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Minecraft / 7/21 - New Minecraft Server
« on: July 20, 2014, 10:17:05 pm »
Thranx.com will soon go live yet again.  This time with TPPI 1.0.4.  I plan for this to be a (relatively) long run server, ~3 months or more and will be setting someone up with access to help administrate is as well as myself, since I'm back and forth due to work and moving and remodeling.

Anyhoos... planning to launch this tomorrow night.  I've got a little infrastructure work to do in order to make sure it's solid, and I'm going to use MCPC to pre-gen a large space tonight (save on lag), so tomorrow after work (4 or 5 PST) I should be ready unleash the beast.

I've still got the old whitelist from the last few times I did this, but do hollar if you've not done it with us before and want to join in.

Edit:here's the current whitelist so you can confirm if you're on it.

General Discussion / New WildStar DL and ADL
« on: July 13, 2014, 07:55:31 pm »
Effective immediately, I'm appointing Athyr to the position of WildStar DL.  Dak's done a great jobs of keeping the wheels turning for WildStar in the interim and has my great thanks for doing so.  Athyr's no stranger to the council, having recently vacated the DoD position.  When he and I spoke about WildStar recently, he said he's really been enjoying it, that it's the most fun he's had since EQ.  Whoa.  Weighty statement there Athyr.

In tandem with this, Kilmar will be taking on the role of ADL, helping to drive the efforts of the division forward and filling in for Athyr during occasional unavailability. 

WildStar's at a critical point.  Our primary goal at the moment is to get ready for the first 20 man raid, encouraging folks and assisting folks towards the completion of attunement.  With some crossed fingers, elbow grease and lucky dice, we'll be rockin' into our first 20 man before the end of the month.

Thanks to both Athyr and Kilmar for being willing to step up and work on organizing and pushing WildStar to the next level.

General Discussion / Alberta.
« on: July 10, 2014, 03:04:07 pm »

General Discussion / FFXIV Division Closure, Transitioning to Squad
« on: July 09, 2014, 07:48:21 pm »

It had a good run, but reduction in activity and near impossibility of recruitment has shifted our focus on FFXIV.  It slots well into the Squad system and activity numbers are commiserate with what we generally target squads at.  Kiyah brought this up a while back, but I don't generally like making these kinds of decisions near launch of new MMOs.  Both internally to TG and in the general gaming populace, they tend to be times of trendy flux and you'll usually see people come back to a game if it's got leg.

The transition to squad takes Kiyah off the council but she will continue to serve as the Squad Leader.  She's been an excellent advocate and leader for FFXIV and a positive addition to the Council.  Kiyah, thank you for serving, and for continuing to serve.

Other Games and Interests / Steam Sale - Thranx Picks
« on: June 19, 2014, 05:34:59 pm »
I've done this in the past, but due to my complete and utter lack of time, this will be Thranx's Steam Sale : Breif Edition this go round.  ;)

Added to the "if you only have $20 to spend" list is FTL Advanced Edition for only $4 today.  Great game, great price.  Lots of fun.

Sunday, June 22nd
Buy : FTL Advanced Edition - $3.99 - Really great game.  "rouge like" is a lose term for its terminal state... I like to say you have just one life.  It's about buliding up your ship, protecting, manning and repairing it in battle and then moving on to the next battle.  Really fun little strategic and micro management game.  Challenging as well.
Buy : Saints Row 4 - $9.99 - Alot of game for ten bucks, but a significant amount of things that you also have to look past if you're not into more bawdy sexual humor (aka me).  The game play is fantastic, the language is not... if you can get past the inevitible gimp escort mission and ignore the language, it's one of the best games from a gameplay and "taking it lightly" standpoint in the past decade.  SR3 was better, but this one's a delight to play.  Just keep your clothes on.
Buy : Rogue Legacy - $3.74 - A rogue like platformer that holds onto some permanency by allowing you to use the gold you earned in life to upgrade things for your next life.  Quriky systems like the next generation of your character potentially having odd traits like color blindness or alektorophobia at some flavor, but it's just a good procedural platformer.  Well worth the price.
Meh : Surgeon Simulator 2013 - $2.49 - Yea, it's only 2.50 but it's still hard to recommend.  This was kinda the first joke simulator game, but the developed it out into a full thing.  it's funny, interesting but ultimately a game tok play for a chuckle 2 hours on a Saturday (2 hours if you're lucky) without much more depth that than.  If you want to take a go... just know that it's not going to be your next 100 hour game.
Meh : The Lego Movie Videogame - $7.49 - No first hand experience, can't recommend or reject, but I did just buy it for my 5 year old... he loves the lego games.
Meh : Nether - $2.99 - No first hand experience, can't recommend or reject.
Pass : Arma 3 - $29.99 - Odds are if you're waaaay into "combat simulation" you've already bought it, but it's an FPS that takes itself just a little to seriously.  Part of the problem is that it's masterful in it's execution 95% of the time, which makes that other 5% (looking at you jumping over a fence in arma 2) stick out that much worse.
Pass : Dark Souls - $4.99 - Hard to play, not super rewarding when you are able to succeed.  Fans call anyone who doesn't like it carebears... but.. it just isn't really that great.
Pass : Insurgency - $6.74 - It's a jank version of the modern Battlefield games, with a little counterstike flavor as well.  CS and BF both do it better.

