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General Discussion / PSA : Need More Cholesterol?
« on: January 27, 2015, 04:16:09 pm »
This is the way to go.

Other Games and Interests / Dying Light - $45 Extra Copy
« on: January 27, 2015, 10:52:09 am »
I've got an extra copy of Dying Light, $45.  First come, first serve.  Just have you send the money via paypal.

Survival Zombie Mankill Simulators / H1Z1 - 1PM PST
« on: January 15, 2015, 12:10:26 am »
Launch has been confirmed as being attempted at 10am.  Keep in mind, that means you can start downloading then.

Yay for Comcast Business.


The Repopulation / You Know It's a Warzone When...
« on: January 14, 2015, 12:30:15 pm »
your dancers wear armor under their bikinis

Other Games and Interests / Space Engineers Server Reset
« on: January 06, 2015, 01:10:05 am »
Sooooo... we had some good times right?  Dak's ship flying off to obvlivion, Beenie breaking a ship, on purpose and not.. me destroying a ship on my first flight... holes everywhere...

When I logged on again tonight, meteors had pummeled the medical station so much that you couldn't even spawn there.

so... I'm setting the environment variables to "safe" and restarting the server.  We didn't really get a whole lot done, since it was pretty much just trying to recover from complete destruction all around... so... :)

The server's listed in the server browser of the game, "The Guardians (GuardianHQ.com)" is the server and map name.  You must be in the TG steam community group in order to join.

General Discussion / Thranx To Retire as Guild Leader
« on: January 05, 2015, 12:49:13 pm »
Well, I almost made it two years.  :)  When I set out on this adventure, I told myself that a year would be too short a time in the big chair, but that two years felt just right.  On this side of the timeline, I can say that two years is a long time to deal with the constant issues and push for growth and organizational necessities of an organization of our size.

This isn't a decision that comes without planning, or without much thought on my part.  My stepping down is something I've discussed with the council a couple times.  While there's more I'd like to do, I feel that the longer I'm in the role, the less effective I will be.  There are days when hopping on the website or joining mumble just feels like the last thing I want to do.

We need a fresh GL.  One excited for the job, who relishes in leadership again and is capable of taking us into the future.  Don't get me wrong, I love the job... but after 22 months, it's just hard to not feel overwhelmed.

The biggest issue for me, in stepping down, is that there are still things left that I wanted to get done.  I still want to come up with a solid way to reform recruitment, I want to create a community councilor position... but these are things I don't have to be a GL or even on the Council to do.  We talk about having member leaders, and that anyone with the passion and drive to accomplish something for or with TG can do it.  Leadership in TG exists to enable members and the guild to great success.  I don't have to be the GL to get those things done, to propose amendments.  Being outside the circle of leadership, I'll show that it can be done and work with the council to develop things that I think will make us better, make us stronger, make us a better place to game.

Thank you to everyone who's served at every level of leadership these past two years.  We've churned through a good number of them with the rise and fall of a couple games, and I really appreciate the guidance and leadership my fellow councilors past and present have provided.  Our DLs especially are the heart of our leadership organization.  They are our battlefield generals, leading from the front, cheering their troops to victory, fighting along side them in the endeavors we put our hearts, mind and time to.

My resignation will spark the beginning of an election cycle, so expect to hear from Meg today or tomorrow on the beginning of the application process.  Her post will contain more detail, but this is a 6 week process.  2 weeks to apply for the job, 2 weeks for campaigning, and 2 weeks for voting.  During that time, I will remain in my position, stepping down officially on the day our new GL is elected.  In the meantime, I'm performing my job at full authority and severity, so if an issue does arise in this time of transition, please don't hesitate to bring it to my attention.

A final note to prospective Guild Leader applicants.  Take seriously the commitment you will be undertaking.  There will be days where leaving and never coming back seems like the best choice for you... but taking on this responsibility removes that decision path from your options.  You will be entering a commitment to over a thousand people that you're here to make us all better and that you'll do what you believe to be in the best interests of the guild.  It is a weight, and yet it is a joy.  Our organization is fantastic and to be at it's lead, see it grow, see it flourish, is a wonderful honor... but it's one that deserves and requires your complete dedication.

