Friday and it's fun!

Highly recommend it.  Especially if you've played Faster Than Light.  Check it out.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic / New 3.2 Warzone Feature...
« on: April 29, 2015, 09:17:00 PM »
SWTOR- Mounts in Warzones Small | Large

Bioware Q&A Working Overtime!

General Discussion / Got Something Cool In The Mail
« on: April 28, 2015, 08:49:15 PM »

Thanks Kotagg/Anthony! :D

Crowfall / Crowfall: Fightin' Words Campaign FAQ
« on: April 28, 2015, 03:43:27 PM »

In our unending quest to create a dynamic, innovative game, the design team has offered up a new FAQ for Crowfall fans to pick over: Campaign Modules. This overview sheds a lot of light on the how modifications in configurations and rulesets will keep things fresh and challenging.

And what’s a campaign without a hero? The Templar has become a sort of poster girl for Crowfall. Watch as Lead Artist Dave Greco talks us through a time-lapsed video as he masterfully details this iconic image.

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There are many different options that have to be defined in order to determine the rules in each Campaign. The idea is that, at any time, there will be MANY Campaigns running in each of the “World Bands”, with new Campaigns constantly being brought online as old Campaigns come to an end. (The exact number of concurrent Campaigns will obviously depend on the size of our player population!)

When it comes to changes that can be made to the Campaigns, you can think of them as being broken into TWO major categories: ATTRIBUTES and MODULES.

Campaign Attributes:

Attributes are basically configuration settings.

There is a baseline set of Campaign rules that are common across all Campaigns. These attributes MUST be set in order to run a Campaign. Think of these as the simple (but highly impactful!) settings that are “dialed in” at the beginning of each Campaign. This includes settings like:

●        Map Size: How large is the world?

●        Duration: How long does each season last?  How long does the entire Campaign last?  What triggers the end of the Campaign?

●        Import/Export Rules: How much stuff can be brought in and out of the world, and when?

●        Magic Level: How powerful are the different types of magic?

●        Archetype Restrictions: Is this Campaign restricted to only certain archetypes?

●        Resource Scarcity: What is the population of resources available on this world, by type (common, uncommon, rare?)

●        Death Penalties: When a player dies, do their items decay?  If so, how much?  What are the looting rules on death?

Design Modules:

Modules are more complicated, self-contained rulesets.  These are more than just changes to the baseline configuration variables; they are “supplemental systems and content” that can be layered on top of the base Campaign rules to augment (or completely replace) existing systems.

(If you are an old-school tabletop gamer, think of these as supplemental rulesets, like the “Unearthed Arcana” rulebook for AD&D.  You can play the base game without them but, when included, they add additional rules and systems to make the game more interesting. You could also think of them as Game Mods, but it’s not a perfect comparison, as these are being created by ACE not by the player community.)

For example, in the future we could create modules that…

 -          Change the Siege rules (We’ve hinted at this already, with the announcement of the BaneCircle stretch goal!)

-          Add a new type of caravan -- like aerial transportation (Picture WoW-style gryphon rides, only with mounts that can be knocked out of the sky with projectiles!)

-          Add a “divine summoning” system, where a team can perform a complicated ritual to summon one of the Gods to wreak havoc on a Campaign world

…these systems could be added as supplemental Modules, overriding or augmenting the existing game rules in unique and crazy ways.

These modules can be used in any of the “World Bands” (i.e. God’s Reach, Dregs, etc.), though we expect that, in practice, they will often be restricted to one or two – as most of the ones we are thinking of are meant to augment a particular type of game experience.   

Modules allow us to make vastly different play experiences, even within Campaigns of the same type and will allows players to pick Campaigns that further suit their playstyle.

This system also allows our design team to take some risks and try out some ideas that would never be possible in a traditional MMO.  Settings that work (and are fun!) can be repeated, and ones that are not as much fun can be retired.


Absolutely!  This is what the “World Bands” are for. Generally, if you know the type of Campaign you enjoy, you can use the World Bands as a way to start your search.  The first question you should ask is, “What kind of team do I want to play on?” and start looking at Campaigns of the appropriate type.

