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Other Games and Interests / Fallout Hype Inside
« on: September 24, 2015, 03:58:02 PM »
Just listen... no need to watch... LISTEN TO EXCITE YOUR HYPE PARTS

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more musically bits via the soundclound embed a ways down this page : http://bit.ly/1WlsPmS  I'd have linked to the soundcloud bits directly, but they're private.

TG Sports! / TGFF Keeper - Week 3
« on: September 24, 2015, 02:24:01 PM »
I lost by .1 last week.  .1

I need to figure out my defense.  Normally it's super strong.  :(  BLEH.

Other Games and Interests / Star Wars Battlefront (and others) - 26% Off
« on: September 24, 2015, 12:46:57 PM »
GreenmanGaming.com has 26% off anything on their "coming soon" page right now.

http://www.greenmangaming.com/coming-soon/   Use Code : L976G7-VF9Y8W-5BW12D  should be valid until October.

I got 26% off Hitman, Star Wars Battlefront and Just Cause 3.  Didn't get XCOM2, 'cause I need to try before I buy on that one... and I already ordered the pipboy edition of Fallout 4.    But... probably the cheapest way if you're planning on buying any of the games on that list day-1.  I'd have bounght Anno 2205, but... for some reason they have it on the list, but it's not buyable yet...?

other noteworthy games that code should work for would be Sword Coast Legends (cheapest way to buy outside a 5 pack AFAIK) and The Division.

Other Games and Interests / Shadow of Mordor - $15
« on: September 21, 2015, 09:27:26 PM »
This would be my game of the year if I didn't know Fallout 4 and Just Cause 3 were right around the corner.  Shadows of Mordor is a FANTASTIC game.  $15 for it and all the DLC is an amazing price.


Really, really good deal on a terrific game.

Other Games and Interests / Thranx's Pax Prime 2015 Neat Games Round-up
« on: September 08, 2015, 02:59:19 PM »
Here's the stuff I brought home with me from PAX as stuff I was interested in. 

--Already Purchased--
Sword Coast Legends - Action RPG - Only AAA game on this list.  Already bought.  Played it... was pleased... it will be excellent.

Secret Ponchos - 3rd Person iso Action - Already bought it.  A fun multiplayer 3rd person fighting game... way deeper than I was able to dive into in my short play.  $9 on Humble Store gets you 2 copies!

Leap of Fate - Card Based Action Rogue-Like - Plays alot like Hand of Fate, but with more action... each card encounter is a actiony battle that plays a little like a twin-stick shooter.  Bought it, haven't played a ton yet, but I very much enjoyed it.  It's rogue like in that each run is new and unique and when you die... it's back to the start again.

Eon Altar - Local Co-op Action RPG - Uses your phone/mobile device as a controller and 2nd screen bit.  I'm skeptical about control via a touch screen, but it still played well.  If you play with people in the living room, it would be a super cool experience.

Skyshine's Bedlam - Encounter Based Tactical RPG - Fun.  Super fun.  I had backed this on kickstarter, but was able to play it at PAX and am really happy for the purchase.  I am usually hit-or-miss on this playstyle but I really did like it.  Looking forward to launch of the game in a week.

--Will Purchase--
Orbitor - Orbital Physics-Based Puzzle - Really fun to play once you figure it out, but not worth $15.  If this was 5 or maybe 10, I'd already own it.  Was very fun to play, pretty hard to describe.  Basically, just orbit around things to unlock them, then capture a thing that's launched free once you've done it.  Minimal thrust control, trajectory control is much more important.  Played really well, looked good... I'll buy it when it's a little cheaper.

Commander Kamala - Action with RPG - Looks like it'll have some good story tacked on too, gameplay looks solid, flying a ship around space and shooting other ship.  Looked like it'll play really well.  Not much info out on it yet, kickstarter soon... I'll definately be kick starting it based on what I saw.

Guild of Dungeoneering - Card Based Dungeon Crawler - Apparently this has been around for a while, but this was the first I'd seen it.  Was real fun to play (they were showcasing their expansion) but I don't feel like it's $15.  Maybe 10, definately $5.

Due Process - FPS Tactical Breech Game - Looks like it will be total fun.  Like door kickers but real-time multiplayer FPS style.  My only concern is that it may not be fun unless you have 8 people to play it with... randos in a game like this can be frusterating and lame.  Will be buying it... will likely be buying it in the inevitable 4 pack.

--Keeping an Eye on It--
Nova Blitz - Real Time Card Game - Was very fun to play, pay model similar to SolForge with daily goals giving rewards and packs available for purchase.  Can get a good deal via the post-kickstarter campaign... but will be F2P.  Only the $25 tier really looks worth it, I'm waffling as to if I'll buy it or not, but it was quite fun to play.  On PC and tablets.

