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Minecraft / FTB Infinity - 1.10 Update Complete
« on: February 18, 2015, 08:44:58 am »
Update your clients.

This has the latest dev release of Chisel, so hopefully our problem is resolved.

Minecraft / CAUTION - Chisel = Crash
« on: February 17, 2015, 12:48:04 pm »
Don't chisel stone or cobble stone.

Minecraft / TG Infinity - Day 2 & 3 Build Results
« on: February 16, 2015, 05:00:18 pm »
Long over due post on this matter, and I mentioned it in another thread... but here are the participation awards for Day 2 of the city build.  We made some awesome progress and finished the actual work that needed doing... we did so well that the joke about making the sewer pretty... actually became a thing... complete with fancy entrances.  I didn't have a real list of participants for Day 3, so... we're just doing special awards for that day... there really wasn't a ton done anyhooz. (not alot needed doing)

Day 2 - Build All-Stars Award - 32 Redstone
 - Llycieum/Intermission
 - TheKeyn/TheKeyn
 - Billz/Bszarka
 - Kyuzo/KyuzoTG
 - Jag/JagDarklighter
 - Airic Knyght/TheKnyght
 - DakSevkla/InZaneFlea

Day 2 - Thanks for Poppin' By - 12 Redstone
 - Blank/MissDee1986
 - Foobar/Sykosis5150

Day 2 - Special Awards
 - Polished Turds - Airic and Dak - Muddy Chestplate (Armor)
 - Chisel Champtions - Keyn and Intermission - Chisel and a Stack of Marble

Day 3 - Special Awards
 - Sewer Surfers - Keyn and Jag - Muddy Chestplate (Armor)
 - Barrel Master - Booms - A Barrel

Thanks again for everyone's work on the setup.  It's been super awesome.

Minecraft / TG Infinity - Launch Day...
« on: February 15, 2015, 05:08:30 pm »
Tomorrow is it! 2/16  3PM PST, 6PM EST!  It's going to be great times, but I want to set expectations appropriately for launch day.  So, here's what to expect/do/look forward to.

 - Update your client to 1.0.2

 - Each plot will have a sign with your name on it (feel free to remove it).  It will make it super clear where you can start to setup.  If you took part in a build day, your goodies will also be there waiting for you on your plot.  Don't farm or chop trees down on the vacant lots, we'll leave those pristine for folks who come later.

 - Each plot will have been re-populated with foliage, incluing 5 trees.  In some cased, the tree will be one that's somewhat rare for our region, so, consider trading with neighbors for unique saplings (which means unique and interesting woods) that may be hard to otherwise travel to and find it the world.

- There will be lag.  It'g gonna happen... period.  I'll have an eye on things server side, and I have local tools that allow me to track block lag, and entity lag... so if things are getting out of hand I should be able to track them down right away

 - No dynmap for now.  It's awesome, yes... but, it's also a lag maker, so we'll start off without it and re-introduce it when things stabilize and we have an idea of what our server load is going to look like.

 - Overworld will be pruned.  Right now the world is around 17k wide and 20k tall... I did RADIUS of 10k, not diameter.  :)  Silly me.  I'm going to bring it down to around 3k from the town in every direction.  This will give pleanty of exploration space... but keep in mind we will also have 3 additional pre-made worlds to explore who's target will also be 3k radius of pre-gen.

 - 2 of 3 Mining worlds are available now.  1 & 2 work great. 3 is available but broken... also... it's dangerous as hell... like, you walk in there, there will be Fallen Knights promptly consuming you

 - Mobs... are... harder.  Be cautious when venturing out at night... and even during the day.  If you see a cluster of humanoids chanting at a obsidian plinth... RUN.  You'll find out why soon enough, but exploration in this build has considerably more risk than in vanilla or past builds.  It's awesome and fearsome at the same time.

 - Gravestones are a mod you may not be familiar with, but compensates for the danger of the world nicely.  When you die, you belongings no longer scatter across the area... they are placed in a block that is a headstone with your name on it.  Break it with a pickaxe and THEN all your stuff pops out of it.  It allows you the luxury of returning to the site of a battle with friends, or waiting until morning.  No more rush to the corpse before you stuff all despawns.

I know this is going to be a blast.  Be patient the first couple of days as I sort through the technical issues that always crop up.