Sunday, June 22nd
Buy : Borderlands 2 - $4.99 - Very good game.  If you don't already own it, it's a no brainer.  It's an FPS, but not your typical twich style.  Infused with humor throughout, it's a delightful play through and plays REALLY well with friends.  The entire game is co-op-able.
Buy : Planetary Annihilation - $16.99 - Easily still a $50 game.  Great visuals, excellent and awesome RTS.  The planet based thing is a cool concept and while the spherical navigation takes some getting used to, it's actually quite neat.  Plus... you can build a bunch of rockets into the backside of a moon and sling-shot it around the sun into you opponents planet.  Win.
Meh : Tomb Raider - $4.99 - Like Kingdoms of Amaluer (see below) it has all the markins of excellence but lacks whatever it is that keeps me wanting to come back for more.  The price is great if yo'ure on the edge, but don't expect a AAA 40 hour experience ... at $5 tho, that's not a concern.
Meh : Metal Gear Rising Revegance - $14.99 - No experience, can't recommend or reject... but it gets coolest title modifier award with the totally awesome word "Revegance".  This award is sponsered by Steve's New English Dictionary, "Words, since 1983"
Meh : Wolf Among Us - $8.49 - If you're a telltale games fan, this is highly rated amongst stellar company.  I'ts not my thing tho, so... take that for what its work.
Meh : Outlast - $4.99 - No experience, can't recommend or reject.
Pass : South Park the Stick of Truth - $40.19 - Nope.
Pass : Kingdoms of Amaluer recjoning - $4.99 - Tons of promise, but something about it just didn't keep me wanting to play.  Go play Dragon Age Origins instead... play it a 3rd time before you consider buying KoA:R
Pass : Battleblock Theater - $3.74 - It simply wasn't fun.

6/21, prices dropped after my initial post.  Stanley Parable updated to Buy!  Also had Project zombiod confused with something else.  Updated with my thoughts.

Saturday, June 21st
Flash Buy Hitman Absolution - $3.99 - Expires 6/22 @ 2AM PST, Great game.  A ton of fun.  Each level is an open canvas upon which you paint your masterpiece.  Silent slaughter, bedlam, ninja, pacifistic ninja... I mean, there's so many ways to complete each level and it's a total blast.  It doesn't disappoint.  Better than the new theif by a LONG shot.
Buy : Skyrim Legendary Edition - $13.97 - If you don't already own it... we shouldn't be friends.  Top 10 game all time, includes the excellent expansions. A+
Buy : Terraria - $1.99 - Great 2D Exploration and Building platformer.  It's a 2D minecraft.
Buy : Dragon Age Origins Ultimate - $7.49 - Best Action RPG of modern times. (looking at you Diablo 3) With great tactical elements and a fantastic story to boot.  No brainer to recommend this.
Buy : The Stanley Parable - $5.99 - More of an experience than a game, it's good, but it's pretty short.  At $6, it's worth playing unless you're completely dead to the concept of games as art.
Meh : Project Zomboid - $10.04 - Quite good actually, but tough to play.  Hard to recommend, but if you go this route, give it 5 hours before you give up.
Meh : Contagion - $4.99 - Don't have experience with it.  Can't recommend or reject.
Pass : Age of Empires 2 HD Edition - $4.99 - Nostalgia purchase only.
Pass : Wasteland 2 - $40.19 - My heart says buy, my brain says nope.  It's not a $40 game yet.  Get it next year when it's $25 and it'll be a steal (and maybe actually done too!)
Pass : 7 days to Die - $13.74 - Has real promise but jank graphics.  If the quality of the visuals was a little greater, I could bump it up to meh.  A game like this needs very active, large capacity servers to be fun (think Rust) but that's not something they seem able to do yet.  It's more crafty than DayZ or Rust, but the gameplay just doesn't pull you in.  combine that with an over all "C" League game developer feel and it's a nope.  My hopes are high that they can pull something off with it tho.

