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Other Games and Interests / The Division 2 - Interest Thread
« on: July 02, 2018, 02:13:16 PM »
Who's playin'?  I know Athyr's on beard.  I'm not sure if I'm in yet... it'll probably depend on my workload at launch.

You all know the deal.  Since the Steam sale doesn't really change day-to-day I'm breaking things down into 3 categories.  VR, First Hand Experience, High Interest (no first hand experience but it's caught my eye) and Bought (I may not have played them yet, but you can see where I'm puting the ever more limited Thranx Buck.)

With that, I'll catagorize as buy/meh/pass based on both price AND how good the game is.  It's all about value... will the experience be worth the $$.  My main rule of thumb is that a decent game should have a return of $2 per hour.  If that game was completely and totally awesome... it may deserve a higher rate... if it was meh, then... lower.

Virtual Thranxality
BUY - $11.99 - Out of Ammo : This was a Vive launch title, but I feel like it often flys under the radar.  It's a static tower defense game where you assign solder types to each tower/enplacement that you build and then you can individually take first person control of the dudes in their towers.  Lots of fun and fully co-op.  Price break isn't pheonominal, but it's a very fun game.
BUY - $DoesntMatter - Beat Saber : If you own a VR headset and DON'T own this yet... you're a fool.  "But Thranx, I don't like rythum games."  Neither do I.  Buy it.  "But Thranx, I almost never fire up my headset."  Are you crazy?  Buy it.  "But Thranx, I don't have $20."  Sell your cat.  Buy it.
BUY - $19.99 - COMPOUND : Short on content, high on fun.  Aside from Arizona Sunshine, this is the best FPS in VR.
PASS - $14.99 - The Nest : Meh game in EA with near zero development pace.  It made some waves when it first appeared, but this one's a pass.  Seems great in concept, but you'll just be board and have tired arms.

First Hand Experience
BUY - $4.94 - Infested Planet : Fun little tactical game.  Basic, yet complex.  Varied level design and mission types.  Each of them fun in their own way, not one felt like a boring "I have to slog through this mission type".  Well designed, good progression.  Really enjoyed it.  I enjoyed it enough that I took the time to 100% this.
BUY - $6.74 - Just Cause 3 with DLC : This is such a fun game.  Just a fun, explody times open world shooter.  It's a blast.  SUPER worth this price.  I never played the DLC, so, I'm picking it up in the sale.  Just hours of fun.
BUY - $19.79 - ARK : I'm never going to not recommend this game.  SO much game here for $20.  Play with the PvP nutters, or play solo... it's amazing.  Really fun.  I'll be running a server with some friends a month or two before the final expansion drops in october.  Such a great game.  Price is tied for its historic low.
BUY - $14.99 - SUPERHOT : This one may break the $2/hr ratio, but worth it.  The ONLY knock on this game is its length.  A ton of fun.  Also great in VR (seperate buy).
BUY - $4.79 - Absolute Drift : Fun top down driving/drifting game.  Score and challenge based, it's alot of fun.  I wouldn't recommend it without a controller, as analog control of the throttle is a requirement.  Tons of fun tho, and a good challenge.
MEH - $15.99 - My Time At Portia : Eeeehhhhh... seemed like a little more actiony Stardew Valley, but it just doesn't come together somehow.  Slow to get into, doesn't keep you with it.  I need to give it more time, but it just doesn't grab you.  Discount is not emense and without the game really grabbing me... it's almost a hard pass.  There's something there... I just haven't felt it yet.
PASS - $8.49 - Cefore : Creative blowing up puzzle game with a great style... you'd think it'd be a win, but there's no where near enough content yet, and the challenges are far too easy.  It's also not a good sign that puzzles really only have a single solution.  The best open puzzle games like this are the ones where there's a hundred ways to solve each problem... this one is really shoe horned.  It's still in EA tho, so... they still have time to deliver.
PASS - $14.99 - Puyo Puyo Tetris  : The Puyo part of this isn't very good.  The tetris part of it isn't anything special... just a hard pass here.  I WAY over paid for this on the Switch and ... it's just tetris.  I'd probably still say pass at $5.  :-/

High Interest
BUY - $15.29 - Tyranny : I'd  have this already if I'd taken the time to finish Pillars or Grim Dawn.  Or Wasteland 2.  My backlog on cRPG is high.  I also really want to play through the remasters of Baulder's Gate and Icewind Dale ... and I want to do a full Fallout playthrough before 76 drops... yea, I'd be buying this if it weren't for a major genre backlog.
BUY - $9.99 - Hyperlight Drifter : Man this game has a great look.  It's been on my wishlist for quitea while.  This may get bought.  Looks real good, very good reviews from solid sources.  94% overall on steam.  Wow.
MEH - $23.99 - Hunt Showdown : Looks like a blast but it's been hard for me to pull the trigger on this.  Checkout Airic's stream for the deets... he plays this a TON it's his prime game.
PASS - $24.99 - ELEX : I want to love you... but man you're janky lookin'.  I'm no alone in this... 12 people on my friends list have it in their wishlist... not a single owner.