Thank you all for letting me lead you these past years.  Thank you all for being what makes The Guardians the best Guild ever formed.  /salute

The Repopulation / The Repop - Server Poll
« on: December 23, 2014, 12:11:32 pm »
Really the question is West or East?  Lets sort it out now before everyone gets in.  :)

The Repopulation / The Repop - Now On Steam
« on: December 22, 2014, 04:02:44 pm »
WOOOOOO!  34 bucks right now, gets you into alpha.  WOOT.

Other Games and Interests / Thranx's Steam Winter Sale 2014 Mega Thread
« on: December 18, 2014, 01:22:54 pm »
Same as previous, I'll give little micro reviews of games I have first hand experience with, as well as buy/meh/pass  recommendations, with the occational super buy recommendation.  :)

My personal watch list, the items I'm most looking for, are Galactic Civilizations 3, Life is Feudal and Borderlands the Pre-Sequel.  I plan to buy those at their sale run price on the last day if I don't see them cheaper before then.  I'm also looking for Planet Explorers, for gifting.  Great game.

--big correction from day 1, thanks Maligner--

Wednesday the 24th
[BUY] - $9.99 - Gauntlet - Tons of fun both solo and co-op.  I've not played this as much as I like, but totally worth $10 just in the amount I've played it thus far.  Great top-down dungeon beat-em-up.
[BUY] - $7.49 - XCOM Enemy Unknown - At this price, it's a no-brainer for any fan of squad based, turn based tactical games.  Plays really well, upgrade system and global management is cool.  Might not be as random/varied as the original, but it plays really well in an age where turn based has failed but is kinda seeing a resurgence.  Way more than $7.49 worth of game here.
[BUY] - $1.99 - Terraria - This game could easily give you 100x the moneys worth at 2 bucks.  It's a more combat focused 2D minecraft, which unique boss battles and excellently done procedural works and encounters.  This should be in everyone's steam library.
[BUY] - $47.99 - FarCry4 - Easily the most expensive game I'll recommend to anyone this sale, and an easy recommendation for me to make.  Anyone who's talked with me at any length about FPSs knows I feel that FC3 is the greatest open world FPS ever made, and the greatest FPS since HL2.  This does what more sequels should and just presents more of what worked in a new setting.  It really plays well, is beautiful, and while the storyline may fall flat at times, the gameplay makes up for it.  So great.
[PASS] - $10.04 - Plauge Inc Evolved - This really is a cool game, but I can't recommend it at $10.  This is a buy at $5.  There's a free browser game that is identical to this, tho less deep... worth buying, just not at this price.  You create and grow/advance a disease, with your goal being to irradicate the entire population.  It sounds grisly, but really it's just a puzzle game that causes you to mutate your strain in a way that will allow it to spread and ultimately kill without causing a world wide panic that will shut down all the air and sea ports before you can eradicate Madagascar.  *shakefist*  Curse you Madagascar!!!  (it's not really about Madacascar so much... they're just hard to infect :P  )

Steet Fighter 4 Ultra - No first hand experience
Life Is Fuedal - No first hand experience, but as I mentioned it's on my must buy list this season... and I now own it.  :)
Lords of the Fallen - no first hand experience... but I may be buying it... thinking hard on this one
The Evil Within - no first hand experience

