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General Discussion / VR Party at My Place
« on: April 15, 2014, 12:16:14 am »
Sometime in July...

The Elder Scrolls Online / One Week
« on: March 24, 2014, 02:57:56 pm »
O.O  despite my inability to play much, I'm getting pretty excited.

My personal thanks to Booms and his growing army of minions (aka Officers) and their work growing the division and prepping for launch.  I'm really excited to play in the division they've built!

General Discussion / For Martini
« on: March 08, 2014, 11:00:12 pm »
In Oregon this weekend, staying at the in laws house... This was on the fridge.  :)  I thought of you Martini.  :)

Other Games and Interests / Great Deal - From GMG 2K Pack
« on: February 28, 2014, 01:39:17 pm »

$30 for XCom, Borderlands 2, Civ 5 and BioShock Infinate.  They also toss in the XCom Complete pack (legacy) Bioshock 1, Civ 4 Complete and Borderlands 1 as well.  Fantastic price, all great games apart from Bioshock, which I find "meh"... tho many would disagree can call those great as well.

All GMG games redeem on steam.

Other Games and Interests / Out There : FTL Lite for Mobile
« on: February 27, 2014, 01:26:56 pm »
Been fiddling with this (just came out today) inbetween sessions during a class I'm taking.  Real good.  It's very FTL-ish.  Just.... total win.

Final Fantasy XIV / New FFXIV DL!
« on: February 12, 2014, 10:11:51 pm »
Kyuzo let me know about a month ago that despite his love for the division, FFXIV really just wasn't holding his interest.  To that end we began the search for the next FFXIV DL, and didn't need to search long.  Kiyah has been an extreme positive force in the Division since she stepped foot in the door, and despite here brief time here thus far, she's made it clear that she's full Guardian, an excellent leader and ready for the role.

Join me in welcoming Kiyah to the position.  The FFXIV Division is in great hands!

General Discussion / Thranx's Retro Game Hunt
« on: February 02, 2014, 12:52:20 am »
So, some of you may or may not know that I enjoy collecting old game systems and games.  Despite my hard core PC first nature, I am somehow completely facinated with the platforms of the past, and love finding old unique games and having various popular and obscure gaming systems.

This last Thursday I took the day off from work and the wife and the boys and I drove to around 20 thrift shops and a local chain of retro gaming stores (called Pink Gorilla) and I snaged any decent deal I could while shelling out a little more cash for a couple of excellent systems that I didn't have yet, including something I didn't know I needed in the Sega CD-X.  It's a Genesis, 32x and Sega CD in a single unit, produced by Sega near the end of the Genesis life cycle.  Anyhoo... here's the haul and some shots of the more interesting/cool/special items I snaged.

I'm pretty excited about all this.  It approximately doubles my overall collection.  With my move back to Oregon in the near future, I wanted to suck the region dry of it's treasures.  I'll likely try and do this twice a year when visiting the seattle area.  Future hauls won't be like this, but I was able to fill out my collection quick well.  I didn't have alot of Sega stuff prior to this, so that's why it's kinda a sega heavy load.  :)

The Load.  (not pictured, Game Gear and a couple of the Master System games)

The CD-X, sad little ding on the top makes it less that perfect, but still wicked awesome.

Virtua Fighter 2 and Mechwarrior 2 for the Saturn

The Neo Geo Pocket Color, with all the games I could find that were in english.  Some of them were Euro releases, but still good.  The system itself is an awesome little unit.  From the gameboy color era but with a way better display.  I fell in love with it immediately.  A real gem in my over all collection.

I nabbed the original Mario Party for the N64... for $5!  It's a pretty highly sought after cart.  Discovered it at a Value Village.  :)  Turok and Rogue Squadron... such win.

I do NOT have a Lynx yet, but when I do this will be the first thing I put in it.  I loved this back in the day.  A kid in my 6th grade class had one and I just loved this game for some reason.  Really excited to find it.

For the Genesis, Lost Vikings and then 2 games JUST because of their covers.  lol, awesomeness.

Bo Knows Gameboy

Horrible pic, but Cool Spot for the Game Gear!  Along with X-Men and Primal Rage... so good.

In all, here's the haul summery...
  • 1 Sega CD-X Console
  • 1 Sega Saturn Console
  • 1 Sega Game Gear Handheld
  • 1 Neo Geo Pocket Color Handheld
  • 1 Nintendo DS (original rev, Japan only light blue color)
  • 1 Nintendo Gameboy (original)
  • 3 Gameboy Games
  • 2 DS Games
  • 4 Turbo Graphix 16 Games
  • 9 N64 Games
  • 8 Genesis Games
  • 2 3DO Games
  • 12 Xbox Games
  • 2 Sega Saturn Games
  • 1 Super Nintento Game
  • 4 Sega Master System Games
  • 10 PSP Games
  • 1 PS2 Game
  • 9 Atari 2600 Games
  • 8 Neo Geo Pocket Games
  • 18 Sega Game Gear Games

Big things my collection still needs... a Lynx, a Jaguar, a Atari 5200 and 7800, a Gameboy Micro, a Sega Nomad... but, this went a long way towards filling things out a bit.

EQNext / TG's Landmark Server : Courage
« on: February 01, 2014, 08:17:08 am »
Liberation doesn't work, so it should be an easy choice.  :)

General Discussion / Just got the worst possible card pack on steam
« on: January 21, 2014, 09:55:56 am »
Like... seriously out of every game I own/have completed card collection for they give me this?  :(

General Discussion / Wildstar Division Officially Announced!
« on: January 20, 2014, 08:04:37 pm »

Tomorrow is here, and so is our newest Division... WILDSTAR!