Team selection rules will remain constant within a Band. (For example, the God’s Reach Campaigns will always use the 3-Faction Rules.)  Attributes and Modules can (and will!) change from one Campaign to the next, even within that Band.

For each Band, we will determine a default combination of Attributes (and modules) from the options available, and use that as a baseline for every Campaign in that Band.  Then we’ll vary those settings a bit for each new Campaign we create… and then we will track the popularity of that Campaign against all the others so that we adjust new Campaign settings accordingly. The idea is to figure out which combinations of Attributes and Modules are the most fun, learn from our mistakes, and use this process of trial-and-error to constantly improve the game.

Also note that these settings will be CLEARLY indicated prior to Campaign selection, so players will know what type of game they are getting into prior to joining.


Crowfall is built using a responsive universe architecture that reacts to our playerbase. There will always be new Campaigns to join (as many Campaigns as our community supports!) From time to time, a specific combination of modifiers may not be initially available, (because there is a minimum population required to support a given World) but we will certainly give you the opportunity to “request” specific Campaigns (with a particular combination of Modules) and if enough players are interested, we are happy to host more Campaigns of that type!


As long as we can continue to support the game service, yes!  We would love nothing better than to keeping adding new Attributes and trying out new Modules, as we believe this will keep the game fresh and innovative. In fact, it should make the game evolve over time, more than we have ever seen in an MMO.

Crowfall / Crowfall: Stretch Goal Achieved
« on: April 24, 2015, 12:15:31 PM »

Is it Friday again? This week really seemed to fly by, but we managed to get Todd to sit still just long enough to record this special thank-you message to our backers for unlocking our next stretch goal: Hire a Graphics Programmer.
This stretch goal is particularly notable because this is the first major milestone that we have achieved AFTER the successful completion of our Kickstarter campaign!  That means we’ve added almost $100,000 in pledges since our campaign ended on March 26th. (Has it been almost a month, already?!)
Click the video below to hear about our next stretch goal, and be sure to watch to all the way to the end for a hint about the next one in line – a feature that could be the ‘bane’ of your weak-hearted enemies.
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ACE Team Update
The Crowfall team continues to grow, bit by bit, as we recruit the talented folks we need to make Crowfall a reality. Last week, veteran web developer Seth Scoville joined us, and he has already hit the ground running!  His first major update launched yesterday: backer-level forum badges!
Backer Badges Added
That’s right, now you can wear your Crowfall backer status with pride!
Each backer tier (Contributor, Ruby, Sapphire, etc.) has a unique color – regardless of when you become a backer.
The look of the badge changes, however, depending on when you decided to back the project  – so, Ruby Kickstarter backers have a distinct look (but matching color) to the 2015 post-Kickstarter backer badges.  2016 will be different from those, as well.
Make sense? The rule is simple: color denotes backer level, shape denotes time.  This is an easy way to display your passion for the product AND display how long you’ve been a part of the Crowfall community!
Ready to redeem up your forum backer badge?  CLICK HERE to learn how.

Stretch Goal UNLOCKED: Game Localization
Unlocking one stretch goal means the next in line gets bumped to the top. A previously unlocked stretch goal brought in the funds necessary to begin localizing the Crowfall website. Now, we plan to take it even further by localizing the game itself into six additional languages: French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.  Visit this page to pledge and follow our progress.   
Lastly, keep an eye on your inbox for the next issue of our newsletter, As the Crow Flies… issue #2
That’s it for today, and see you on the forums!

Crowfall / Crowfall: Creature Feature - The Wyvern
« on: April 21, 2015, 01:54:53 PM »

Meet Allison Theus, the Mother of Wyverns (and other cool stuff). As a Senior Concept Artist, Allison is responsible for turning the game designers’ ideas into visuals that evoke emotion and inspire players to want to be, conquer or possess those creatures. Soon we’ll be adding a Bestiary section to our website and that will become the repository for creature content, but we couldn't wait to show off what Allison has been working on recently.