Tuesday the 23rd
[BUY] - $2.99 - Just Cause 2 - Fantastic open world game, a ton of fun.  Easy to play, easy to love, easy to buy for only three bucks.  Seriously, if you don't have this already, get it.  It's so much fun.
[BUY] - $13.59 - Age of Wonders 3 - A few games have tried to be a magical/fantasy Civ, but this really pulls it off well.  In truth, it plays more like Total War than Civ (you actually fight the unit battles) but for some reason it has more of a Civ feel to me.  The magic aspect and fantasy setting are well done tho, and I've really enjoyed the time I've spent with the game.  Wish I'd played it more, but with 8-10 hours in it... I can recommend.
[BUY] - $7.49 - PayDay2 - Tons of fun, but ... for some reason I have problem with games where the objective is to shoot cops.  Regardless, it's like a more advanced version of Left 4 Dead... 4 Crime?  :)  Massive advancement/leveling system, neat skills that are unlockable... very good game.
[BUY*] - $2.49 - Garry's Mod - Know what you're getting here first, but at two fifty, it's a solid buy.  It's just a blast to play around in.  Some game modes to keep you busy and have fun, but it's just a fun little tool game to build stuff, shoots stuff, blow stuff up.
[MEH] - $24.99 - Assetto Corsa - Good racing games on PC are few and far between.  This one's good.  Solid driving physics, great visuals.  It's not super deep, but it's just a good driving game.  The only hesitation here is that Project CARS is on the horizon (tho... how for out is still TBD) and it's looking like racing game to end all racing games... it gets a Meh for price and potentially receiving a knock out punch in the near-ish future.
[PASS] - $4.99 - Scribblenauts Unlimited - It just isn't very good... the puzzles aren't that intriguing and while it feels like things should be infinitely solvable... they really just end up pigeon holing you into one or two solutions.  Not worth it.
[PASS] - $7.49 - Bioshock Infinite - It just really didn't pull me in.  I don't think it's worth it.  To be fair, for some reason I haven't really enjoyed any of the Bioshock games.  I know that makes me a bit of an outlier, but BI didn't bring anything to the table that could rope me into enjoying it.
[PASS] - $4.99 - Goat Simulator - It's a joke game... and while it can be kinda funny at times... it just really isn't that good.  Get it when it drops to $2.50... but... even then I don't know you'll get htat much play time out of it.

Game of Thrones - no first hand experience.

Monday the 22nd
[BUY] - $4.99 - Grand Theft Auto 4 - Great story, great gameplay... but a bit buggy as a port.  The game is a 9.5/10 while the port is a 3/10.  :(  A blast to play tho and $5 for ~40 hours of play is easy to recommend.  I really enjoy this series and this has been the best so far...  until January sometime. :D
[MEH] - $17.49 - Endless Legend - I like it, but it doesn't diverge enough from the Civ formula to be completely compelling.
[MEH] - $16.99 - Dynasty Warriors 8 - A guilty pleasure of mine... mindless button mashing beat 'em up... just for to me for some reason.  I can't really recommend it to people unless you've played the Dynasty/Samurai/Gundam/Hyrule Warriors games before... if you liked those, this is a solid port that runs well.  Controls are a bit frusterating, but once you get used to it, it plays and runs great.  Also, you can be LuBu.
[MEH] - $4.99 - Saints Row 4 - I can't recommend any game with a giant dildo as a weapon... if you can look past some of the over the top indecencies, it's a lot of fun to play.  If this game was just 2 notches back on the crazy inappropriate scale, I'd tell everyone to buy it.  The gameplay is excellent... the content... meeeeeehhhh.. but if you're not sensitive to those things, have at it, you'll really enjoy.
[PASS] - $4.99 - Chivalry Medieval Warfare - It's not really that fun and the skill gap starting out is BRUTAL.  You will get wrecked vs others for the first 20 hours of playing this game.  And... since it's not that great a time to begin with, I can tell yo udon't waste the 20 hours.  Go play Mount and Blade Warband.

The Escapists - No first hand experience... I own it and actually was trying to play it 2 days ago... looks way fun tho
The Walking Dead Season 2 - If you don't own season one, don't buy this... I know there's some major story bits that reaaaaalllllyy make playing the first season important.  Do that before you buy this.
Outlast - No first hand experience
TS-2015 - No first hand exp... lolololol train simulator.  (sorry Tegron)

Sunday the 21st
[BUY] - $4.99 - Skyrim - Wait... you don't own this yet?  We cannot be friends.  Top 10 games ever made.  Beyond good.  Every game needs to own and put AT LEAST 20 hours into this game.
[BUY] - $3.99 - Portal 2 - Wait... you don't own this yet?  We cannot be friends.  Top 10 games ever made.  Beyond good.  Every game needs to own and put AT LEAST 10 hours into this game. (duplicate reasoning not a typo :D  )
[BUY] - $4.99 - Spore - Many people have many opinions on this game, but at $5 I encourage you to form your own.  The early game play is straightforward and just fun.  It evolves over time (hehe) to be a very different game.  It starts out a little puzzly, on to a little beat-em-up, then a little RTSy and then on to being an Empire management game, then just simple exploration.  It does the first 2 or 3 really well, then kinda fades a bit... but I do find the entire experience enjoyable.  The diversity of creature you can create, and the method of acquisition for new animal parts and advancement is really quite good.  LONG description here, but worth your $5.
[PASS] - $7.49 - Age of Mythology - I actually beta tested this game back in the day when they mailed you CDs.  :)  It's rubbish.  They try to toss a bit of the devine into AOE2... and it just doesn't work.  Don't waste your bucks on this one.  Get Rise of Nations from yesterday, WAY better RTS re-release.

