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xxNew ESO Squad Leader

May 13, 2015, 10:37:48 PM by Madmartigan | Views: 1226 | Comments: 15

Guild Leader Announcements
Today I announce that Hero has stepped down as squad leader.  real life has kept him from gaming and he has stepped down.

But with sad news, comes the joyful announcement that Obiwanson has accepted the new position of ESO Squad leader.

Please join me in welcoming Hero to the ranks of the retired and Obiwanson to the ranks of the tortured,  err to his new role as ESO Squad leader.

xxChanges for ESO

May 03, 2015, 12:34:09 PM by Jiraxis | Views: 1567 | Comments: 14

Guild Leader Announcements

The ESO division has been without a full divisional leadership team for a long while.  We were hoping the switch to free subs while you buy the game initially would bring back a lot of people and with them more people willing to step up and help the division thrive.  We did get get a good bit of people back, but it wasn't enough unfortunately.  At this point, the ESO division isn't meeting the criteria to remain a division.  Therefore, we have decided to downgrade the ESO division to a squad.

The good news is that this will not change the way the members have operated in ESO one bit.  It really has been operating as a sq...

xxStar Citizen Multiplayer Event Night - April 27th

April 24, 2015, 12:15:13 AM by Jag | Views: 2358 | Comments: 45

Now that most of the multiplayer issues have been resolved it's time for us to re-launch our event night.  With v1.1 of Arena Commander going live it's time we started to get organized!  We'll be doing some dogfighting, racing and vanduul swarm co-op modes.

On Monday, April 27th I'll be in the Star Citizen channel around 6pm PST until I can't keep my eyes open.  I'll be focusing on helping everyone get up and running, answer questions, etc.  I'm sure we'll have enough people to get several groups going so that everyone can get involved.

If you haven't updated to v1.1 which launched at the end...

xxGet to Know: Pie

April 17, 2015, 04:05:14 PM by Booms | Views: 3198 | Comments: 32

Welcome to round one of the new GTK series that puts the spotlight on the Guardian community. Pie is my first victim, one who has been around for a while and was slated to be next in our original community member spotlight series. Many thanks to Pie for letting me harass her and I hope you guys enjoy the interview. The next victim will be contacted shortly!

Pie. What a delicious name. How did you come about naming your online persona? Are you a math wiz? Do you make a mean pie?

Waaaaay back when AOL was starting I was trying to think of a name to use.  My friend always told me I looked like I ...

xx[Video] Libertas rises again in ArcheAge!

March 30, 2015, 10:53:04 PM by Asphodel | Views: 1840 | Comments: 23

Small | Large

On March 29, 2015, warriors of <The Guardians> threw everything they owned into the fire and marched to capture Heedmar, one of only four castles on Kyrios, the most populated and competitive server in ArcheAge.

Every Guardian contributed, though the crafters and farmers gave the most to make the opportunity possible.

Their efforts were rewarded, as the extremely close 82 minute battle concluded with the capture of the castle, only 8 minutes before time ran out. This is only the second castle to change hands on the server (both of which TG was a central force in).

The flag of Libertas will soon fly again over a rebuilt...

exclamationESO Division Meeting - Increasing Fun Per Second

March 27, 2015, 08:59:47 AM by HeroOfEvbof | Views: 515 | Comments: 1

Please Mark Friday April 3 on your Calendar

I am calling upon all Guardians, whether currently in Elder Scrolls Online or even curious about Elder Scrolls Online, to attend a Division Meeting on Friday April 3 at 7pm EDT. We will meet in Mumble.

I would like to discuss what we have learned since Update 6 and the new subscription model.
Specifically I would like to discuss how we can have more fun with the content including PvP and Pledges.

I would also like to discuss how everyone is doing chasing Champion Points and how we might take advantage
of our commun

exclamationCrowfall Interest Meeting -- Sunday, March 22, 6pm EST

March 20, 2015, 01:03:24 AM by Martini | Views: 2302 | Comments: 48

Sunday, March 22, 6pm EST

We will be holding a meeting for anyone interested in Crowfall to attend. We'll be discussing pledges, leadership interests, rules of engagement, our goals for the game and more! If you have backed the game, or are interested/curious, feel free to attend.

In Mumble in the MMOs channel.

If you have anything to add to the agenda please PM Martini.

xxGet to know! Sign-up & Nominations

March 17, 2015, 01:21:18 PM by Booms | Views: 2717 | Comments: 43

Hey Guys! Are you interested in being interviewed by TG's version of Zack Galifianakis? Sign up here! I am hoping to bring back TG interviews in a new series called Get To Know. I also welcome nominations of members in case you really want to know the colour of someone's underwear or their favourite farm animal.

Note that all people nominated must be willing to be interviewed, as much as I would like to force them by sword point. First interview is projected to be sent out in a couple of weeks, or soonTM.

People to harass interview:

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