$6.39 - Infested Planet - Planetary Campaign : Note the above mention in the FHE section.  Main game was great, was happy to throw a few bucks at the DLC.
$4.49 - Just Cause 3 DLC WOOOOOO.  Love this game, more content = more win.
$13.99 - [frl=]Production Line[/url] - I love these kinds of process/tycoon games.  *fingers crossed* for a winner.

Other Games and Interests / Side Quests : 4X Strategy Nights
« on: April 05, 2018, 12:14:57 PM »
<insert graphic here>  :P  Coming tonight.

Gobnil's been organizing a recurring 4X game event and our first night is on the calendar for Wednesday, 4/11 at 5P/8E.  We'll be playing Stellaris... so strap on your space crown and prepare lead your empire to victory.  That, or prepare to be handed a brutal defeat as you simply learn the game (like me!).

Keep an eye out for more of these in the future if you're in to empire-scale straegy games.  Civ6, Endless Space, Galactic Civilizations and maybe even Anno 1404 (Dawn of Discovery) are all on the table for future 4X nights!

Star Citizen / The Guardian Fleet Survey 2.0
« on: November 06, 2017, 09:39:37 PM »

Fill it out!  Go.  Be honest!  Soon I'll be able to provide data out of this on the fly, but it's infinately more manageable that our old list.

Other Games and Interests / Fortnite Game Night!
« on: September 08, 2017, 12:00:56 PM »

Short Notice!

If you own fortnite, even if you've only played a little, join us in-game tonight for some great fun!  One of the graet things about this game is that players of varies levels can play together effectively.  Show up, we'll make some groups, share some weapons and have a great time.

Pardon the day-of short notice, but with the recent storms update for Fortnite it creates a perfect opportunity to get together in-game.  Show up tonight a little before 7PM PST and we'll get rolling right at 7.  The goal is to knock out a couple 3 day storms to get a feel for the gameplay and the game mode, then we'll schedule another night to ramp up the difficulty.

See you tonight!

I'd say you know the drill already here, but... they've changed the formula quite a bit to where there's no day-to-day sale items.  It's just a lump o' sale with occational changes.  Too bad, I kinda like the artificial urgency and forced decision making that a daily sale created.

With that, I'll catagorize as buy/meh/pass based on both price AND how good the game is.  It's all about value... will the experience be worth the $$.  My main rule of thumb is that a decent game should have a return of $2 per hour.  If that game was completely and totally awesome... it may deserve a higher rate... if it was meh, then... lower.

This time around, I'll also make a note about games I'm buying... I may not have player them yet, but you can see where I'm puting the ever more limited Thranx Buck.  Without further ado...

Putting my money where my mouth is :
$4 - Zombie City Defense 2 - It looks neat.  And it's $4.  Low risk.
$5 - Domina - Looks like Roman gladiator tycoon.  Neat!

Mid-sale Highlights
BUY - $10.35 - Shadowrun Complete Collection : Holy crap this is alot of HIGH quality game.  I really enjoy this series.  At least pickup Shadowrun Returns for $2 to give the series a try.  It's a great turn based cRPG with an excellent style and a couple of cool in-universe systems.  GREAT deal.
BUY - $9.99 - Fallout New Vegas Ultimate : Fantastic game and quite possibly the best of the series.  Love love love.
MEH - $19.99 - The Division : It's actually real fun, but it plateus pretty quick.  For $20, it's a good price, just don't think you're getting into a long term MMO.
PASS - $19.99 - Conan Exiles : It's a mediocre surival game that's an asset re-use from the Conan MMO.  The only new thing it brings to the genre is bewbs... and if that's how you make your gaming decisions... I can't help you.