An Excerpt from The Saga of Hero the First Crow
His mortal name is long forgotten. All that is known of the First Crow is that he was unwavering in his devotion to the gods. By all accounts, he was pious and generous and humble.
Illara, Daughter of Cats, came upon him in a field. She asked him, ‘Why do you toil so? Put down your blade and play with me.’
The man was not one so easily put off his duty. ‘It is written in the Book of Deeds that the day is never to be wasted. I cannot put down my blade.’
And Illara was displeased and she left him.
Malekai, the Spider Lord, came upon him at the river and said to him, ‘This day is long and splendid. Why do you spend it fishing?’ and the man said, ‘I must feed my family. I cannot put down my rod.’
And Malekai was most displeased, and he left him.
And the one said to the other, ‘This man says that he is pious. Let us test his devotion.’
The man was whistling near the river when the black cat came upon him.
The creature said to him, ‘The gods demand that you send your eldest son into the Wyvern’s cave!’
And the man was beside himself with worry, for surely he believed that the Wyvern would devour his son. But he was a man of faith, and so he sent his son into the cave.
The Wyvern was waking when the boy appeared, and hungry. She devoured the boy, then returned to her slumber.
The man was weeping in his home when the Spider came upon him.
The Spider said, ‘The gods demand you send your second son into the Wyvern’s cave!’
The man was full of fear, but he did not wish to anger the gods. So, he sent his second son.
This son was likewise devoured.
The man and his wife were wailing in the temple when the Cat and the Spider came upon him. ‘The gods are not convinced of your devotion. You must send your youngest son into the cave.’
The man’s wife cried and pleaded, ‘We have but one son left, please do not make us do this thing.’
And in that moment, the merriment of the gods turned into anger. They went to the Wyvern and said, ‘This mortal does not love us.’
The Wyvern swept down from the mountain and destroyed the man’s home. She devoured his wife, his last son and his four daughters. She burned his village, clawed up his fields and chased away his neighbors.
The man was left with only soot and ash and bones.
Through his tears, the mortal said to the Wyvern, ‘What have I done to deserve this?’
 ‘It is not for you to question the gods’, said the Wyvern, and she returned to her cave, her hunger sated.

As campaigns progress and The Hunger takes hold, the Wyvern—like all manner of living things in the land—evolves through the changing of the seasons and begins to show the ravaging effects of Winter’s approach.




In this video, Lead UX/UI Artist Billy Garretsen chats with Allison about the creative process, how the concept art for Crowfall is evolving and advice for aspiring artists. This may be of particular interest for those who would like to pursue a career in the video game industry.

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General Discussion / Batman v Superman
« on: April 17, 2015, 07:09:00 PM »
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Big contrast between Marvel and DC Movie Universes.  DC is so dark.  I'm excited and optimistic about Batfleck

Crowfall / Crowfall: Pledge Package Upgrades Now Available
« on: April 17, 2015, 05:10:14 PM »
Pledge Package Upgrades Now Available

We’ve just launched our upgrade capability for backers on  Let’s go through how it works!

First, you have to have a account, and you have to have your Kickstarter package merged with that account (or have purchased a package directly at which is on your account).
Now, if you are on the site and logged into your account you’ll see a “Upgrade Pledge” button at the top of most pages.  Click on that and you’ll end up at the packages page and it will show you your upgrade options.
For Kickstarter folks (including those who purchased during the Kickstarter period at, you can upgrade from your current Kickstarter package to a higher Kickstarter package for the difference in price.
For folks that pledged after 7am on March 26th on our website, you can both upgrade from your current package to larger packages for the price differential, and can also purchase multiple packages if you want.  We’ll be adding a gifting mechanism so if you want to buy a package for a friend and transfer it to them in the future you can do so.
Thank you for supporting Crowfall!
Gordon Walton
Executive Producer

Crowfall / Crowfall: No Bull, Here's the Myrmidon Archetype
« on: April 17, 2015, 05:07:19 PM »
No Bull, Here's The Myrmidon Archetype

The Minotaur archetype was unlocked when Kickstarter backers smashed the $1.5M stretch goal. In today's update, we're giving you a full view of this magnificent creature, his stats and backstory.

And speaking of magnificent creatures, we're also taking you behind the scenes to peek over the shoulder of character artist Eric Hart as uses ZBrush to digitally 'sculpt' the female Confessor avatar.
Small | Large

Finally, all Kickstarter backers should have received the "Claim your rewards!" email from us. If you should've and haven't, please check your Spam folder first, and if you still don't see it, contact

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