Necropolis - 3rd Person Action - Visualy interesting, didn't get hands on, but the play looked like it would be good.  Being done by Hairbrained Schemes, the guys who did the Shadowrun reboot... so, some faith that they can put together something new and cool.  Keeping an eye on it.

Meg 9 Lost Echoes - Action Defense/Strategy - You drive a tank/vehicle that you fight along side the towers/defense setups for each round.  It's a survival based game.  Was fun to play, kind of an odd mechanic that you indicate what you want to build and then your robot dog puts it all together for you as the round starts... seemed unnecessary, but maybe the timing plays into actual game play... not sure yet.  Was a very very early build, and felt like it... but I'm confident this will be a great game.

Gala Collider - Card Drive 4X - Looked super interesting.  In the midst of a kickstarter right now.  Will eventually be F2P, card packs are non-random.  Has promise, but... can't see enough gameplay yet, not sure if I'll back it.

Masquerada Song and Shadows - 3rd Person iso RPG - Pause-for-tactics style RPG that looks really good.  Was visually interesting and I just love this type of gameplay.  Looked pretty solid, drawings and animations were stunningly good.  Banner Saga levels of quality here.

Other Games and Interests / Big Pharma = Better Infinifactory
« on: September 08, 2015, 01:49:00 PM »
Big Pharma is quite good.  It's a better infinifactory, a less complex space chem with economic progression features as well.  I'm really, really enjoying it.  If you like these kinds of puzzle games, it's totally a winner.

Minecraft / AG2 - Dynmap
« on: June 24, 2015, 11:02:39 AM »
Map is setup... but, it doesn't know many of the textures, including the ones from which the towers were built ... so... mostly useless.

Minecraft / AG2 - Sheep Killed Me
« on: June 23, 2015, 01:18:41 PM »
Sheep are hostile.  You have been warned.

Minecraft / AgSkies 2 - Reset... Sorry
« on: June 22, 2015, 11:15:32 AM »
To Dak, Billz and Icksbin, sorry... server is reset this morning.  That's what I get for just throwing it up willy nilly.  Backups filled the ramdrive and are stored WITH THE FRIGGIN MAP by default.  Stupid.  It'll be up and down for the next hour as I tweak the backup config... but the world will be empty when you join.

To anyone else who wants on, msg me on steam.  4 slots remaining... know what you're getting into before you decide to join.  :)  AgSkies isn't for the faint of heart or first-time minecraft mod player.

Star Citizen / E3 Video
« on: June 17, 2015, 01:53:40 PM »
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This has some new stuff I hadn't seen.  The fly around and the mocap stuff which is clearly for S42.

Other Games and Interests / Fallout 4 - Fallout Shelter
« on: June 14, 2015, 11:25:37 PM »

General Discussion / What if Burritos Were Like Console Games?
« on: June 13, 2015, 07:47:54 PM »
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Wow... this is so spot on.

Other Games and Interests / Thranx's Summer Sale 2015 Mega Thread
« on: June 11, 2015, 10:35:44 PM »
Once again... I shall opine with regards to the boons and banes you'll find in this years sales.  They're doing more games per day this year, so... I'll likely keep things shorter and only go paragraph length on games that I have a stronger opinion on.  The usual formatting still applies with buy/meh/pass  recommendations, and the occasional super buy recommendation.

Thursday the 18th
[BUY] $9 - Anno 2070 - WAIT, IT'S THE BAIT AND SWITCH.  Buy Dawn of Discovery Gold (Anno 1404) instead.  It's better!  http://store.steampowered.com/sub/3047/  Absolutely fantastic economic/progression focused RTS.  Really really fun to play alone or with others.

[BUY] $12.49 - Hand of Fate - This is an excellent game... damn near impossible to explain how it plays.  You have a deck of cards, so does the AI dealer.  The dealer plays out room cards in a physical pattern.  You progress through the room cards as tho they were coridors.  Each card is an encounter.  Sometimes it's a choice like "A Beggar as for a nickle, what do you do?  Give Nickle, Give a Dollar, Give a Sandwich, Punch his face" and something happens based on the result.  Sometimes it's an Action RPG style encounter where you have to kill 4 baddies in a cerain amount of time... or one has a sack on its back and you want to knock all the gold out of it before it can escape... sometimes the room is a shop that will help you on your adventure.  You play through the deck... and the game is over.  You unlock more cards you can put in your deck to tweak things to be harder (better rewards) or easier based on how you want to play.  The end of each deck 4 play throughs you'll have a boss encounter, so tweaking to get some better loot may matter.  The game is AWESOME and it something you really have to play to understand.  I HIGHLY recommend it at this price.