Friday, June 20th
Flash Buy : Mount and Blade Warband - $3.99 - (expires 6PM PST) Really great game.  TONS of fun single player and the multiplay is very good as well.  Single player has a ton of play time and replayability.  Don't be put off by the old-ish grpahics, it plays really well.  It's hard to call this by a genre, but your basically leading your own army through olden times, pledging yourself to a Lord and hopefully, eventually becoming one yourself.  You lead an army and fight as well.  Great gameplay all around.
Buy : Prison Architect - $10.19 - I believe this is its lowest price ever and totally worth it.  This is hard ot sell at $30, good buy at $20 and fantastic buy at this price.  Fun fun game, still in development and increasing in scope and playbility with consistent releases.
Meh : The Walking Dead Season Two - $12.49 - A lot of game for the price, but it's also just "more of the same" from Season 1.  If you enjoyed season one, awesome, buy this too, but otherwise it's not a gurenteed hit.
Meh : Dynasty Warriors 8 Extreme Legends Complete Edition - $24.99 -  Dynasty Warriors games are my guilty pleasure.  I instantlybought this as I've been staring at it for weeks try to justify the $50 price tag.  Glad I waited.  TBH, I pirated this a month back to see if the port was solid, and it is.  It takes some fiddling to get a controller setup right for it, but once it is it's a great addition to the series.  I can't recommend to to people who aren't already a fan of the series, but if you've enjoyed Dynasty, Samuri or Gundam Warrior games i nthe past, this is a winner.  As a side note, this wins the award for stupidest long name, sponsored by the Verizon Motorola Razr 2 Maxx 4G Ultra Developer Edition.
Meh : Bound by Flame - $23.99 - I literally know nothing about this game.  Nothing.
Pass : Plague Inc Evolved - $10.04 - fun game, I really enjoy it, but it's a $5 game not a $10 game.
Pass : Amnesia A Machine for Pigs - $4.99 - This game is impossible to recommend at any price.  It is dark, strange and disturbing.  Only consider it if you like the weird or are interested in horror games genre.
Pass : Game Dev Tycoon - $3.99 - It's a $1 android game ported to PC and not really any better here.  Not worth the time of the cash.  It's not a fully fleshed out tycoon game, it's a "play it on the can twice" mobile game.
Pass : State of Decay - $4.99 -  If you read the description, you'll buy it in a heartbeat... but the execution was sloppy and poor.  The concept has all the ear marks of to 25 all time games but they somehow managed to make it not even worth the $5.
Pass : RPC Maker VX Ace - $17.49 - JRPGs  are not my thing, and if it is your thing... it's not really that great anyhoo.  If you have a TON of free time and want to play other people's creations... you can wade through the 40 trash ones to find a single gem... but... either way, not worth the price.

Thursday, June 19th
Ninja Buy : This one's not on the front page, but StarDrive is $7.50 right now and that's totally worth it.  Great game, more 4X than RTS but it plays like it's real time and has a fairly robust ship creation system.  Tons of fun.