Five Nights at Freddie's 2 - No first hand experience... completely uninterested in creepy bear games.
Shadow Warrior - No first hand experience, but I've bought it on it's high reputation as a classic good time.
Never Alone - No first hand experience, beautiful and intriguing, but I still won't be buying it myself.
Alien Isolation - No first hand experience, but I hear good things.  Not compelling enough (especially with so many alien flops) to pickup for me.
Spintires - No first hand experience but... lol

Saturday the 20th

[BUY] - $5.99 - Prison Architect - Holy smokes, great price for this!   It's just a fabulous game and keeps getting Fabulouser... great development team, consistant quality upgrades, how early access should be.  It is a fantastic game as-it-is... worth buying now even if they never update it again.
[BUY] - $4.99 - Rise of Nations - Fantastic RTS.  One of the best all time.
[MEH] - $12.49 - Metro 2033 Redux - This is meh if you own the original, but I lean buy if you don't.  Metro 2033 is a really, really good FPS.  Best linear FPS since HL2.  Yea... that good.  Just so immersive, so well written and very well executed.  The price isn't super hawt, but if you've never played it you really really should.
[MEH] - $9.99 - Europa Universalis IV - This is a great price for this and I really enjoy the game, but it's never a game I can recommend unless you've played EU, Hearts of Iron or Victoria before.  If you have and you enjoyed them, this is a really good iteration on that type of gameplay.  More deep than Crusader Kings, less stupidly detailed than HoI3.  Hits a great balance.

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth - no first hand experience, but really didn't like the first one, this isn't a major shift from that... not my thing (and I do like Rogue-likes)
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter - no first hand experience.

Friday the 19th

[BUY]- $4.99 - Batman Arkham Origins : Great beat 'em up.  Great acting.  Just a good game all around.  Very easy to recommend at the price.  Don't expect an amazingly deep or broad gameplay experience, it's just a simple fun beat 'em up with solid story, execution and voice acting.
[BUY] - $1.49 - Castle Crashers : If you like simple hack and slash, it's a fun little game.  At this price, it's a no-brainer to recommend.  It's old, but holds up well to time.  Plays best with a controller IMO, but regardless, it's easy for me to recommend.  GREAT multiplayer.
[BUY*] - $14.99 - Valkyria Chronicles :  This is a buy, but... it's kinda a conditional one.  Watch some gameplay video first.  If it looks fun and you like turn based tactical games like this, it's excellent.  A ton of fun, but if you've never played this type of game before... it'd a bit of a risk to recommend buying.  If you like turn based games, it's a no brainer.  *disclaimer*  I played this on PS3, haven't experience the PC port.
[MEH] - $17.49 - Fable Anniversary : I call this one meh, because I don't feel like the game has great replay value and that the price is just too high.  It's a really good game, so, edge this into pass territory if you never played the original.  Definitely $20 worth of playtime and content.
[MEH] - $4.99 - Killing Floor : really a fun game, but with Killing Floor 2 on the horizon and with it just really feeling like a older game that's not aging well, I'd recommend a pass unless you have a couple friends that want to get into it together.  The price is great, and it's fun to play... but I'd recommend waiting on the next version, which is looking quite good.
[PASS] - $12.49 - 7 Days to Die : a very poorly executed great idea.  It's just another Survival Zombie Mankill Simulator, but the execution isn't great.  It takes Rust and DayZ and dips a little into the minecraft pond with some voxel terrain work... but it's not very good.  It's still early access... maybe it'll improve, but I don't think it will enough.  Cannot recommend in the state it's in now and not confident in its future.
[PASS] - $33.49 - Stronghold Crusader 2 - I have no first hand experience with game, but I'm still saying don't buy it.  It's built on the same engine as Stronghold 3 and it was ATTROCIOUS.  So bad.  This is a game that should be SO much fun to play, but the technical execution just breaks it too much.  Stronghold 2 was real bad, but I fought through that and played a lot, Stronghold 3 was worse... and just wasn't worth it.  You simply shouldn't buy this game.... and that makes me sad because it should be awesome.