Today, Wildstar becomes one of those rare games we find worthy of placing our name upon.  Assemble denizens of Nexus!  Behold our greatness as we stake a claim upon your war-torn surface!  <insert more RP chest thumping here>  <mention something about killing bunnies and/or hamsters>

Taking us full on into the battle will be Sticx and Vango as the two headed monster atop the Wildstar Division.  As I mentioned yesterday, real life's taken each of our potential DLs away, and so I began the search again.  I had talked to Sticx months ago to see if he was interested, and the other night I spoke with him again.  Curse the real life, that was his reason as well, but a couple hours later a more excited Sticx asked me to pull he and Vango into another channel.

They offered a proposal.  Sticx felt that alone he could not shoulder the burden of being DL, but were he to tag team that responsibility with Vango he felt it could be done.  Vango also said that while he's very limited in time now, (he becomes more free in the summer with a great reduction in coursework) his desire to enter into community management, paired with being interested in guild leadership made this a perfect opportunity.  Their zeal and their ability to complement each other was clear.

For practical purposes, Sticx will hold the title and additional responsibilities as the DL and Vango will be his ADL.  Responsibilities within the Division will work much as many ADL relationships have, tho likely with a greater sharing of responsibilities.  If you have issues or questions within the division, they're both available to you all.

Join me in Welcoming Sticx and Vango as our leaders of WildStar.  They've got some big decisions to make fairly soon, and I'm excited to see them hit the ground running so we can being full-fledged recruitment and build Wildstar into a great, perennial Division for TG.  Gentlemen, thank you for being willing to step up, best of luck to you and the entire division!

General Discussion / PSA : New Drug Craze
« on: January 17, 2014, 10:32:06 am »
The more you know...

Star Citizen / New Pre-SC Game : Kinetic Void
« on: January 15, 2014, 09:59:23 pm »
Sandbox space with modular ship creation.  Only $8, early access in Steam for the next 40 hours.




“The community and our fans are the core of Kinetic Void. We started development funded by Kickstarter and do our best to involve everyone in the process of making this game great. We openly solicit feedback and suggestions, and encourage discussion about what can help make the game better. When we are done we intend Kinetic Void to be an amazing blend of open world exploration and adventure, with gameplay everyone can enjoy.

The core gameplay of Kinetic Void is ready to be played and tested. Ship design, combat, faction frameworks and our procedural galaxy generator. These features are not complete and will change. In the coming weeks though constant updates (as many as we can) we will include more features such as salvaging, trade, ability to ally with factions, and more.”

General Discussion / Recipients of Guardian Honors
« on: January 08, 2014, 09:23:16 pm »
A bit of house keeping as the AGL position rolls over, we've had some well deserved Guardian Honors that have been pending announcement.  Without further ado...

Enjaku is the recipient of the Proven Leader Mark of Honor

Its hard to explain everything Enjaku did during her stint as SWTOR RO and ADL but I will try.  Enjaku was the glue that held things together during the turbulent times of 2 different DL changes.  Both Drim and I would have had a much more difficult time if it wasn't for the constant hard work of Enjaku.  She helped all the different officers in their positions.  She even took on the primary RO roles when we were without one.  She took the lead in organizing division events in game.  Enjaku was also a level headed constant when dealing with division issues that popped up here and there.  A perfect example was how she helped calm down people and reassure them with raid change issues.  She helped all our members not only behind the scenes but also right out front.  When numerous people wanted to join a raid group and there wasn't spots, Enjaku formed a weekly weekend raid group for them.  When no one wanted to step up to lead it, she did.  The group has lots of rotating people which is hard on a raid lead, but she has been very successful in keeping it going and letting more division members experience operations.  She is also very active in the forums at a guild level and I can't think of a single guild member that doesn't think Enjaku is one of the best.

I could not agree more.  Hats off to you Enjaku.

Ibioc is the recipient of the Proven Leader Mark of Honor

There are many instances of Ibioc stepping up to the plate to lead without being asked. One such example is the recent 1 year anniversary of running GW2 Dungeons and Missions Thursdays. These were started to get the Division together and involved in some PvE events as a guild all without the Division Leader, Nautix, asking for him to do so.  Additionally, he has put in much effort in assisting with the Star Citizen squad. Be it actively recruiting for SC, posting game update information or running "Flight School" events in Star Conflict or War Thunder he is "Leading The Way" every day.

Long over due, Ibioc's been a consistant positive leader in anything he touches.

Soleil is the recipient of the Individual Spirit mark of honor.

Her positive attitude is infectious and always present. Whether it is trying to "Save Poobadoo", running around as a quaggan with her plethora of quaggan mini minions or cracking up at people's terrible jokes it is hard to not smile or have a brighter day when "Gigglebuns" is around. There are few people with more individual spirit than "Bunnys Go Boing" and thus, is deserving of this honor.

Uh... sounds... like a good time... congratz... Gigglebuns?  :)

Thank you all for your service and your commitment to excellence, making TG a better place to be.

General Discussion / Change in AGL
« on: January 08, 2014, 09:22:38 pm »
That pesky life.  Sure gets in the way at times.  You may have noticed Jaedan has had to step a way for a while.  That's life calling.  I could not have asked for a better AGL to help me out post-election.  It was tough times for the guild and he truly helped shape the way forward.  His desire to see the squad idea succeed helped grow that and provide additional avenues of entertainment under the Guardian banner.

Jaedan, you have my personal thanks.

Taking forward the role of AGL, will be Sylent Jay... the original Jay, a Guardian of LONG standing he's done a fabulous job with the GW2 division and is looking forward to sheparding our Squads.  Jay will slide into this role well.  Being a councilor already, he has a good lay of the land and a firm understanding of what it means to be my #2.  Big shoes to fill for Sylent Jay's successor in GW2.

Join me in thanking both of the J's ... let the ass jokes commence.

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