[BUY] $44.99 - Dying Light - This was a total delight and blast to play.  It's on my short list of AAA games that are worth full price, and also on my short list of things I want to play through again soon.  It's fully of action, plays very well.  Tons to discover in this game, lots to achieve and GREAT to play with friends in co-op.  Just fantastic all around FPS action/adventure game.  Drop kicking zombies off of buildings is easily one of the funnest things I've done gaming.

[BUY] $12.49 - Dungeon Defenders 2 - It's good... not sure if I like it as much as 1, but it has alot of promise.  Plays pretty solid despite being Early Access.  Updates have been pretty quick.  They abandoned the attempt to make this into a MOBA, thank good, so anything you've heard that it's no longer Tower Defense is no longer accurate.  It's clear they're trying to make this a money milker, so... only time will tell if they implement some bad F2P stuff.  For now, it's good fun, great fun with friends.

[BUY] $24.89 - ARK - Rust with Dinosaurs.  Need I say more?

[PASS]  $10 - Grid - There are better racers available.  (1 - Project Cars, 2 - Wreckfest, 3 - Assetto Corsa)
[PASS]  $* - Age of Wonders Franchise - Adds magicyness to Civ... doesn't really work IMO.  Civ is better at Civ (not beyond earth tho).

No experience, no opinion : Evolve, Life is Strange, Shovel Knight, Batman Franchise, Medieval Engineers (same problem as Space Engineers, no conflict), The Walking Dead, Ori

Wednesday the 17th
[BUY] $* - Elder Scrolls Franchise - BUY EVERYTHING (no really... do it)

[BUY] $5 - Planetary Annihilation - NO idea why it's so cheap.  Really good RTS, tons of fun to play with other people.  The globe thing takes a little getting used to, just because we're used to playing on flat surfaces... but it plays REALLY really well.  Love it.  If you liked Total Annihiliation or Supreme Commander 1 (we don't talk about 2), this is a gurenteed hit for you.

[BUY] $18 - StarDrive 2 - I LOVE Star Drive, and 2 is just good itteration on 1.  No crazy changes, just good additions and tweaks.  Plays really smoothly for some reason.  It's a great mix of 4X and RTS... it's often compared to Sins, but Sins is really just an RTS, this is more like a real-time 4X.  Love it.  Also... a race of Samurai Bears.

[MEH] $* - Arma Series - Impossible series to recommend.  These games are not for the faint of heart.  Hard to learn, hard to control... but very rewarding if you take the time.  Some of the best thigns about these games are not the games themselves, but the mods.  Battle Royale is excellent, DayZ came from Arma2 and is better in that form that the standalone.  That said... can't recommend regardless of price.  If you want to dedicate time to learning a hard to play, high skill FPS... go for it.  :)

[MEH] $5 - Metal Gear Solid 5 -  Great price for this... hard to play.  I want to play more of it, don't have a ton of time with it... but just dropping into it is a little overwhelming.  Only buy if you can dedicated a couple hours in one sitting to getting up to speed with the story and mechanics.

[MEH] $5 - Banished -  There are games that do this better.  It's not bad, it just not great.  Old school Hinterland is better (little more combatty) and Gnomoria, which a completely different visual, does what banished does way better.  I explain Gnomoria as telling 10 other people to do in minecraft.  :)

[PASS] $17 - Dynasty Warriors 8 - If you like these, Empires is better... pass on this, wait for Empires to be cheaper.

[PASS] $20 - Dungeons 2 -  War for the Overworld is better, and 2 dollar cheaper.

[PASS] $5 - Plague Inc - Fun game, but not enough replay value at $10.  Get it for $2.50.

[PASS] $5 - Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Lol... I don't know why I bought this game.  WTF is with the hype for this?  It's as boring as you'd imagine.

No opinon, no experience - Stick of Truth, Offworld Trading Company (buying), Game of Thrones, Pilars of Eternity (but... man it looks good... own it, haven't gotten deep into it, can't recommned yet), Company of Heroes (I've played them, but ... it's been so long ago or so short I can't give good input)

Tuesday the 16th
[BUY] $2.49 - Terraria - Great little platformer meets minecraft meets RPG.  It's alot of fun, easy to get into, but deep enough to have some real late-game challenge.  At 2.49, it's an easy buy.

[BUY] $5 - PayDay2 - Quite a bit of fun, constantly updated, about 50/50 buy and free.  At $5, it's really worth getting.  Think Left4Dead without the zombies... add cops, and you're robbing bank.  It's an objective based wave-survival game (no survival as in Rust/LiF/DayZ) where you have something to accomplish and the more time it takes the more cops (and beefier cops) come to try and take you down.  Your visibility (did you shoot someone?) impacts the response of the cops.  Really well made, mechanics are solid, GREAT with friends.