Borderlands PreSequel - Bought, but as I have no first hand experience with it... I can't recommend... but for $30... man, if you liked the others, get it.  :)
Depth - No first hand experience
Ryse Son of Rome - No first hand experience, but I'm on the cusp of buying it myself... it's interested me for sure, and $20 seems like a reasonable price.
Assassin's Creed Unity - no first hand, and it's not complelling enough to get me to buy at $40

Thursday the 18th
[MEH] - $29.99 - Civilization Beyond Earth : $30 is a great price for this.  It's still pretty fresh, so it's good from a deal perspective, but the game itself doesn't add alot past Civ5.  It adds a hair, but it's not the kind of game that you look at and go "wow, that's what the genre needed!"  It's just more of the same (see also TW2), does it well, but isn't a "gotta have it" at this price.
[MEH] - $14.95 - Rome Total War 2 Emperor Edition : This one gets a meh, simply because the entire Total War series is very much the same game in a new setting.  If you are a fan of Total War, or battlefield focused tactical "simulation" games like this then 15 bucks for the total package is a great deal... but, if you're not already a big fan of Total War, I can't recommend.  It's a quality game, it just the same as ever other Total War.
[PASS] - $3.74 - Euro Truck Simulator 2 : Don't listen to Beenie.  This game is just ... silly.  I mean, it's only one notch up from desert bus.  You drive truck around Europe... it's not particularly pretty and the simulation/career/upgrade system isn't intriguing or deep enough to justify the long boring road-trip simulator.  Heck, they don't even let you pee in an empty soda bottle.
[PASS]  - $13.39 - Metal Gear Solid V : It's just an "ok" game and the price break isn't enough to go "oh sweet, I should buy this now" ... save yer steam bucks.
[PASS]  - $4.99 - State of Decay : The concept is fantastic, but the execution is abysmal.  Hard to play/control and inconsistent (not by design) NPC behavior really breaks what should be a fantastic survival game.
[PASS] - $14.79 - Dark Souls 2 : It just wasn't very good.  DS1 was an enigma of doom and difficulty, DS2 is less of that, and looses its shine pretty quick.  Can't recommend at anything above "throwaway" pricing, whatever that means for you.  ($2-$5)  I actually can recommend Dark Souls Prepare to Die edtion at only $5 right now.  If you never played the first one... that's worth it for $5.  Use the beta fork to play the non-GFWL edtion.  They just announced a few days ago that it's live, tho still have to opt-in.

Rocksmith - no first hand knowledge... but I'm pretty sure you need a guitar.
Sniper Elite 3 - no first hand knowledge... does not require a guitar
Space Engineers - not enough time recently to give reasonable input.  Originally had it confused with Spacebase DF9.  My bad.

Man... not a single buy today.  Sad.  If the community choice turns up to be Hack-n-Slash at 40% off, I can totally recommend that!  :)

Minecraft / FTB Resurection
« on: December 18, 2014, 12:15:01 pm »
It's supposed to be a 1.7 throwback to Ultimate.  I'm trying it out... now running @ thranx.com

My five-year-old son may be playing on occasion as well, just an FYI if you see l33tb33ns on there and he doesn't respond.  :)  He's smart enough not to dick with people's stuff tho, so ... no worries there.  If he's on, it's usually middle of the day.

You'll need to add the following to your list of mods.  (easy to do via the FTB launcher)

Tinkers' Contruct : http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/74072-tinkers-construct/files/2222284/download
Mantle: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/74924-mantle/files/2215235/download

Optional client-side tool-tips : https://github.com/squeek502/TiC-Tooltips/releases/download/v1.1.11b/TiCTooltips-mc1.7.10-1.1.11b.jar
Optional client-side performance: http://files.player.to/fastcraft-1.11.jar

The Repopulation / Repop - December News
« on: December 15, 2014, 02:28:15 pm »
For those of you following or already bought-in-to The Repopulation, the big deal at the moment is that we're kinda in waiting for the new server hardware, and with that a major update.  It was originally supposed to be November 26th, but they're still in progress.  The latest relevant/useful news on that was from JC Smith posted on 12/13.  "Any Day Now" was the news I got last week too tho... so... we'll see.

