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General Discussion / Heard Booms Got Some New Tats
« on: November 24, 2015, 05:39:39 PM »

General Discussion / Retail Employees - May The Force Be With You
« on: November 22, 2015, 10:41:17 PM »
Just a courteous condolences and best of luck to folks like Athyr, Dag and all our members in retail.  Their season of bane is soon upon us, and while many of us take joy in the season of gift buying and giving, I know many of them will spend their time stocking and re-stocking shelves, dealing with people who thing 180 for a TV is worth waiting in line 4 hours for and breaking up fist fights over furbies, Oakland Raider snuggies and two for one retro popcorn poppers.

*salute*  My your season only involve 2 calls to the police and a steady stock of ibuprofen.

General Discussion / Star Wars Trailer... Redone?
« on: November 19, 2015, 08:22:11 PM »
Small | Large

I really wanted to be mean and call this "New Star Wars Trailer" but, that kind of dickery is a bannable offense around here.

It's kinda rough in the begining, but it gets really good when the shots are faster paced.

Other Games and Interests / Endless Sky
« on: November 06, 2015, 12:11:28 PM »
Cool little game that I've only begun to scratch the surface of.

For me, right now it's just running a trade ship, doing missions hauling freight and the occational passenger, but piracy is a thing too.  I think my next ship will just be a beefier trade ship so I don't have to run from every fight, but can knock down some of the little guys harassing me.

Totally worth checking out.  It's on steam, and it's free.  Like... total free, no microtransactions or vanity stores... free.

Crowfall / Crowfall Time Filler
« on: November 05, 2015, 04:17:32 PM »
It's too quiet in here, so... lets do something pointless.

Come up with your best/worst ability for one of the archtypes in Crowfall.


A torrent of magical energy heats the core of your maul, turning it molten.  Upon smashing the group, your maul magically shatters, spraying molten bits of iron in a 3m circle around you doing dealing impact damage and a small 12 second fire based damage over time.  Returning your maul to your shoulder, the bits of iron rush back to its head, reforming.

D-List Doppleganger - Felcia Day

Transform into a D-list internet celebrity for 30 seconds, distracting any neck-beard or memegrl archtypes in a 50 meter radius.

Eve Online / Valkyrie
« on: November 05, 2015, 04:07:26 PM »
My tears flow.  I sold my Oculus Rift a few months back in anticipation of the new one.  There are times I am filled with much regret.

Other Games and Interests / SALE : Anno and Battlefront
« on: November 03, 2015, 10:34:32 PM »

The new Anno is only $35

and in case you missed the last sale, Battlefront is $45

Other Games and Interests / Fallout Hype Inside
« on: September 24, 2015, 03:58:02 PM »
Just listen... no need to watch... LISTEN TO EXCITE YOUR HYPE PARTS

Small | Large

more musically bits via the soundclound embed a ways down this page :  I'd have linked to the soundcloud bits directly, but they're private.

TG Sports! / TGFF Keeper - Week 3
« on: September 24, 2015, 02:24:01 PM »
I lost by .1 last week.  .1

I need to figure out my defense.  Normally it's super strong.  :(  BLEH.

Other Games and Interests / Star Wars Battlefront (and others) - 26% Off
« on: September 24, 2015, 12:46:57 PM » has 26% off anything on their "coming soon" page right now.   Use Code : L976G7-VF9Y8W-5BW12D  should be valid until October.

I got 26% off Hitman, Star Wars Battlefront and Just Cause 3.  Didn't get XCOM2, 'cause I need to try before I buy on that one... and I already ordered the pipboy edition of Fallout 4.    But... probably the cheapest way if you're planning on buying any of the games on that list day-1.  I'd have bounght Anno 2205, but... for some reason they have it on the list, but it's not buyable yet...?

other noteworthy games that code should work for would be Sword Coast Legends (cheapest way to buy outside a 5 pack AFAIK) and The Division.

Other Games and Interests / Shadow of Mordor - $15
« on: September 21, 2015, 09:27:26 PM »
This would be my game of the year if I didn't know Fallout 4 and Just Cause 3 were right around the corner.  Shadows of Mordor is a FANTASTIC game.  $15 for it and all the DLC is an amazing price.

Really, really good deal on a terrific game.

Other Games and Interests / Thranx's Pax Prime 2015 Neat Games Round-up
« on: September 08, 2015, 02:59:19 PM »
Here's the stuff I brought home with me from PAX as stuff I was interested in. 

--Already Purchased--
Sword Coast Legends - Action RPG - Only AAA game on this list.  Already bought.  Played it... was pleased... it will be excellent.