Day One
BUY - $12.49 - Grim Dawn : Very Good action RPG, great price.  It's a little on the dark side for my tastes, but very well written and enjoyable to play.
BUY - $3.99 - Shadows of Mordor : Fantastic beat-em-up.  Really really good.  If you don't own this yet, get it... you will be pleased.  Fantastic amount of content for $4.  DLC was ok, core game was really really good.  Get to it!
BUY - $14.99 - SUPERHOT - Fantastic.  Short but outstanding.  If I wasn't such a Fallout fan boy, it may have been game of the year last year.  Amazingly good.  Story is light, completely abstract, but outstanding.
BUY - $9.99 - Halcyon 6 : Starbase Commander : Man, I forgot abount this and need to play more.  Real fun.  It's FTL for a space station... with a touch of XCom and a pinch of 4x.  It's real fun.  $10 might bea tad high, but if you enjoyed FTL, this will be a natural fit.
MEH - $9.99 - Audioshield : It's a cool concept that's buggy and only great for a couple of playthroughs.  I'm also not way into music, so there's a bit of a slant there.  Gameplay is kinda cool, but mostly flat and not as dynaic as you'd expect.
PASS - $40.19 - Ghost Recon Wildlands : Guh... terrible price.  Game is not great.  Driving physics are terrible.  I don't know if I'd recommend this at $10, sure as hell gettin' a pass at $40.  Boo, no good, move along.
PASS - $19.99 - PASS[/color]]Ashes of the Singularity : Escalation : Plain unexciting RTS.  Bland.  Nothing special.  Play PA or AoE.  Both are better, even with thier age.
PASS - $14.99 - Mafia 3 : I really enjoyed the first 2, but this one wasn't great.  Also oddly struggled to be realistic enough.  It was a realistic style but some of the faces seemed cartoony at times.  Minor annoyance maybe, but a constant one.  Alot of game for the $, but the whole playthrough it felt uninspired.

Star Citizen / Best Nights for SC Funtimes
« on: March 22, 2017, 06:36:09 PM »
AC, Star Marine or PU Shenanegins... what's the best night of the week for folks?

I'm good nights not Tuesdays.

Other Games and Interests / Fallout 4 Official Hi-Rez
« on: January 30, 2017, 12:46:21 PM »

Coming next week!  I'm excited.  Then I view the image... yea not bad.  Except the terrible terrible foliage.  Like, all that and they couldn't fix the foliage that looks like it was cropped by a third grader using the magic selection tool in PS?  (top left of the source image)

The texture pack will be 58gb.  Ho-lee-moe-lee

Other Games and Interests / Avorion : Spacey Buildy Sandbox Pew Pew
« on: January 25, 2017, 04:35:55 PM »

When I'm back from PAX South, I will be firing up a Avorion server and playing a good amount.  Just bought it after trying the demo for about an hour.  Seems very cool, has promise.  Grab the demo and give it a shot.  It's EA and $18 on steam.

Other Games and Interests / Thranx's Holiday Steam Sale 2016 Mega Thread
« on: December 22, 2016, 01:43:03 PM »
You know the drill by now.  I have opinions, and unlike everyone's butt, they don't stink.  So, each CHristmas season I force my opinions upon you all by making a post that you totally don't have to read if you don't want to.  :)

My recommendations to buy a game or not generally fall around if something is worth it for the money.  Few games are absolutely not worth buying, many times they're just not worth buying for the price.  FarCry 3 is a great game.  It's really good and completely worth $40... $60 too, probably... but $80?  No, it's not THAT good.  Also, Stardew Valley.  It's alot of fun, but... $20?  Nah.  $10, yea, $5 DEFINATELY.  So... with that basis of understanding, here's the breakdown.

I break it down as buy/meh/pass and the occasional super buy.  I do my best to make these FIRST HAND recommendations.  I tend to make a note if my feedback is not first hand or avoid recommendation all together if I have no first hand experience.

Without further adoo.... here we GO!

Thursday the 22nd
More buy reccomendations than usual today, but some seriously good games for very low prices.

FREE - $0.00 -  GRID - Not a terrible racing game... and not a terrible price.  "Buy" on humble bundle, redeems on steam with a steam key.  Only available the next 2 days, so snag it now!

