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General Discussion / Re: Net Neutrality Is Going Away
« on: Today at 07:17:22 pm »
Sure, that's my point: we don't exist in a free market and it's not feasible to exist in an entirely free market. We have been de-regulating for a while and we ended up with the subprime catastrophe and mega-companies like NBC Universal Comcast. This is aside from the point, in terms of fiscal policy - we share similar views on why we are where we are, though your conclusion about free market being the silver bullet is not one I share.

Let's not derail from the main point: that net neutrality is an important aspect of our lives currently that losing would be absolute shame.

Bonus related video to your fiscal points:


General Discussion / Re: Net Neutrality Is Going Away
« on: Today at 06:06:56 pm »
Good point Hayt. I guess relativism comes into play as well. Like if I started a business in Canada and wanted to do business with the US I'd just get a grant.

I didn't read the article, I just went off what you originally posted, but if the sites and servers are located outside of the US, how does this prevent US residents from accessing it? It seems like all you're original argument is about is the increased cost. I was kind of stuck wondering why it had net neutrality in the title.

If someone's just going to tell me to go read the article I will later, lol.

You should definitely read the article - that's sort of central to the discussion. That's like not watching a video on a game and commenting on the comments of the video instead.

Essentially, the new proposed regulations are: ISPs could establish "fast lanes" that allow for content to be delivered at faster (most likely current) speeds. Non-paying entities would be allowed to be pushed to the "slow lane," having their speed throttled. Maybe not so bad for purchasing from Amazon, but could severely impact Netflix, Twitch.tv, etc., from delivering content at the speeds consumer expect, unless they pay the toll. Probably not a problem for them, but for the new guy this could be an absolute killer in starting their business.

Basically the ISP can stall traffic from anywhere, including from foreign sources, because it would be using the ISPs bandwidth to deliver content. So if you, as a Canadian, setup a video exchange site to deliver streaming video, and didn't pay the toll to Comcast, and also Verizon, and also the other ISPs, then your consumers on those lines would be at the mercy of their ISP for being throttled down.

To further compound that, the obvious answer would be to pick a service that didn't throttle your content, but Comcast/Verizon and other telecoms usually have a monopoly in many areas of the country, thanks to their hard lobbying of local municipalities, so there is no alternative. You either take the internet you can get, or none.

A lot of this is due to the Telecommunications Act of 1996 that gave the FCC two means to classify internet providers; Title I, which is the unregulated version, or Title II, which classifies them as telecoms on the same level as phone providers, otherwise known as common carriers. Under Title I, the courts have routinely upheld that the ISPs do not have to abide by net neutrality. Under Title II, which is a higher degree of government regulation, ISPs do not have the power to regulate traffic, except to ensure it is lawful.

Literally, all the FCC has to do is classify ISPs as Title II common carriers, and the debate's over.

And mbalrog - I do not agree with de-regulation. That is essentially what happened here - the ISPs had free reign and have concentrated themselves into a handful of companies, each with local monopolies in many areas, with laws on the books that limit the ability of local municipalities to form their own ISP. The free market has failed us here - we ended up with regulation against free market itself from allowing them free market in the first place. I agree that much of the regulation doesn't make sense, and we need to simplify it, but abolishing regulating entirely is not going to fix anything.

General Discussion / Re: Net Neutrality Is Going Away
« on: Today at 02:41:44 pm »
And this will likely have ramifications for those who live outside of the US too.

Hmm, businesses will just outsource, and the US will lose jobs. In Canada we already pay for bandwidth, hence why it costs like $80 for a decent connection that has surcharges if you exceed your usage. Also parts of Europe have made the internet a necessity for life and it's 100% free and nothing is blocked. Also the FCC doesn't have anything to do with the governance of the internet, so it'll probably only have an effect on the US.

Maybe this is why people are moving data storage and clouds out of the US.

That's a lot of conclusions, and ignores several things - but you are correct, I think, in that it will in general deter traffic away from US sites. While you're technically right that the US doesn't govern the internet, most of the big business are based in the US, with data servers everywhere. However, this isn't about the big companies - they are already so hugely profitable that spending some extra money won't be an issue.

This is about small companies. This is about Falx starting his own business in the US with three guys in a garage, and their business is tied to the internet and in traffic coming and going equally. When you raise the barrier for entry, you leave out the people who cannot participate and they are the ones hurt the most. You and I, as consumers, hurt because it drives down competition. All the big internet giants of today were small operations before that depended on the net neutrality to thrive and grow. What do we, as citizens, lose when take away the even playing field?

Also, for the sites that have data servers in other countries, you will still want to do business in the United States - but if you have to pay more to reach people, then what's the point? We pay for high speed already, and these ISPs usually have generous local monopolies and extremely anti-consumer laws in place at the municipal level in the United States. They took $200 billion collectively via tax breaks and did little with it.

I'm not against people paying their fair share, but Comcast is already a hugely profitable enterprise that has no need of further revenue to support itself. Verizon is similarly poised. Regardless of your political leanings, I don't see how this could be construed as a good thing for anyone - it stifles competition and free market, and it reduces innovation and consumer choice. Pro-business or pro-consumer, it makes little sense either way, and places short-term profits ahead of long term (and societal) gain.

Which is par for the course in America these days.

General Discussion / Re: Net Neutrality Is Going Away
« on: Today at 11:43:13 am »
No, but it's definitely not a good sign for the future, and considering that the FCC is staffed with mostly ex-employees of ISPs, they are likely to rule in favor of them. The reason I bring this up, in this manner, is because the citizens need to speak out against it, or we'll be stuck with it. Apathy is what's killing the middle class in America.

