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exclamationBlack Desert Online Now a Division

February 27, 2016, 09:09:34 AM by Jiraxis | Views: 4795 | Comments: 26

Guardian Council News


The Guardian Council is excited to announce that the Black Desert Online squad has been upgraded to a division.

We had hopes that this would come one day down the road as Kilmar and company had time to recruit in game and as other members got involved.  We under estimated how much of a draw this game would be.  Kilmar and the others have done an incredible job getting our name out there and a number of new people have found there way to our community.  You can look at the number of apps that have come in over the past week and see where things are heading.


xxAnnouncing New Squad - Tom Clancy's The Division

February 21, 2016, 08:49:01 PM by Madmartigan | Views: 7117 | Comments: 46

Guardian Council News

From the Desk of the ASS:
The Guardian Council is pleased to announce a new Squad: Tom Clancy's The Division

Taking the Reigns to lead TG into the perilous Dark Zone is the new Squad Leader:  Blint!

When squads where first proposed as a thing; it was games like The Division that really sprang into my mind.  not the traditional MMO, but a multiplayer game, where organization is s...

xxNew Black Desert Online Subforum

February 19, 2016, 05:22:48 PM by Jiraxis | Views: 1961 | Comments: 3

WebTeam News
Black Desert Online (BDO) now has an official squad sub-forum. There is also a private area for private TG member discussions on BDO.  Please make all future BDO related posts into the new forum area.

xxAnnouncing New Squad - Black Desert Online

February 16, 2016, 07:20:15 PM by Madmartigan | Views: 6084 | Comments: 33

Guardian Council News

From the Desk of the ASS:
The Guardian Council is please to announce a new Squad:  Black Desert Online

and taking the Reigns to lead TG into the treacherous sands of the Black Desert is the new Squad Leader:  KILMAR!

I think I speak for the entire council when I say we are very excited to see a game coming out that has captured our interest enough for a new squad to be born. 

Black Desert has been a game that has be...

xxStar Citizen "EU Officer" Announcement

January 18, 2016, 10:03:12 PM by Sylent Jay | Views: 4095 | Comments: 16

Guardian Council News

Greetings Guardians!

For quite some time now, the Guardians have taken great pride in how far our community reaches around the globe. However, we have always had the challenge of keeping our members from across the pond involved with the guild as a whole, being that we are mostly a North American guild. One of the biggest challenges has been that most games have NA servers and EU servers that create that natural divide. Therefore it has been difficult to recruit and keep quality people from that part of the globe. With SC having one giant persistent universe, it gives us a tremendous opportunity to bring TG together as a whole in one game.

With that com...

xxNew Official TG Chat Server - Discord

December 19, 2015, 10:48:03 AM by Jiraxis | Views: 14647 | Comments: 39

WebTeam News
Announcing TG Discord Chat Server

After further discussion with some members and the council, I gave the go ahead to create an official Discord server for TG.  This server will be used to host chat and messaging services for our members in hopes of bringing members across divisions and general membership together for additional fun.  I made this decision primarily as a result of the realization that members were already using newer tools such as Line and Discord to fulfill this need.  I had previously help off endorsing anything official like this after consultation with the council and some members as we felt it might fracture the guild into different tools and take away from the importance of our forums and Te...

xx2.0 Live! Get those downloads started

December 11, 2015, 06:21:35 PM by hayt | Views: 11196 | Comments: 90

Guardian Council News


If you have a data cap, I'll feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but a gigabit ain't one.

exclamation"Crafting Officer" position for Star Citizen announcement!

October 30, 2015, 11:36:18 AM by Sylent Jay | Views: 5543 | Comments: 21

Guardian Council News

Please join me in congratulating Thranx in his promotion to "Crafting Officer" for the Star Citizen Division!

"Crafting Officer" is currently the working title for the officer who will be overseeing all of the economic and "Civilian" type side of our division. The title of this position will likely change once we get closer to release and can unveil more of our finalized organizational structure.

Thranx has quite a bit of experience in this area from being heavily involved in crafting in most every game he has played with TG. Going back to our SWG days, he also was in this "crafting officer" type role which helped make Guardian cra...

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