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Same as previous, I'll give little micro reviews of games I have first hand experience with, as well as buy/meh/pass  recommendations, with the occational super buy recommendation.  :)

Thursday the 18th
[MEH] - $29.99 - Civilization Beyond Earth : $30 is a great price for this.  It's still pretty fresh, so it's good from a deal perspective, but the game itself doesn't add alot past Civ5.  It adds a hair, but it's not the kind of game that you look at and go "wow, that's what the genre needed!"  It's just more of the same (see also TW2), does it well, but isn't a "gotta have it" at this price.
[MEH] - $14.95 - Rome Total War 2 Emperor Edition : This one gets a meh, simply because the entire Total War series is very much the same game in a new setting.  If you are a fan of Total War, or battlefield focused tactical "simulation" games like this then 15 bucks for the total package is a great deal... but, if you're not already a big fan of Total War, I can't recommend.  It's a quality game, it just the same as ever other Total War.
[PASS] - $3.74 - Euro Truck Simulator 2 : Don't listen to Beenie.  This game is just ... silly.  I mean, it's only one notch up from desert bus.  You drive truck around Europe... it's not particularly pretty and the simulation/career/upgrade system isn't intriguing or deep enough to justify the long boring road-trip simulator.  Heck, they don't even let you pee in an empty soda bottle.
[PASS]  - $9.99 - Space Engineers - The game itself just floundered and was eventually "released" despite being well below the mark on what it had intended.  They've opened it up quite a bit and added Steam Workshop support, so maybe the "community" will be able to "finish" the game.  Quote marks denote doubt/unfaith in this case.  Wait to see if ti's more playable with future community work before buying it.  Right now... not worth it.
[PASS]  - $13.39 - Metal Gear Solid V : It's just an "ok" game and the price break isn't enough to go "oh sweet, I should buy this now" ... save yer steam bucks.
[PASS]  - $4.99 - State of Decay : The concept is fantastic, but the execution is abysmal.  Hard to play/control and inconsistent (not by design) NPC behavior really breaks what should be a fantastic survival game.
[PASS] - $14.79 - Dark Souls 2 : It just wasn't very good.  DS1 was an enigma of doom and difficulty, DS2 is less of that, and looses its shine pretty quick.  Can't recommend at anything above "throwaway" pricing, whatever that means for you.  ($2-$5)  I actually can recommend Dark Souls Prepare to Die edtion at only $5 right now.  If you never played the first one... that's worth it for $5.  Use the beta fork to play the non-GFWL edtion.  They just announced a few days ago that it's live, tho still have to opt-in.

Rocksmith - no first hand knowledge... but I'm pretty sure you need a guitar.
Sniper Elite 3 - no first hand knowledge... does not require a guitar

Man... not a single buy today.  Sad.  If the community choice turns up to be Hack-n-Slash at 40% off, I can totally recommend that!  :)

Minecraft / FTB Resurection
« on: Today at 12:15:01 pm »
It's supposed to be a 1.7 throwback to Ultimate.  I'm trying it out... now running @

My five-year-old son may be playing on occasion as well, just an FYI if you see l33tb33ns on there and he doesn't respond.  :)  He's smart enough not to dick with people's stuff tho, so ... no worries there.  If he's on, it's usually middle of the day.

You'll need to add the following to your list of mods.  (easy to do via the FTB launcher)

Tinkers' Contruct :
Optional client-side tool-tips :

Other Games and Interests / Repop - December News
« on: December 15, 2014, 02:28:15 pm »
For those of you following or already bought-in-to The Repopulation, the big deal at the moment is that we're kinda in waiting for the new server hardware, and with that a major update.  It was originally supposed to be November 26th, but they're still in progress.  The latest relevant/useful news on that was from JC Smith posted on 12/13.  "Any Day Now" was the news I got last week too tho... so... we'll see.

The new servers aren't available yet unfortunately. But should be any day now.

You can still play on the old alpha server. Depending on how long it's been since you last played you can simply log in and play (though expect long loading times if you do that) or you can use the installer and pull the latest cache which will cut your download time significantly but not let you get in game until then.

When the new servers go online though there will be a completely new client that you will need to install. While it may be technically possible to just grab the client and keep using your old data, that will be unsupported and the recommendation would be to uninstall and reinstall the new one. This should happen within the next few days.

When this new update goes live, the NDA should be dropped as well.  Hopefully that will allow people to provide some good in-depth/deep-dive guides and introductions to the world.  My knowledge is growing, but there's still so much I don't know about the world and the game.  It's fantastic tho, and with the right group of people *looks around* I think it could be an awesome, long-term game.