The new servers aren't available yet unfortunately. But should be any day now.

You can still play on the old alpha server. Depending on how long it's been since you last played you can simply log in and play (though expect long loading times if you do that) or you can use the installer and pull the latest cache which will cut your download time significantly but not let you get in game until then.

When the new servers go online though there will be a completely new client that you will need to install. While it may be technically possible to just grab the client and keep using your old data, that will be unsupported and the recommendation would be to uninstall and reinstall the new one. This should happen within the next few days.

When this new update goes live, the NDA should be dropped as well.  Hopefully that will allow people to provide some good in-depth/deep-dive guides and introductions to the world.  My knowledge is growing, but there's still so much I don't know about the world and the game.  It's fantastic tho, and with the right group of people *looks around* I think it could be an awesome, long-term game.

Other Games and Interests / Hand of Fate
« on: December 10, 2014, 05:50:32 pm »
... is really good.

Discovered this at PAX East this year... I think I was with Gobnil at the time.  It's been available in early-access for a while now, and I bought it immediately seeing it in play, I was convinced it'd be a winner.  Gave it a spin again today for about 2 hours... man, it really is well done.  The animation, graphics, gameplay, replayability, voice acting... everything about it is solid.

It's a hard concept to explain, but ... I'll give 'er a shot.

It's a deck building, action rpg, rogue-like-ish, adventure game.  You don't play cards or really interact with the deck in any way, but the cards you use in your deck are what build your encounters.  Every playthrough is new.  You start as a dude with sword and some leather every time.  Cards are layed out in a path, and you choose which card to reveal.  Sometimes it's an ambush, sometimes a traveling merchant, sometimes a friendly priest, sometimes the devil shows up and wants to make a deal.  Some of these encounters are simply choose-your-own-adventure style.  You pick a choice, something happens... sometime's there's some randomness to the result as well (example, rock slide.. you're boned, but the severity is determined by you picking 1 of 4 cards at random, Fail, Very Fail, Very Fail, and Mega Fail) and sometimes it's simply a reward based on youe choice.  If it's an ambush or other combat encounter, you're dropped into a quick hack-and-slash skirmish where you fight 4 skeletons, or 2 packs of 2 bandits.  Defeat them and you'll draw some "gain" cards which could recover some health or give you gold/food or maybe you'll get an equipment card (armor, weapon, artifact) that you can then use for the rest of the session.

I say rouge-like-ish because each session is (in the begining at least) 6-12 encounters long.  It moves along at a good pace, finishing with a "boss" encounter that is a couple small squads of regular baddies and a beefier boss.  Once you defeat that final round the boss drops cards that you can then add to your deck (or not) that are now available on your next play through.  Other encounters you've handled up until that point might have possibly earned you new cards as well, but you don't get then until/unless you beat the boss.  And... that's it.  You're done.  When you start another session, you're back to sword and leather and the neato artifact you got that lets you throw 8 daggers in every direction is just back in your deck.

It's unique but it works really, really well.  It will automatically build you a "recommended" deck out of the cards you've aquired your you can make your own from scratch.  There's a trade off... put in to many easy to beat cards, and you may not beef yourself up enough to make it to beat the boss when you finally get to that point.  Too many combat encounters and you might not be able to heal up inbetween rounds, or simply never draw the couple of beneficial non-combat encounters you splashed into the deck.

Either way... it's a game that's less about the cards and more about playing the encounters.  It's a blast, and I can heartily recommend it for anything < $40... which is convinent since it only costs $25.  :)

If you see me playing it on steam, feel free to watch.  I have steam broadcast set to friends anytime mode.

Star Citizen / Izzy Star Citizen RP
« on: November 23, 2014, 10:12:49 pm »
One such example is the DYNAPAK from CureLife which is a complete multi-function individual first-aid system designed and constructed for the rigors of field use. With CureLife’s proprietary serum, a single DYNAPAK will promote healing in non-serious wounds to get you back on your feet.

I think Izzy needs to role play a sales rep for CureLife.

TG Sports! / Oawa... You've Shamed Yourself
« on: November 23, 2014, 02:35:58 pm »
Just wanted to point out that Oawa, Packer lover and bear hater, started Jay Cutler today.  And at halftime... he's a big 0.

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