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Author Topic: 2018 Development Roadmap and Community Surveys  (Read 8799 times)

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2018 Development Roadmap and Community Surveys
« on: February 06, 2018, 01:02:52 PM »
What? This game isn't dead?

Doesn't quite look like it, at least development wise. There's still chatter on their Discord and from the looks of things for systems being implemented this year, a lot is going to be patched in.

Here's the roadmap.

Highlights that I've taken from it:

Combat Targeting System
• Cleaned up targeting added
• New Auto target
• New/fixed auto face option

New Tutorial Island Terrain
• New Tutorial Island terrain and basic layout using old content
• Additional areas in the world will be added as we develop/build with additional updates
• New content will be added to island as new systems are updated

Astronomy System
• There are currently several Astronomy systems in place. We will be rebuilding a single system and optimizing it so it runs better and no duplicate information is being called.
• Fix player out of sync with each other
• Fix player out of sync with the server
• Fix astronomy based spawns

• Ongoing process until all related systems are linked and working
• New Harvesting Models
• New Harvesting Methods added
• Build New optimized harvesting system
• New Harvesting UI
• Updated Survey system

• This will be an ongoing process until all areas related are connected.
• New farming and horticulture system based on the Harvesting

• Unified faction system that includes Nations, NPC’s and players
• Will develop primary and second factions for players
• New UI/UX panel, factions will be visible to players

NPC System
• New NPC system, to unify and optimize based on the Race Spec system
• Will be ongoing in stages
• NPC container
• NPC Factions
• NPC replacement as we progress through content

Updated Guild System
• Updated Guild permissions system
• Additional functions to be built
• New GM tools for Guild assistance
• Updated UI and UI/UX functions

Crafting Basics
• Ongoing process, which will require extra attention and testing through several phases
• Create new Crafting Containers
• Optimize crafting skills and abilities
• Optimize and update crafting recipes
• New crafting options to be developed
• Remove redundant recipes (such as fake Blueprints for housing items)

Housing Revamp
• This will be continued development as we develop additional feature and test them. Ongoing process
• Basements will be seperate from the world but part of the plot
• New Housing system to be developed
• 3 (three) housing subsystems/types to be developed and added to the world
• Continued updates to help accommodate most housing needs
• New Housing containers
• New Housing “packup” method to be developed (to make it easier when players move)
• UI/UX updates

Combat Skill Progression
• Ongoing progress as this will take into account several systems above and below.
• Optimize skill progression
• Clean up combat math
• Include new title systems

Combat Progression and title awards
• Ongoing process as we continue to develop above and below systems
• New Progress system (while keeping it skill based) (no point mini game will be added)
• Titles and award system to be added
• Updated UI/UX

Player Merchants
• Optimized player merchants
• New limits and benefits to be added
• Easier Search and Purchase methods
• Updated UI/UX

Player Auction House
• Ongoing process, as it depends on several integrated systems
• Optimized Player Auction house developed
• New fully indexed search system
• New methods to access the Player Auction House
• New UI

World Auction House
• Optimized World auction house
• Additional methods to be added to access the World Auction House
• New fully indexed search system
• Updated UI/UX

• Will be ongoing process as we proceed through each system
• New Windows based on each system and stage
• Added customization functions (movable windows)
• Optimized windows and panels
• New UI style

Full details and list in link above.

Two surveys on gameplay and environment are available to prospective/current players.

So, regardless of our feelings on the past few years' developments, it's still hanging on for good or ill. Filed under "nice to have" but certainly not counting on it to be a big hit by any stretch. Would be funny though that this and WoW Classic were big winners for us though a year or two from now. Full circle.

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Re: 2018 Development Roadmap and Community Surveys
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2018, 09:14:37 PM »
I was super pumped about this back in the day. Nice to know it's not totally vaporware...yet.