Secret Ponchos - 3rd Person iso Action - Already bought it.  A fun multiplayer 3rd person fighting game... way deeper than I was able to dive into in my short play.  $9 on Humble Store gets you 2 copies!

Leap of Fate - Card Based Action Rogue-Like - Plays alot like Hand of Fate, but with more action... each card encounter is a actiony battle that plays a little like a twin-stick shooter.  Bought it, haven't played a ton yet, but I very much enjoyed it.  It's rogue like in that each run is new and unique and when you die... it's back to the start again.

Eon Altar - Local Co-op Action RPG - Uses your phone/mobile device as a controller and 2nd screen bit.  I'm skeptical about control via a touch screen, but it still played well.  If you play with people in the living room, it would be a super cool experience.

Skyshine's Bedlam - Encounter Based Tactical RPG - Fun.  Super fun.  I had backed this on kickstarter, but was able to play it at PAX and am really happy for the purchase.  I am usually hit-or-miss on this playstyle but I really did like it.  Looking forward to launch of the game in a week.

--Will Purchase--
Orbitor - Orbital Physics-Based Puzzle - Really fun to play once you figure it out, but not worth $15.  If this was 5 or maybe 10, I'd already own it.  Was very fun to play, pretty hard to describe.  Basically, just orbit around things to unlock them, then capture a thing that's launched free once you've done it.  Minimal thrust control, trajectory control is much more important.  Played really well, looked good... I'll buy it when it's a little cheaper.

Commander Kamala - Action with RPG - Looks like it'll have some good story tacked on too, gameplay looks solid, flying a ship around space and shooting other ship.  Looked like it'll play really well.  Not much info out on it yet, kickstarter soon... I'll definately be kick starting it based on what I saw.

Guild of Dungeoneering - Card Based Dungeon Crawler - Apparently this has been around for a while, but this was the first I'd seen it.  Was real fun to play (they were showcasing their expansion) but I don't feel like it's $15.  Maybe 10, definately $5.

Due Process - FPS Tactical Breech Game - Looks like it will be total fun.  Like door kickers but real-time multiplayer FPS style.  My only concern is that it may not be fun unless you have 8 people to play it with... randos in a game like this can be frusterating and lame.  Will be buying it... will likely be buying it in the inevitable 4 pack.

--Keeping an Eye on It--
Nova Blitz - Real Time Card Game - Was very fun to play, pay model similar to SolForge with daily goals giving rewards and packs available for purchase.  Can get a good deal via the post-kickstarter campaign... but will be F2P.  Only the $25 tier really looks worth it, I'm waffling as to if I'll buy it or not, but it was quite fun to play.  On PC and tablets.

Necropolis - 3rd Person Action - Visualy interesting, didn't get hands on, but the play looked like it would be good.  Being done by Hairbrained Schemes, the guys who did the Shadowrun reboot... so, some faith that they can put together something new and cool.  Keeping an eye on it.

Meg 9 Lost Echoes - Action Defense/Strategy - You drive a tank/vehicle that you fight along side the towers/defense setups for each round.  It's a survival based game.  Was fun to play, kind of an odd mechanic that you indicate what you want to build and then your robot dog puts it all together for you as the round starts... seemed unnecessary, but maybe the timing plays into actual game play... not sure yet.  Was a very very early build, and felt like it... but I'm confident this will be a great game.

Gala Collider - Card Drive 4X - Looked super interesting.  In the midst of a kickstarter right now.  Will eventually be F2P, card packs are non-random.  Has promise, but... can't see enough gameplay yet, not sure if I'll back it.

Masquerada Song and Shadows - 3rd Person iso RPG - Pause-for-tactics style RPG that looks really good.  Was visually interesting and I just love this type of gameplay.  Looked pretty solid, drawings and animations were stunningly good.  Banner Saga levels of quality here.

Other Games and Interests / Big Pharma = Better Infinifactory
« on: September 08, 2015, 01:49:00 PM »
Big Pharma is quite good.  It's a better infinifactory, a less complex space chem with economic progression features as well.  I'm really, really enjoying it.  If you like these kinds of puzzle games, it's totally a winner.

Minecraft / AG2 - Dynmap
« on: June 24, 2015, 11:02:39 AM »
Map is setup... but, it doesn't know many of the textures, including the ones from which the towers were built ... so... mostly useless.

Minecraft / AG2 - Sheep Killed Me
« on: June 23, 2015, 01:18:41 PM »
Sheep are hostile.  You have been warned.

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