Minecraft / TG Infinity - Plot Picks
« on: February 14, 2015, 02:26:31 pm »
Ok, please respond in order, I'll update the list periodically.  Once you've seen the person before you post, go ahead an post yours, no need to wait for me to update the master list.

("Pick Order")
1 - Dak
2 - MikeM223
3 - Foobar
4 - Jag
5 - Keyn
6 - Thranx
7 - Maligner
8 - Airic
9 - Blank
10 - Intermission
11 - Aryne
12 - Meridian
13 - BeenieWeenie
14 - MellowElf
15 - Billz
16 - Frigidwalrus
17 - Hecktik
18 - Booms
19 - Kyuzo

Plot - Name
  • Aryne
  • Billz
  • Meridian
  • Mike
  • MelloElf
  • Dak
  • TheKeyn
  • Hecktik
  • Jag
  • Maligner
  • Thranx
  • Foobar
  • Airic
  • Kyuzo
  • FrigidWalrus
  • --Vacant--
  • BeenieWeenie
  • Blank/MissDee1986
  • Intermission
  • Sharasar
  • Khrogarlen
  • Booms

General Discussion / Boom's Real Job
« on: February 13, 2015, 08:16:47 pm »
Booms claims other employment... but this is his real job...

Minecraft / TG Infinity - Day 1 Build Results...
« on: February 11, 2015, 02:29:40 pm »

Super thanks to everyone who showed up last night.  It was a ton of fun, we figured ish out and got a ton of stuff built out.  If I missed you for some reason, please do let me know.  :)  Pretty sure I got every body.

Day 1 Build Super Stars - Diamond Storage Chest

Day 1 Thanks for Showin' Up - Gold Storage Chest

Day 1 Special Awards
Best CCPH Award : DakSevkla/InzaneFlea - Wrench
Horse Hater : Kyuzo/KyuzoTG - Golden Apple
Get Back Here Award : Billz/bszarka - Anvil

Minecraft / TGInfinity - Work Day 2 Expansion Proposal
« on: February 11, 2015, 02:02:07 pm »
Here's our current layout.

4 Deco Plots
1 Town Plot (portals)
14 Home Plots

Here's how I propose we expand it.

16 Deco Plots
2 Town Plots (portals and ccommunity storage...eventually ME)
22 Home Plots

Discuss.  Yes, lots more work, but I think it will be worth it.  We knocked it out of the park last night.  I want to try and include as many Guardians as possible, and I want people to be able to come back and continue their builds after going away for a month.  I want this to be a core server we come back to, something for the long haul... we'll have events in other dimensions, random other stuff... but this town is our core.

More home plots is good, and I think more deco plots will hopefully encourage people who aren't way into massive modding, but might want to come in and make something cool out of parts in the community storage and come in, participate and make some neat decorations and/or art.  :)

Minecraft / TGInfinity - Plot Picking
« on: February 11, 2015, 01:55:23 pm »
Hokay... so I think the easiest way to do this is simply a lotto.  For everyone who's signed on, we'll put a name in the hat and pick the plots as needed.  Signup thread coming soon... once the rules/understandings thread is fleshed out.

Precise Schedule is as follows.

Saturday at 8am, I'll randomize the list of participants from here : http://www.guardianhq.com/minecraft/basic-rulesunderstandings-for-ftb-infinity-server/ , you have to sign up there to get whitelisted anyhoo... so...if you haven't done that, get on it.

I'll post the order and people will respond one at a time throughout the weekend in the order that the list is posted.  So... if there were only 3 people and the order was Jag, Dak, Thranx, Jag would respond "Plot 4" and then I'd wait for Dak to respond with his plot ("Plot 6") and then I would respond with my plot "Plot 12" and so-on for the whole list.

If someone's AFK the entire weekend, they can PM me in advance with their top 3 picks and I'll just auto-fill that for you when it's your turn.  If anyone hasn't responded by 2PM on Monday, I'll skip that person and we'll burn through the list with the rest.

Launch is 3P/6E PST on Monday!  HERE WE COME...

Minecraft / Neat Shots from TG Infinity Map
« on: February 11, 2015, 01:18:09 pm »
Look at the little town, with three uber trees around it.  They are the worshipers of the Holy Wooden Triumvirate.  At the end of their pilgrimage from the nearby home of Plainstown, through the Horbleworble Mountains ended in a holy ceremony, praising North the Bigger, East the Wise and Shorty the Spry, with Shorty welcoming them to begin their town, nestled amongst his roots.