[MEH] $20 - Life Is Feudal - Deep progression survival game.  Still pretty early in development.  I recommend holding off and seeing where it goes.

[MEH] $12.49 - Space Engineers - If you only want to build, it's great, but right now it lacks any sort of conflict.  It NEEDS conflict to be a viable game, or it's just going to be legos in space... which is cool... but has limited playability.

[MEH] $* - Final Fantasy Franchise - You know if you want these... these are the best prices I've seen on these games tho.  I've been watching for a while as playing through the Final Fantasies are a bucket list item of mine.

[MEH] $* - Total War Franchise - It's good but not great.  If you're interested, grab Medieval 2 for $10 to give you a taste of the series.  The biggest thing to me is that if you've played one, you've played them all.  Worth trying, but it's definately an aquired taste.  Think Civ, but where you actually fight the battles at the unit level, RTS style.  Battles are generally quite good.

[PASS] $25 - Assetto Corsa - Good, but I'm confident that Project Cars will be a better racer and wreckfest will be more fun.  If you have a Rift tho, you should already own Assetto Corsa... it plays REALLY well with the rift.  Dirt Rally beats them all tho, but it's a different kind of racing to be sure.

[PASS] $13.59 - The Talos Principal - The concept is great, but it just doesn't play well.  For a FPS Puzzler, goto Portal 2 and find some good community made challenges.

No knowledge, no experience : Flight Simulator X, Elite Dangerous (I own it, but havne't played enough for solid feedback), GRAV (just bought it), Verdun, WWE 2k15

Additional Notes : I just bought 'The Fall' for $2.  Looks like an awesome story-based platform game about a Robot that gets tired of subservience.  :)

Monday the 15th
[BUY] $* - Shadowrun Franchise - Shadowrun Returns is only $3!  3!  Grab it even if you have only a casual interest in turnbased RPGs.  It's a cool world, great visuals, plays really well.  This is an easy recommend at $20.  I don't have Hong Kong and I haven't played more than 10 minutes of Dragonfall, but at 4.49, safe to say if you liked SR, you'll enjoy DF.
[MEH] $9 - Project Zomboid - I like the 3rd person iso survival, super cool concept, it just hasn't grabbed me.  I WANT to give it more time... but can't.
[MEH] $8 - Crusader Kings 2 - This was almost a pass, but it is alot of game for the buck.  It's a good intermediate between the Europa Univesalis and Civilizations.  If you want something more grand, more empire/epic than Civ, but not the CRAZY detail of EU, HoI or Victoria... this fits into that slot nicely.  Good game, just... hard to recommend.
[MEH] $27 - Divinity Original Sin - ALOT of people love this game... again, it's just ceased to keep me into it enough to play.  At this price, I can't recommend it, $20 would have me tettering, 10-15 would be a buy.  Co-op is the most compelling aspect and is highly regarded as its best feature.
[MEH] $* - Galactic Civilizations - I LOVE these games, but they're very much an aquired taste.  4X is hard to recommend, but outside of Endless, GalCiv knocks 4X out of the park better than nay other series/game.
[MEH] $5 - Dishonored - Only considering it meh because of the price.  The gameplay is ok... I prefer Hitman or Theif for this type of gameplay.  It's more RPGy than the others, but... still... didn't find myself really enjoying this.  Shadow of Mordor does everything about this game better.
[PASS] $* - Bioshock Franchise - The perpetual nope.  Many will disagree, but Bioshock games just aren't that fun.  *shrug*
[PASS] $5 - Gary's Mod - There's just not enough entertainment here.  Sure there's lots of game modes, but you end up spending more time exploring what exists and less time enjoying those things... was an amazing concept and gave you in-game tools beyond anything 8-9 years ago... but... not that compelling any more.

No opinion no Experience - Ryse (but... don't recommend buying, wait for $5-7.50, too short), Five Nights at Freddies, Dead or Alive 5, Lords of the Fallen, The Long Dark (tho I own it), Dead Rising, Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 ... lolwut?

Sunday the 14th
[BUY] $* - FarCry Franchise - Every game in this series is excellent.  Farcy 1 is almost exclusively a linear experience, but 2 3 and 4 are open world.  All of them are awesome, if you haven't played any of them, you can start at any point.  There's no interlocking story at all.  I recommend you buy in at #3 for $7.49 and give that a whirl.  If you've missed any game in this series, you can safely buy anything here and have a blast.  The prices are solid across the board.  $30 for FC4 is totally worth it still.

[BUY] $4 - Left 4 Dead 2 - Great zombie FPS.  Really well made, a ton of fun.  Tons of play here, they wrapped ALL the levels from the first game into this one as well.  A blast to play both in co-op and versus mode with friends.