Buy : Don't Starve - $3.74 - Good tower defensy type game with base building/resource gathering component (really more of a base defense game)
Buy : XCOM Enemy Unknown - $7.49 - Very good squad based, turn based tactics game.  Worth it.  (Expansion is also on sale and recommended if you already own Enemy Unknown)
Meh : Witcher 2 - $3.99 - it's ok... that's a lot of game for $4, but... it's not great.  Many super fans out there, but the combat system is weak IMO.
Meh : Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion - $7.99 - It's a good game... but not great.  I can't recommend it, but if you like an RTS pretending to be a 4X, then it may be worth your time.
Pass : Dead rising 3 - $37.49 - It's a pre-order and DR games aren't usually my thing
Pass : Dinivitiy Original Sin - $31.99 - no first hand experience, but this is on my wishlist... not worth it at the price.  I'd peg this as worth 15-20
Pass : Democracy 3 - $8.49 - It's a mediocre game that's hard to recommend at $5... certainly not worth 8+
Pass : DayZ - $25.49 - If you don't own it already, you're not hard core enough about the game to tolerate the issues it currently has.  It's getting better, but look again in a year when it's more polished

General Discussion / RL Minecraft?
« on: June 13, 2014, 04:02:11 pm »
Interesting concept.  https://medium.com/p/3d0a32cfef92  There's a robot on the other end of your Oculus, building that thing you wanted.

It's either complete brilliance or profoundly na├»ve to think that it wouldn't just be a field full of robots building dongs.  :P

General Discussion / Sooooo... come here often?
« on: June 11, 2014, 09:40:38 pm »

WildStar / Soon...
« on: June 07, 2014, 11:24:29 am »
Here I come.


Star Citizen / Arena Commander Release = Division Creation
« on: May 29, 2014, 03:41:23 pm »
I edited my announcement post, but wanted to drop something here as well; Star Citizen will become a Division when the Arena Commander releases.  Sounds like that should be days not weeks, but we'll get Star Citizen setup as a division when AC is out.

General Discussion / Star Citizen Division Announcment
« on: May 26, 2014, 08:43:09 pm »

The Dog Fighting Module (Arena Commander) is nearly upon us, and the worst kept secret in recent memory shall come to fruition.  As of this Thursday, May 29th, Star Citizen will be our first non-mmo Division since Battlefield 2.  With 90 members subscribed and well over $10k invested, the members have showed quite clearly that this is a serious game for TG in the future.

While we've had more than just one person excited and organizing out efforts thus far, one Guardian has already established himself as a clear leader.  Jag's efforts have helped to grow the Squad to a huge following, both within TG and with active recruitment.  The Star Citizen Week In Review is the best source of Star Citizen info that exists.  Bar none.

I'm excited for our future, both as an organization and in the game itself.  Thanks to all who have made Star Citizen a priority for TG.  Thanks to all for leading discussion and especially to Ibioc for his help with recruitment.  These foundations we've built simply in interest and in finding new members will make Star Citizen a strong game for us down the line.

Join me in congradulating Jag for is appointment (coming Thursday) and to all 90 members of the Star Citizen Division... of which I too am proudly a card carrying (literally) member.  :)

EDIT : Star Citizen will go Division Status when Arena Commander (the dog fighting module) is released.  The delay is expected to be "days not weeks"... so stay tuned.

Gadgets, Gizmos, and Computers / New Monitor
« on: May 24, 2014, 10:47:28 am »
Wewt.  Got the Dell 3014 for only $800.  One left at that price. : http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dell-U3014-UltraSharp-30-Inch-PremierColor-Monitor-/111340888034?pt=Computer_Monitors&hash=item19ec6f1fe2

My wall of 6 monitors will be down to 3 in the new house, but this ... mmmmm this makes me happy.  Actually going to run two 1600x1200 monitors on either side of it in portrait mode.  I have one already and I think there's another one I can steal (k, not really "steal") from work.

General Discussion / From the Shelf of Thranx
« on: May 18, 2014, 03:59:06 pm »
Super happy with a couple of recent additions to my collection....

I have no clue what Strike Force Cobra is... how it plays or what it even looks like, but man... I saw that box art and had to have it.  It's for the Commadore 64... so... it would take some significant effort for me to actually play it.  :)

Super Gloveball, IN THE BOX and the box is in really great shape.  I have the power glove as well, I've yet to give them a whirl.

WebTG / MOVED: Advanced search feature?
« on: May 09, 2014, 06:53:25 pm »

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