Other Games and Interests / Hand of Fate
« on: December 10, 2014, 05:50:32 pm »
... is really good.

Discovered this at PAX East this year... I think I was with Gobnil at the time.  It's been available in early-access for a while now, and I bought it immediately seeing it in play, I was convinced it'd be a winner.  Gave it a spin again today for about 2 hours... man, it really is well done.  The animation, graphics, gameplay, replayability, voice acting... everything about it is solid.

It's a hard concept to explain, but ... I'll give 'er a shot.

It's a deck building, action rpg, rogue-like-ish, adventure game.  You don't play cards or really interact with the deck in any way, but the cards you use in your deck are what build your encounters.  Every playthrough is new.  You start as a dude with sword and some leather every time.  Cards are layed out in a path, and you choose which card to reveal.  Sometimes it's an ambush, sometimes a traveling merchant, sometimes a friendly priest, sometimes the devil shows up and wants to make a deal.  Some of these encounters are simply choose-your-own-adventure style.  You pick a choice, something happens... sometime's there's some randomness to the result as well (example, rock slide.. you're boned, but the severity is determined by you picking 1 of 4 cards at random, Fail, Very Fail, Very Fail, and Mega Fail) and sometimes it's simply a reward based on youe choice.  If it's an ambush or other combat encounter, you're dropped into a quick hack-and-slash skirmish where you fight 4 skeletons, or 2 packs of 2 bandits.  Defeat them and you'll draw some "gain" cards which could recover some health or give you gold/food or maybe you'll get an equipment card (armor, weapon, artifact) that you can then use for the rest of the session.

I say rouge-like-ish because each session is (in the begining at least) 6-12 encounters long.  It moves along at a good pace, finishing with a "boss" encounter that is a couple small squads of regular baddies and a beefier boss.  Once you defeat that final round the boss drops cards that you can then add to your deck (or not) that are now available on your next play through.  Other encounters you've handled up until that point might have possibly earned you new cards as well, but you don't get then until/unless you beat the boss.  And... that's it.  You're done.  When you start another session, you're back to sword and leather and the neato artifact you got that lets you throw 8 daggers in every direction is just back in your deck.

It's unique but it works really, really well.  It will automatically build you a "recommended" deck out of the cards you've aquired your you can make your own from scratch.  There's a trade off... put in to many easy to beat cards, and you may not beef yourself up enough to make it to beat the boss when you finally get to that point.  Too many combat encounters and you might not be able to heal up inbetween rounds, or simply never draw the couple of beneficial non-combat encounters you splashed into the deck.

Either way... it's a game that's less about the cards and more about playing the encounters.  It's a blast, and I can heartily recommend it for anything < $40... which is convinent since it only costs $25.  :)

If you see me playing it on steam, feel free to watch.  I have steam broadcast set to friends anytime mode.

Star Citizen / Izzy Star Citizen RP
« on: November 23, 2014, 10:12:49 pm »
One such example is the DYNAPAK from CureLife which is a complete multi-function individual first-aid system designed and constructed for the rigors of field use. With CureLife’s proprietary serum, a single DYNAPAK will promote healing in non-serious wounds to get you back on your feet.

I think Izzy needs to role play a sales rep for CureLife.

TG Sports! / Oawa... You've Shamed Yourself
« on: November 23, 2014, 02:35:58 pm »
Just wanted to point out that Oawa, Packer lover and bear hater, started Jay Cutler today.  And at halftime... he's a big 0.

Other Games and Interests / One Day Left! - The Repopulation Access for $25
« on: November 20, 2014, 11:36:30 am »
Man, wish I'd realized this sooner, I'd have been making noise the past week about it.

You can get into all the alpha and beta phases of The Repopulation for $25, but that sale ends tomorrow.  Quick FAQ below.

• We strive to keep servers available 24/7. This means you can test any time of the day or week. However, we do have a planned server cluster upgrade starting November 24th, so read on further for more details.
• We have patches that happen every other Wednesday. This requires an outage, just like any other MMO.
• You will have access a few minutes after confirming your pledge.
• It is an Alpha, there can be technical issues and other problems that can cause an outage. This is a very rare occurrence though so far.
• Yes there will be a wipe or two before we release.
• Further Beta testing is included, so you will have access to ALL testing rounds.
• Hardcore Ruleset is slated to start testing in late Beta, so it is currently not an option. Open world PvP is an option in the contested areas on the Normal server and flagged/arena PvP options are available as well. PvE is plentiful in the faction zones and PvP is only available if flagged or in the arena in the faction regions.
• NDA is currently in effect, we plan on lifting it soon.
• There is no Region locking. Servers currently are in North America, there might be more later in other geographical locations during testing and at release.
• Minimum specs are a Dual-Core CPU, 3+GB of Memory, dedicated Video card with 1GB+ VRAM, 64bit Windows OS, 5GB of disk space. These are not the final minimum specs as they could change in either direction before release.