[MEH] $17 - Reign of Kings - Survival game that's good not great... but... need to see where it goes.  I like the skill progression, but combat still a little janky.  I feel like melee medieval games really have to nail the combat.

[MEH] $* - Civilization Franchise - It's Civ.  Meh.  You know if you like this or not.  Beyond Earth really wasn't that great an addition over Civ 4.  If you like these kinds of games and don't have Civ 4 yet, go for it. If you have Civ 4 but not Gods and Kings... grab that, worth it.  Skip Beyond Earth, what tiny content it adds is during the last 5% of the game, which... is the part you're least likely to ever get to.

[MEH] $8.74 - Fable Anniversay - I really enjoyed it back in the day.  Fun to play and at the price, I can definitely recommend.  Only reason it downgrades to a MEH is that I haven't replayed with this version.

[PASS] $6.69 - Game Dev Tycoon - Wow, no way at this price.  This is a $1-2 game.  It's kinda fun... but not at nearly $7.

[PASS] $* - Aliens Franchise - Nope, nothing in here worth playing with the caveat that I've not played Aliens Isolation yet... (and it gets good reviews)

[PASS] $7.49 - Insurgency - I can't remember why I didn't like this game...but I didn't.  Sorry for lack of detail.

[PASS] $10 - The Banner Saga - I wanted to like this game more than I actually like this game.  It just didn't pull me back into it.  Gorgeous visuals, enjoyable story, missing the IT factor.  I'd upgrade this to a MEH if you really like the visuals as well... but, I can't recommend it broadly.

[PASS] $24 - Endless Legend - Only game I've been disaapointed with in the "Endless" series.  Trys to differ itself a little from being a Civ 4 clone, but fails to do so in a rewarding way.  If you've got a hankering for this game type, grab Civ 4 and its DLCs.

[PASS] $* - Call of Duty Franchise - Battlefield is better... every single time, every generation of the game (Since CoD 2) battlefield has been better.

[PASS] $15 - H1Z1 - Not worth the EA risk, development hasn't been very rapid.  I want it to suceed if only so that the new SOE has money in its coffers... but, until they start embiggening the servers and map, I don't feel like it has anything to differentiate from the rest of the participants in the genre.

No experience, no recommendation - Transistor, Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Grim Fandango...

...but I just bought Grim Fandango, I never played the original back in the day!  So, excited to get to know Manny.  He's an old school icon.  :)

Saturday the 13th
[BUY] $25 - Shadow of Mordor - This game is excellent.  I can recommend it to anyone at full price... my only hesitation is that it has been cheaper than $25 already.  That said, great game.  If you're looking to spend AAA money on a AAA game, it's super awesome.  The story is solid, the world, while a little small for an open-world game, it dense with content and conflict.  It's a game that makes you want to 100% it, but without have stupid things like "find and shoot the 300 pidegons throughout the city."  DLC has been solid, adding more content to the story as well as game modes that add challenge and replayability.  Best AAA release I've played in quite some time... one of the few games that I felt was really worth the full price of admission at $50.

[BUY] $11.39 - Sunless Sea - *no first hand experience* and yet I recommend a buy IF you like this kind of slow paced gameplay.  Normally I'd throw this under the MEH category, but I am very excited to sink into this one (pun intended).  The setting and theme here just seems to work very well and be very complete.  Part of the reason I'm excited is a little web-based story game that they've put together that's based around the core city called Fallen London.  (fallenlondon.storynexus.com) The writing is excellent and the little dynamic story arcs really give a good feel for the world, so despite not having played it I'm excited enough to encourage the buy.  Watch 5 minutes of game play (not too much, don't ruin it for yourself) and see if it's the type of game mechanics you typically enjoy.  I'm convinced I will enjoy this.  :)

[BUY] $4.49 - Prison Architect - If you enjoy systems/building/people management games, this one is excellent.  Great price for it too.  Best I've seen.

[BUY] $* - Borderlands Franchise - If you haven't played these games yet, at least spend the $7.50 for the Borderlands Game of the Year edition.  They all play really well and while the latest installment is the softest of the bunch, I can still highly recommend the pre-sequel at this price.  If you're buying th epresequel, get it bundled with the season pass for like 4 dollars more.  Worth it... especially since the 2 classes I've enjoyed the most are the DLC classes.  Borderlands is a great RPG FPS mashup, with some lewt lust thrown in for good measure.  Think guns randomized much like Diablo 2's weapon/armor randomizations but... better and more diverse.  Really a great series of games.  Great game play, great boss battles, excellent/funny writing.  If you want to jump in with both feet, $10 gets you BL1+DLC and BL2.  That's easily 80 hours of game time without getting bored.  :)  12 cents an hour is a good price.  :)

[MEH] $1.49 - Castle Crashers - I know, I know... it's only a buck forty-nine, but it's just not really that fun.  Gets old quick.  It's not bad... and the price is throw-away level, but... MEH.