BUY - $9.89 - Project Cars - Very good racing game.  Beautiful, solid physics and that's a real good price.  If you like racing games, I'd be surprised if you didn't already own this.  Even the casual "uh, sure I like driving games" gamer will get their $10 out of this.
BUY - $7.99 - Baulders Gate 2 Enhanced - $8 makes playing through this solid remaster totally worth it.  First time or fifth time, you will enjoy it.  It has all the right bits for the old school RPGs.  Solid story, solid characters, solid mechanics and just the right amount of wit.
BUY - $4.99 - PayDay 2 - My only knock on this game is that it just feels wrong to have the objective of mass police slaughter.  The gameplay is solid, the heists theme fun.  This is ALOT of game for $5.  If you're desensitized to such things, no bother, you'll love the game.  I get past my hangups quick when playing, but I sometimes wonder if I should.  Great game tho.
BUY - $12.49 - Darkest Dungeon - A fantastic turn based rogue like who's gameplay is very hard to explain.  It's a bit of a dungeoneering, party management simulator.  It plays really really well, and while I'm not normally one for horror, it hits its lovecraftian setting really well.  Your adventurer's sanity acts as a restrictor to just pounding through levels with the same characters over and over again, and pushing them too far can result in permanent debuffs that work very well in the theme.  Fantastic game, tons of play here.
BUY - $12.27 - Civilization 5 Complete Bundle - WARNING only get this if you're shelling out for the bundle.  Gods and Kings is ESSENTIAL for me to recommend playing this game.  Very good with the expansions.  Significant tweaks in gameplay made this really really good at the end.  I still prefer playing this over Civ 6, tho to be honest I only have about 8 hours in Civ 6... which isn't much for a Civ game.
BUY - $14.99 - [bJust Cause 3[/b] - This is $50 worth of open world, explosions and mayhem fun.  Open world skill challenges, racing, flying, shooting, good story, territory control... so much fun all around.  I can heartily endorse this game.
MEH - $9.99 - The Long Dark - It was just OK.  There's enough game here to justify $10, but it wasn't super interesting or all that engrossing IMO.
MEH - $7.49 - Cities Skylines - I payed way too much for this game.  It's better than SimCity, that's for sure, but it's not terrific.  If you like City Simulators, this a a reasonable price and it's a decent game.  I just found myself bored with it pretty quickly.  Genuinely not sure why.
PASS - $29.74 - Farming Simulator 17 - Nothing significant to recommend a re-purchase since 2015... and even if you've never played it and are super interested... this is a terrible price.  No where near worth $30.
PASS - $29.99 - Assetto Corsa - This is actually a very good game, but I'm saying pass because Project Cars is only $10 and I like it more.  :)  Also... cheaper.  AC has slightly more accurate physics, but I find it a little less fun than PC.
PASS - $24.99 - The Division - This was a fun game, but ultimately flawed in the end game.  Really a great time with friends, but it simply ends in an unrewarding grind that doesn't end up being fun.  There were recent additions that brought people back and people really liked... but I think I saw people back in the game for a week, maybe two.  Not worth it unless you have a bunch of friends committed to playing.

Have not played/no opinion : Masters of Orion, Insurgency, Grim Dawn (i no rite?), Hyper Light Drifter, New Doom, Total War

Other Games and Interests / [FREE] Assassin's Creed 3
« on: December 07, 2016, 05:07:33 PM »

Actually liked it more than 1 and 2.  Worth playing at least, especially at the price.  Grab it now while the deal is up.

You can thank me now.  Or later.  Or never.  Pftt, man you're so ungrateful sometimes.

Other Games and Interests / R6 Siege Free Weekend
« on: November 11, 2016, 10:53:18 AM »
Rainbow 6 Siege is free this weekend, so a few of us are playing it.  I'll be on again tonight playing.  Had 4 of us last night and it was good times.  I recommend getting it loaded up and then playing through at least situation 3 before hopping on to play with friends.  By then you have a pretty good grasp of the mechanics and only takes about 10-15 min to bang out.

Other Games and Interests / Rocket League Tourney Reminder...
« on: October 24, 2016, 10:15:12 PM »
This wednesday, 6P/9E.  Teams will be assembled randomly based on whoever's there by 5 after, first round starts at 10 after.  Just bring yourself and a positive attitude :)

Also, don't forget to vote on best moment, voting on that will close when the tourney starts. (10 after, give people a chance to vote while they're waiting to start if they've missed it already)

General Discussion / Retro Gaming Expo
« on: October 22, 2016, 09:42:26 PM »

Civenge, Liquid and I hit up the portland retro gaming expo again this year.  Nothing major, but happy with what I got.  More depressing was the rapid increases in price of systems I may just have to give up on. TG-16, PC Engine, TG Express were all way hotter than I expected.  Well used/worn Neo Geos were $600 :(  *sigh*  Looks like those wireless 2600 controllers were a steal at $25.  Pretty pleased with that acquisition.

PC - Rebel Assault 2
NES - Ikari Warriors
NES - Destination Earthstar
SNES - Primal Rage
Game Gear - Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Game Gear - Aerial Assault
Game Gear - Dragon Crystal
PSP - Dynasty Warriors
XBox - Rallisport Challenge x2
Atari 5200 Cover
Atari 2600 Wireless Contrillers
Atari 2600 - Super Challenge Football

Other Games and Interests / RL Worst Moments
« on: October 20, 2016, 10:51:52 PM »
2 REALLY stuck out.  A nice group fail and Aryne with an epic own goal in Rumble mode.

Wow.  Just... wow.  EVERYONE missed.

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