Click to embiggen, also... you can explore that directly with this link...


Minecraft / TG's Newest Minecraft Server
« on: February 10, 2015, 06:07:10 pm »

It's been a while since we had a good, hard, fun, consistent, collborative, fun, planned, fun, challenging minecraft build!  With the recent release of FTB's Infinity pack, many of the core mods we tend to enjoy have been put in to a Minecraft 1.7.10 package and assembled for easy consumption.

To that end, I'm hosting another Minecraft server with the intention to have it running for quite a while.  We'll build up a city area for people to have homes, workshops and art projects in, while also providing separate worlds for mining and highly destructive (usually fun) projects.

If you've done this with us in the past, you know it's a blast.  We tried an organized city a while back and it worked quite well, so we're going to give that a shot again.  Keep in mind, you can join the server, run one direction and do your own thing and never part take in the city... and that's just fine too!

The schedule for this is as follows.
 - 2/10 @ 3P/6E Server options up for NON-DESTRUCTIVE casual exploration
 - 2/10 @ 5P/8E we'll pick a home site for the city, figure out plot sizes and layout and begin street constructions
 - 2/10-2/13 we'll finish the construction and layout of streets, including a map in a forum post so everyone can see the plan
 - 2/13-2/16 Thranx finishes the world gen and map gen
 - 2/16 @ 5P/8E We "launch" for everyone to join in and partake in some Minecrafterly Goodness!

Basic Rules/Understandings found here : Basic Rules/Understandins for TG Infinity Server
A Live map including chat, and player locations can be found here : Thranx.com
Initial Discussion can be found here : New Long Run Server Planning, FTB Infinity
Instructions for Setup (VERY simple) can be found here : How to Join the TG FTB Infinity Server

Minecraft with fellow members is always a blast.  Do come join, pick a plot (when they're available) and join in... or simply wander around and look at other people's stuf... or just checkout the web-base map and look at other people's stuff.

Minecraft / Basic Rules/Understandings for FTB Infinity Server
« on: February 10, 2015, 06:03:36 pm »
    We're pretty organized with this build, with that comes some restrictions and expectations beyond rule #1.  I've cleared the whitelist... it will be repopulated only when people respond here.  Responses here will also be how we build the list for picking plots.

    • Don't be a dick.
    • Within 500 blocks of town, you may only build within your plot(s), farming and tree farming is allowed within the buffer
    • A plot is defined as the area withing the box the road lamps form (it does not include the road lamps) from bedrock to the height limit
    • No mining of the Overworld or Mining World 1 through non-manual means, magic, or blood magic infused tools.
    • No altering the sewers, roads, road lamps or community buildings unless you're participating in a community build night.  (*the Twin Oaks Power Plant is a special case)
    • Additional Mystcraft or RFTools dimensions must be earned and planned.  If you have the parts to make it, you must wait for Thranx, and allow for a scheduled pre-gen.
    • Use the community storage, give and take as much or as little as you want.

    • Duh.
    • Keep it pretty, keep it clean.
    • Just so people know what "plot means", just... don't do newb towers to the clouds, those are lame :)
    • We will have 3 mining worlds.  #1 is same rules as the overworld.  #2 and 3 are completely unrestricted, but Rule1 still applies :P.  turtles, quarries, cart miners other crazy bonkers stuff, totally ok in 2 and 3.  Those are great spaces for bulk mining and for experimentation with crazy magic mining or just general destruction/risky projects.
    • Basically, don't fiddle with the community infrastructure.  There will be a couple of power plant builders/maintainers that will be helping with supplying power to the town.  If you're not on that crew, don't fiddle with their bits either :)
    • File space on the server and lag reduction... creating a new world is mad laggy yo
    • Be friendly and donate... and USE the resources available in town.  Aren't going to make a train?  Throw those track from that mineshaft you just cleared into the central storage.  Have an abundance of a wood you don't really lke the look of, throw it in town!  Don't need yellorium?  The city does!

    Please respond as I have in the very next post with both names and confirmation.

Minecraft / How To Join the TG FTB Infinity Server
« on: February 10, 2015, 06:00:38 pm »
Server : Thranx.com
Launcher : FTB
Pack  : FTB Infinity 1.0.1

If you know what the above means, you're already set.  If you don't... here you go...

