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xxChanges for GW2

September 16, 2014, 01:00:51 pm by Thranx | Views: 439 | Comments: 10

Population in GW2 has been low for sometime, but consistent, so the Division has been pluggin' along with high activity despite low numbers.  With a lack of great things on the horizon form the game itself a few members decided to move on to other things, one of those members being Lohre.  The band was kind of breaking up and Lohre recommended that with low hope for major updates in GW2 and declining intered, we retire the Division.  We're decomming Guild Wars 2 as a Division, but creating it anew as a Squad, with Baeldan leading that charge.

Lohre, your time on the council has been excellent.  I've appreciated your assi...

xxArcheAge is Here!

September 11, 2014, 10:47:33 pm by Oawa | Views: 1752 | Comments: 57

Server choice:Kyrios

With the launch of ArcheAge quickly upon us. I just wanted to remind and repost what are our "stance on pvp", beginning with the easiest:

RED EQUALS DEAD! Self explanatory.

Green players: We will not instigate combat against green players. Eventually we may have to amend this in the future based on "Watch lists" and "KoS lists".

Purple players aka "Bloodlusted" players: This one is tricky. Use your head here. Guild politics play an i...

xxNew DoD and New Division Lead

September 11, 2014, 12:45:58 pm by Thranx | Views: 960 | Comments: 36

It's with much joy and great efforts to forget a dwarf dancing naked in a fountain that I welcome Booms into his new role as DoD.  He's a great guy for the spot.  Loves TG, is dedicated to our future, and tracks to every game on the horizon.  He's done a great job leading the charge in ESO, and for that I thank him and thank his willingness to continue to serve the guild in his new role.  I know he's excited for it as it gives him yet another excuse to try out everything that comes along.

That obviously leaves us a vacancy for the ESO DL... which we shall now promptly fill with someone who, while fairly new to TG, knows our heart and underst...

exclamationSWTOR Potential Game First for The Guardians

September 09, 2014, 08:10:13 pm by Jiraxis | Views: 1699 | Comments: 39

The SWTOR Division has fully unlocked the guild ship Libertas.  We had a laser focus to get the materials from the Sith Commanders around the galaxy.  We believe it is a game first.  It is definitely a server first.  We are trying to determine if anyone on any other servers have it unlocked.  Stay tuned.

I want to thank all our members for sacrificing their time to do commander kills.  The Guardians dominated this area of the game leaving very little for other guilds to conquer.  Three cheers for everyone!

Pictures of the key rooms forthcoming in anothe...

exclamationReceipient of Guardian Honors

September 03, 2014, 10:15:18 am by Sylent Jay | Views: 957 | Comments: 33

Brothers and sisters of The Guardians, it is once again my distinct honor to come before you to recognize one of our ranks for their dedication and contribution to the betterment and success of our online family.


Is hereby awarded The Guardian Service Award
The greatest virtues are those which are most useful to other persons.
This award is intended to recognize those who sacrifice a sig

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