Yes, NDA is still live... but I will risk everything :P to simply say this.  It's very, very good.  You can always buy in for more money at a different time, but this is by far the cheapest access has ever been.  Very early backers could get in for $50, but that phase was pretty recent.  To get into the current alpha it's typically $100 bucks.

This is actually a pretty good and pretty accurate breakdown of the game.  Worth your 10 minutes.

The Repopulation - Top 10 Reasons To Be Excited Small | Large

Gadgets, Gizmos, and Computers / Direct Comparison GTX590 vs GTX980
« on: November 17, 2014, 12:24:51 am »
So, I upgraded today, and to me, GPU numbers can be pretty interesting, especially when you have the opportunity to do direct, apples-to-apples comparisons.  I did some tests.  replaced the card... did more tests.  The results leave me pleased with the purchase, it was a worthy upgrade.  Just grabbed a couple things in my steam inventory with dedicated benchmarks.  Thought I'd share the results in case anyone else finds them interesting.

with GTX590
Hitman - 55.5  (min 6)
Uningine - 35 (min 7.2) score 893
Bioshock Inf - 44.5 (min 5.5)
RE6 - 6714
Metro:LL - 34 (min 17)

with GTX980
Hitman - 59.6 (min 46)
Uningine - 55 (min 20.7) score 1382
Bioshock Inf - 75 (min 10)
Metro:LL - 57 (min 25)
RE6 - 11768

System is a i7-3970 with 32gb of ram @ 1333mhz on a sabertooth x79... which sadly I don't think can take max advantage of PCI-E 3.0

General Discussion / $40 for a $50 Steam Card
« on: November 13, 2014, 04:46:59 pm »

ArcheAge / New Boards Created...
« on: November 06, 2014, 10:50:33 pm »
Please note that, contrary to our usual setup, all the child boards of ArcheAge are private, as organization and strats for pretty darn near everything in this game could be considered privileged and sensitive.  :)  So, feel free to post anything into those forums without fear of public exposure.

Minecraft / Direwolf20 - 1.7.10
« on: November 02, 2014, 11:15:21 pm »
At Dak's insistence/request, I've fired up a Direwolf20 1.7.10 server at  The TPPI server is still running, now on port 25566, the direwolf20 pack is on default port.

Direwolf20 can be had via the FTB Launcher.  There is one manual edition to the pack (per Dak's request).  Fastcraft.

Download this :

Stick it in the "mods" folder of your Direwolf20 install.


Server rules are same as always.  Whitelist and don't be a dick.  Used the same whitelist we've built for a while.

General Discussion / The Classiest In Home Lighting Design
« on: October 30, 2014, 10:33:25 pm »

Yea, that's right you can't even handle how awesome my new $7 light fixture is.  It just screams class so loud your ears ring... and when that tone finally dies down you realize you're still blinded by my brilliance.


Needed some lights for my theater space until I really set things up... $7, took 1 hour to assemble (no joke) and I have 4 more to do.  Ghetto fab worth it.

Survival Zombie Mankill Simulators / Too Rusty
« on: October 26, 2014, 10:27:02 pm »

*sigh*  I really want to play rust again.

Other Games and Interests / Dungeon Defenders Free Copy
« on: October 21, 2014, 07:36:47 pm »
I have 2 steam keys of Dungeon Defenders 1, and 1 copy of Dungeon Defenders Eternity.  First come first serve, please post once you've used it.  DDE doesn't really add anything, so if you have DD1, don't worry about it, and please, nobody take 2  :)

Key 1 - DD1 Steam Key: KVTIK-H8EJV-BYHV9
Key 2 - DD1 Steam Key: YRXBQ-WYK4C-XHJXR
Key 3 - DDE Steam Key: RB3ZP-B48YW-JBWYF

ArcheAge / Are NA Players Just Whiners?
« on: October 21, 2014, 03:45:19 pm »
I mean... I expected this kinda but... WOW the discrepancy is large.   :)

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