[MEH] $20 - Cities Skylines - It was good, but... just not enough replay.  Buy it for $10.

[MEH] $16 - Watchdogs - It's cool-ish... but it lacks something to pull me back into it.  It's been on my "need to finish" list for about 4 months now.  It's a good price, but... I don't know what it is.  It's urban assasin's creed with hacking in the place of wall climbing.  Plays well mechanicly, MOST of the time.  There's the occational frustration due to the engine or bad level design... but that's true of most games.  At $16 it's not a bad buy, but it's not a great on either.

[MEH] $7.49 - Counter Strike : GO - Another one Dak can encourage you on if you're on the fence... I just don't think it's that great.  I prefer a bigger military shooter like BF4.  If you want small engagement, it's not a bad game, and at the price, you'll definately get more than my $2/hour minimum target out of it, but I can't jump in with both feet and say buy.  Part of me feels like, if you want this kind of game, you already own it... so if you're on the fence, you can probably just pass unless you're flush with sale money this season.

[PASS] $10 - 7 Days to Die - Just too janky.  Great amibition, some good ideas... poor/dated execution.

[PASS] $7.49 - Age of Mythology - A poorly done attempt to add magic and gods into Age of Empires.  Was crappy when it released in like... 2003... still crappy now.

[PASS] $2.49 - Chivalry Medieval Warfare - Just... the combat isn't perfect, and for a game like this where combat is all it is, the combat HAS to be perfect.  If you want imperfect combat, goto Mount and Blade (on sale yestrday, still available today) and get TONS more gameplay to match.

[PASS] $14.99 - The Evil Within - I'm not a big horror fan, and I didn't play alot of this game, but... it was really flat, not that "horror-y" and from what I played of it... just kinda lame.  Want a better horror-y game.  Play the original fear... and to it after 10 with the lights out.  :)  I'd say thank me later, but... I'll appologize instead.  Stock up on stain-remover.

Flash Sale Note - Besiege is EXCELLENT as-is.  It's early access, but worth the $6 right now.  Awesome little puzzle game.  Yes, it doesn't look like that at a glance, but ultimately it's a puzzle game about building the right little medieval siege machine to accomplish the objectives.  AWESOME game.  Highly encourage buying it... best price i've seen.

No experience, no opinion : Football Manager, Wolf Among Us, Spintires (lol nope)

