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Author Topic: [SimulationCraft] How to Compare Items  (Read 5804 times)

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[SimulationCraft] How to Compare Items
« on: February 25, 2017, 10:47:41 PM »
Ever wanted to see the difference between different pieces of gear, talents or food? Well, you probably imported your character, made the change, then hit Sim, waited, then repeated the whole process changing just one item. Well that's the hard way. Let me show you a much easier way, then a simpler way.

I wanted to know the difference between the food types. So I recently simmed Alpis and saw the scales favored Crit. Crit food is the default food when you import from the armory for WW Monk so that helped.

Pandarens racial is double effect from food \o/.  The default food buff from an Armory import is "the_hungry_magister", or 375 Critical. What is the major difference between the highest food buff, the middle and lowest? Lets sim!

The different foods are:
The Hungry Magister with 375 Crit
Leybeque Ribs with 300 crit
Salt and Pepper Shank with 225 Crit

SimC cannot use spaces in the name and words need to be lowercase, so I'll change those to underscores.
Code: [Select]

Import character from Armory.
Copy the text and paste it below the original.
Change the appropriate lines, in my case the food part and the Character name. I named each member of the raid the name of the food.
    NOTE: I suggest you disable scaling until you find the build you want to use. Reason being SimC will have to run a scale for every copy you add.
Hit that Simulate button... then wait.
OK! Results are in.

Here I have the results of my 3 foods for Alpis. The difference is about 8k dps over a 5 minute fight.

Really Advanced but Simpler Approach

Now I want to see the difference between a Drought of Souls (880) and Convergence of Fates (875). This will be a near repeat of the above steps but I'll be changing 1 line!

Import character from Armory.
At the bottom of the import, hit Enter a few times then type in:
Code: [Select]
copy="name_of_first_import"NOTE: I learned that you can add a new name by adding it first, using underscores for spaces, then your original.
Code: [Select]
copy=new_name,copy_from_topThen change just the lines you wish to change! This is simpler with SimC addon because you can copy individual lines and paste them into the sim.
  I changed Trinket1 for the Convergence of Fates and that was it.
Hit Simulate!

This is what my copy looked like.
Code: [Select]
copy="Draught of Souls"

Seems these trinkets are pretty close to each other.

When you copy from SimC addon it won't produce the food by default, I've read that you can add the following:
Code: [Select]

Helpful Tips
  • Gems can be changed by using the bonus they give. 200agi, 150crit, etc.
  • Necklace enchants can use common names, replace space with underscore. mark_of_the_claw, mark_of_the_distant_army, etc.
When in doubt, Sim it!
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Re: [SimulationCraft] How to Compare Items
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2018, 04:54:39 AM »
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