General Discussion / Net Neutrality Is Going Away
« on: Today at 11:25:40 am »
This is an insanely important topic to everyone here:


This means that your ISP can now begin charging websites and web services extra for bandwidth usage - and this means that, if you use a paid-for-service, it will become expensive, and if you use a free service, it will likely get a fee attached. Hell, this website may get slower or we'll be expected to pay more for our meager bandwidth usage.

If this goes into effect, this means F2P MMOs could become a thing of the past, and could have greater implications on multiplayer games. It may have little or no effect for larger, profitable services, but this is Comcast and other ISPs simply squeezing the market for more money.

Personally, I'm looking into options. I would love to see ISPs that come out against this new rule, because I would rather pay them than pay for a sleazy, greedy company. And this will likely have ramifications for those who live outside of the US too. This will kill a lot of start-ups and innovation, depending on how it's implemented. The internet should be an equalizing force in our society - instead, we are subjecting it to oligarchical principles.

Other Games and Interests / Re: Diablo 3
« on: Today at 10:45:06 am »

I didn't even know she gave out legendary items...

its very rare for her to do so.

Sent from my Resonators!

It's not that rare (I average 1 out of every 45 or so purchases), but it's rare where she gives you something useful. I see her as a forgotten soul supplement.

Ep. 66 of WMH is pretty good - has the Roberts on it as well as a surprise at the end. Suggest watching for sure.

Applicant Introductions / Re: Hello from LA - new applicant
« on: April 22, 2014, 04:40:55 pm »
Sharks 6 - Kings 3

Sharks 7 - Kings 2

Giants 4-2 against Dodgers this season

Warriors tied 1-1 with Clippers in postseason

Niners went to the NFC championship 3rd year in a row, former LA NFL teams...have high draft picks?

Not an A's fan, but they've looked good so far. Not counting college sports either.


Applicant Introductions / Re: Hello from LA - new applicant
« on: April 22, 2014, 03:15:02 pm »
As a NorCal native, I'm required by law to state the following:

Beat LA!

However, welcome to The Guardians. Good luck on your application.

General Discussion / Re: GoT:Breaker of Chains
« on: April 22, 2014, 10:38:24 am »
It's also interesting to see how my wife views characters differently than me, considering she hasn't read the books and I have read them multiple times. She actually likes Daenerys, Tywin, and Littlefinger, and doesn't like Jaime, Varys, and Oberyn. I'm like wtffffff

Spoilers ahead!

I think the show makes Tywin out to be less of a monster than the books do. In the books he is exceedingly cruel and prgamatic, whereas in the show a lot of his air time is devoted to his better qualities (and pragmatism). I think the fact that they gave him and Arya a lot of time together made it so non-novel people would like him. I like his character in the show, admittedly, but I think we'll see a bit of a change going forward this season.

Everyone forgets that Dany is a teenage girl, who will be beset by teenage girl problems. Her "let me take a selfie" phase is coming!

I think they should have not done the latest rapey scene the way they did. I went to great lengths to explain to my gf that they totally had sex next to Joffrey's corpse that was extremely consensual, and it was a part of Jamie's path. I did not like that deviance from cannon, because it lessens Jamie. Plus it set off all these women about the show trivializing rape, which I think it's more of the comments around it than the show itself.

As for my man Obie - they have yet to show him to be a badass, which he is, and instead are playing up his "f*** the world before you get old and gross" line. I'm glad the Dornish are getting some perspective.

For book readers: anyone else feel excited that the Golden Company was finally mentioned?

Star Citizen / Re: TNGS - Which team to save?
« on: April 21, 2014, 07:46:22 pm »
I also wonder if we'll actually see them for sale for cash, or if we will only see them in-game for the currency. I expect for cash, given that they've built, and hired, a whole reality TV thing around this, but there are plenty of examples of ships we can't purchase that we can eventually fly (mostly capital ships), and at some point they would need to swap over from money purchase to UEC purchases only. Unless CR changed his mind on that.

General Discussion / Re: GoT:Breaker of Chains
« on: April 21, 2014, 07:44:20 pm »
I read the books, so I generally know the course, though I appreciate when they deviate from the books, and that Martin is giving it his thumbs up. It's very interesting going through it with my SO who hasn't read them - she gets genuinely freaked out by moments that she's unprepared for.

I saw that as well. I would love to jump on that... but other financial things take priority.

Is this the general trend with 4k monitors? That they are all dropping in price?

It's the general trend of everything. I don't think we'll see 4k monitors at the same price as their 1080 counterparts anytime soon, but eventually the price will drop to a similar level. My general technical inclinations are not to be an early-adopter because you end up paying more for unproven tech, but if you are in the market for a 4k monitor I would hop on this offer.

Star Citizen / HOTAS Reviews on Reddit
« on: April 21, 2014, 04:05:03 pm »
Here's a little compilation of videos from Reddit:


I think the X-55 video sold me on getting it - I had been waiting to decide, but a lot of the qualities he talks about look good. The toggle switches sound good for assigning Newtonian mode and a few other SC-only goodies.

Star Citizen / Re: TNGS - Which team to save?
« on: April 19, 2014, 09:13:25 pm »
I love the Tallon redesign. I think the rocket pods is a cool idea, but if he wants to retain the drop ship capability, I feel like all those items on the underside and wings need to retract into the fuselage so that there's a more aerodynamic feel to it. To me it looks like those pieces would break off on re-entry. That's my only desired change - it's definitely a menacing ship and one I would like to own.

I still don't like IXM in general, but their attention to detail is amazing. I did like Shard and 4 Horsemen's - Shard is another ship I would buy, and 4 Horsemen has a unique look to it that I like (but I get a lot of the criticism). 1-bit Amoeba's has potential but his progress is slow - I'm hoping he can catch up later. And Troyka is detailed but...well, underwhelming.

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