Friday the 12th
[BUY] $5 - Portal 2 - Stop reading.  If you don't own this... go.  Buy.  Play.  Take the rest of the day off, take care of business.  This is a game everyone should play, enjoy and beat.  Excellent game.  Done?  Ok, now go play again with a friend!  :)
[BUY] $20 - Wasteland - Really great turn based, squad based, RPG.  If you enjoyed Fallout 1 and 2, it has a similar play style, albiet with a little less of the goofiness that made FO1 and 2 a chuckle as well as a great play.  Still some humor, but not quite so crazy.  It's on the top of my list of "stuff I need to play more of".  Fantastic game, very long (in a good way) too.  This is alot of game for the dollar here.
[BUY] $8 - Hitman Franchise - These are great games, every single one of them.  All of them together are $8... holy crap.  The old ones play really well still for some reason.  They've aged pretty well.  Sneak/shoot/trap baddies to accomplish specific mission objectives and side tasks.  Neat things like bonuses if the kill looks like an accident (you cause the parking break to fail, car rolls down hill, squishing the target) or going completely unnoticed (poison in the Gov'ners tea).  Just tons of fun, and even small levels have a replay for perfection value that makes doing the same mission 20 times worth it and rewarding.  GREAT value with this bundle.
[MEH] $4 - Mount and Blade Warband - The only reason this gets a Meh is because it's not foreveryone.  Controls aren't the best, graphics are about 4 years older than the game is... but it's a ton of fun to play.  Open world empire building where you are the front line general of the battles.  It's a really enjoyable game you can sink into.  Hire and train your troops, roam the countryside taking castles and camps for you king... and eventually become the king, found your own nation, or overthrow other dynasties... just a good time... but it's not easy to get into and requires some patience.  If you're up for that... $4 is an easy spend.
[MEH] $13.49 - Starbound - I do'nt know why but despite all the ingredients saying "total win" it just falls a little short.  "Terraria in space with multiple planets" ... how could you go wrong?  They don't go wrong, but ... at the same time something's just not hittin' the sweet spot that Terraria did.  I can't recommend it at this price but either way, it's all ok... still early access, so they're working on it.  I'm hoping it'll come around and just hit it out of the park at some point.
[MEH] $* - Lego Franchise - You either enjoy these or you don't.  My kid loves them.  First game he ever beat was lego batman 2.  They're well made, and well written, especially when you get to the stage where they started doing voice acting for everything instead of making the lego people silent actors.  If you want to get your feet wet in this type of game, Lego Batman 2 is the best one for it I think (having seen nearly all of them play and having played many of them with Sam).  These are a total buy if you're looking for something to play with your K-4th aged kids.  2 Player local works well.
[MEH] $8 - This War of Mine - It's an interesting attempt at a war game where you're not a warrior... the game does what few great movies do, it reminds you that war is horrible, survival is hard, and mankind is greatly flawed and troubled as a result of it.  Powerful is an accurate verb... but this isn't the kind of thing I want when I game.  I game to relax and unwind, this game reminds you how broken our world is and how much suffering is caused due to our constant fight for resources, ideology and/or greed.  If that's what you want out of a game, this delivers... I just want to relax and have fun.
[MEH] $20 - GreyGoo - An asymetrical RTS.  It tries to eschew the rock-paper-scissors that most RTSs fall into, but really it's just re-skinning it as blob, vial, dagger.  It's not a bad RTS, and the difference in the way each race/faction is played is actually pretty cool... that said, it's not a homerun.  $20 is almost where i'd recommend, but... at $10 it become more feasible.  Hold off on this one unless you've really been Jonesin' for a traditional build base/army, kill other guy's base/army RTS.
[PASS] $15 - NBA2K15 - Buy last years for less... it's pretty good.  Nothing gained this year apart from rosters... and if that matters a ton to you, you've already bought it.
[PASS] $* - The Witcher Franchise - "*gasp* but I love..." bleh... the combat mechanic in these games is just rubbish.  The world's neat and it's an excuse to see digital bewb... but... the combat is visually stunning yet tactically boring.  More boring even than Assassin's Creed's combat.  "*gasp* oh no he didn't"
[PASS] $* - The Wolfenstien Franchise - They just don't bring anything great ot the table for an FPS.  If you want a linear FPS that's FANTASTIC across the board... graphics, atmosphere, story and mechanics... get Metro.  These are just pretty flat.  TBH, I haven't played the one that game out about 6 months ago, and it gets good reviews.  If you want someone to push you over the fence to buying it, talk to Dak.  :)  I think he loved it... but if you don't own Metro yet... for the love of Pete, get Metro.  Cheaper and a FANTASTIC linear FPS experience.
[PASS] $6.24 - Democracy 3 - It just really isn't that fun.

No experience, no opinion - the newest wolfenstien, the newest witcher, depth, child of light

Additional mention, Nidhogg is on the flash sale right now.  It's usually a stupid price at $15, but at $1.50 it's an awesome local multiplayer game.  You'll have a ton of fun battling with a friend.  No-brainer if you have 2 XBox 360 controllers and a wireless dongle and you and your buddies get together to game, ever.

Thursday the 11th

[BUY] - $15 - Darkest Dungeon - Top game of the day... really really good.  Unique play that's hard to describe.  It's a touch jRPG, but... not really.  It's got a hint of rogue like in that your individual characters (which you go into a level/battle with 4 of) can perma die... it's brutal-lite.  Plays really really well.  A very dark, mildly cthulu-ish (minus tenticals and the sexual undercurrent) style that is well maintained throughout.  I strong recommend it as enjoyable to any type of gamer.  I hate jRPGs, so... don't lean to heavily on that play style description.
[BUY] - $14 - Homeworld Remastered Collection - Remake of one of the greatest RTSs of all time.  Truely a fantastic game, and the remake is really well done.  I bought the collector's edition box, very pleased I did.
[BUY] - $15 - Next Car Game / Wreckfest - fun racing, awesome physics... if you buy any racing game other than Dirt Rally... this is the one to get.
[BUY] - $5 - Valkyria Chronicals - Really enjoyed this.  Plays like a more in-depth (and 3d) advance wars.
[BUY] - $* - GTA Series - EXCEPT GTA5 ... they're dickering about with the price, Great game, bad business.  Jerks bags.  Every game in there except China town is really good.
[BUY] - $* - Metro Series - If you don't own them, AT LEAST buy the first one.  Fantastic single player FPS... best linear FPS since Half-Life 2.  Bar none.
[MEH] - $* - XCom Series - Enemy unknown is quite good, but as with GTA5, they're dicking around with the prices to make it seem like a better deal.  The Bureau is nearly unplayable, the old games didn't age well... if you haven't played UFO Defense or Terror from the Deep... you should, but be patient with thier aged graphics and play systems.
[MEH] - $10 - Don't Starve Together - The first one was ok, this one is just more of the same but multiplayer.  It just didn't really pull me in.  I could take it or leave it (I would recommend leave it.. but it's not a horrible game).  If you own the first one, this gets you almost nothing more apart from multiplayer.
[PASS] - $10.04 - Hotline Miami 2 - Same as the first... gets repetitive pretty quick.
[PASS] - $* Sniper Elite Series - Just... mediocre FPSs.  Not great... not terrible, but not worth the prices.
[PASS] - $7.49 - Binding of Isaac : Rebirth - I didn't like the first one, this is pretty much more of the same, if you like the first... guy it, if you haven't played it... pass or buy the first one to try it out.
[PASS] - $20 - Farming Simulator 2015 - Not worth the prices vs 2013... and a bunch of us at TG have 2013... so, if you want to play with friends that's a better buy.   Compared to 2013 it adds woodcutting... which isn't as neat an addition as you'd think.  Stick to 2013, save yourself the $$$