Step 1 : Download the Launcher from Feed-The-Beast.com

Step 2 : Launch the Launcher.  I recommend placing the EXE you just downloaded in a reasonable place.  Wherever you typically install your games.  On first launch, it will ask you for a folder path.  That's where ti will dump the mass quantities of files for the various mod packs.

Step 3 : Select Infinity.  After FTB is launched, odds are Infinity pack will already be selected for you... it's the newest, but if not, click Infinity 1.7 on the left column.  Hit the drop down above the infinity logo and choose 1.0.2.  This will keep you from auto updating before the server does.  In the future, you'll hit that drop down and choose a newer version when I've made a post saying we're updating.  Gotta keep your client and my server at the same version or... no worky.

Step 4 : Add a profile. Click the drop down for the profile (bottom right) and select create.  Note, yours won't say thranx@gmail.com  :)  The following box if obvoius, but you want to enter your minecraft/mojang account.  Fear not, this doesn't sent your password to FTB, it sends it to mojang and a auth token is returned to the client.  No middle-man security issues.

Step 5 : Advanced Options. Hit to "Options" button and use that ram slider to set it to what makes sense for your rig.  You want 2GB or more... give it whatever you can spare.  Then click the Advanced Options button, and put the following text in the "Additional Java Parameters" section.
-XX:PermSize=256M -XX:MaxPermSize=512M

Step 6 : Launch and Leave.   Click the "FTB Modpacks" tab and then click the Launch button in the bottom right of the window.  It may take a while to download the modpack and then launch... so be patient.  :)  Let everything load completely until you have the standard Minecraft menu up.  Once you're there, exit minecraft and re-start the Feed the Beast launcher.

Step 7 : Edit Modpack.   Now that all the mods are in place, you'll want to add fastcraft.  It's an efficiency mod that plays with the server to make things run more smoothly.  Click the Edit Modpack Button, select fastcraft-1.19 in the right column and click the <<Enable button.  Leave that Opis right where it is.  :)

Close the window with the red X in the upper right.  Kinda weird there's no "ok" button, but... it works.

You're all set!  Launch and enjoy!  Server address once the game finally launches is Thranx.com  (it will take a good while to launch)

Minecraft / TGInfinity - Plan and Layout Session
« on: February 10, 2015, 05:03:14 pm »
Tonight, 2/10 @ 5PM PST / 8PM EST

I'll have the server accessible much earlier, as I know folks on the East are chomping at the bit... just 2 things.  Just, please... don't start gathering or tree chopping.

I'll put a box near the spawn with some diamond armor and high end food to help make the initial exploration more survivable.  Once I can get on at 5/8, we can begin talking about material for the street/curbs/etc... how big we want plots, how to organize the center of town for the portal buildins, where to put park space...

Then, if we get a look we like, we can start diggin' trenches for the street and power supply

Minecraft / New Long Run Server Planning - FTB Infinity?
« on: February 09, 2015, 02:33:07 pm »
So... I've talked with a couple people on this...

I'd like to setup a new long play of minecraft, but I'd prefer to do it with more people on board than just 2 or 3 of us.  I'd also like to have a fun launch event, where we all just start off together and explore a couple different seeds and try to decide which one we want to go with.

I'd also like to discuss how we want to do some togetherness on this build.  We've had 2 things that I felt worked really well at times.  One was that we disallowed any automated mining in the overworld (a mining world and portal was provided via mystcraft) and we had a town with layed out plots that everyone was allowed to have one of.

My personal feeling is that we should combine those two approaches.  Encourage everyone to build in-town, maybe even work on a unified power system to provide power for the town.  Still encourage special mega builds or allow for the typical hermiting, but have it take place 500m from the center of town.  Encourage crazy mining projects, but keep them in the mining realm.

Based on that... here's what I propose

  • No Overworld Non-Manual Mining
  • One Plotted/Organized Town
  • Provide 3 Mining worlds
  • Provide a portal park that has portals to all main* dimensions

I would setup 3 nights.  One night to pick a seed, I'll pregen 4-5 seeds so we can swap to them easily between server restarts, and then we could begin work on the town together.  A second night to finish work on the town.  And a third night to be the official launch night for long play.

Curious as to people's thoughts on this.  I'll likely PM a bunch of you as well.  I'd like to put some effort in to making this a fun and long term build.  Something we can still be enjoying 4 months from now.

(*main dimensions being Overworld, Nether, Twilight and the 3 Mining worlds. We would have portals to all of these in each dimension)

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