No experience, no opinion - XPlane 10, Narutto, Tales from the Borderlands (tho I'll likely be buying)

Lots of buys the first day!  But most of them cheap, if you've only got $20 to spend... you can't go wrong with Darkest Dungeon unless you really need something twichty and fast paced with that $20.

Survival Zombie Mankill Simulators / ARK - Billz B Chillin'
« on: June 05, 2015, 05:23:03 PM »
Apparently you can drag unconscious people around... also they don't just flop to the ground when you let go.

Survival Zombie Mankill Simulators / ARK - The Bronto of West Bay
« on: June 04, 2015, 01:35:37 PM »
There once was a bronto named Phil
Who irritated Thranx and Bill (z)
he trounced all around
pounding the ground
until someone put rocks in his grill.

I present you the story of Phil, the poundy bouncy, rubbery blubbery, massively passive brontosaurus.

Phil was wondering around the west coast headquarters of Thranx's Thugs*.  He had been doing so for some time.  There were concerns of property damage as Phil would occasionally get excited and wag his tail dangerously near the superbly constructed thatch hut that TT* had been using for protection of the hot afternoon sun, and for the storage of various survival related goods.

After a frusterating encounter that involved a friend of Thranx's named Bruce**, 4 Dilos, another Trike and a Raptor... Thranx decided he was tired of Phil's constant disruptions, the shaking of the ground the consumption of all the berries... so he took it upon himself to end Phil.  Thranx stocked up on rocks (131) and slingshots (5) and set himself upon the beach to put an end to Phil's lazy existence wondering back and forth in the short distance between the water and the hillside.

Thranx loosed his first rock and was immediately suprised as Phil's speed... sprinting away after a mere 4 shots with slingshot #1, Thranx began to wonder if maybe he and Phil could live in harmony and peace afterall.  Thranx, ever the willy survivalist, adjusted tactics, running around a large cluster of rocks and shot Phil repeatedly in the head and neck from opposite the formation.  Eventually, Phil got wise to Thranx's trixy was and simply bounded over the rocks, sending Thranx into another mad sprint after only another 20 shots.

Breaking his sling shot while shooting behind himself and running, Thranx switched to slingshot #2 and resumed the volley as he veered east up onto the hillside that Phil had never seemed to want to climb.  Wish some positioning, Thranx was able to fire of long range shots while Phil attempted to reach him high up the cliff.  Once, Phil was able to bash Thranx with his head, even atop the 40 foot cliff, sending Thranx flying through the air, breaking his leg in the landing.  Thranx however, fueled by many berries, sluffed off the broken leg quickly and resumed the fight, returning to the cliff, he was able to land the final blow... 72 stones poorer than when he'd begun the fight.

After harvesting 32 hide, 22 bits of meat and 2 Raw Prime Meat (!!!), Phil's corpse magically disappeared.  Thranx assessed the scene and found that Phil had destroyed a campfire, a standing torch and had done around 50% damage to the very well constructed thatched hut.  Upon close inspection, Thranx realized that Billz, returning to his love of hobo-ism, had decided to sleep under the hut instead of in it.  In Phil's wild stomping about, Billz had been kicked several times, yet amazingly he remained asleep.  This health had dropped to 12, but Thranx knew the hardy hobo lover would eventually recover.

*Thranx's Thugs is a Thranx/Billz/Phoenix joint venure of dinosaur domination, resource collect and fine home construction.

**Memorial services for Bruce will be held at the Thranx's Thugs Hiltop resort and lounge Tuesday June 7th, 2204 at 7PM AST.  We ask that all guests come with footware, and any guests larger than 45 feet tall will be asked to attend via the lower veranda

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