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Minecraft / Microsoft to Aquire Minecraft
« on: September 15, 2014, 10:55:51 am »
I've seen the rumors rolling around for the last couple weeks.  Turns out it really is happening!  Not sure about this one.

Official Mojang Statement

Official Microsoft Statement

Notch is leaving Mojang Statement!

The Elder Scrolls Online / First Look at Gathering and Exploration
« on: May 17, 2013, 10:51:47 pm »

Watch this video and learn what curious adventurers can expect to find while exploring The Elder Scrolls Online.

Do you love peeking into every crate, barrel, and cupboard you see? Maybe you prefer scouting the wilderness in search of materials or looking for lore on every bookshelf. In this video, ESO Creative Director Paul Sage describes what you’ll find as you explore Tamriel.

Small | Large

The Elder Scrolls Online / What's The Best Game In The World?
« on: February 19, 2013, 02:01:41 pm »

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Star Wars: The Old Republic / Reputation Estimates Were Wrong
« on: February 19, 2013, 10:37:05 am »
Since this morning with the reset, people have had the chance to look and see what it takes to make it a couple ranks higher.  It was assumed each Rep Level was +2500 of the previous level, but that is not the case.  Hmmm looking at the new chart I might go as far  and assume Legend is 25000 or maybe even 50000!

Champion = 15000 not 12500 like we assumed
Outsider = 2500
Newcomer = 5000
Friend = 7500
Hero = 10000
Champion = 15000
Legend = ?

Report a Bug / New ESO Forums
« on: February 18, 2013, 09:22:14 pm »
The New Elder Scrolls Forums don't show up on the Home Page Recent Posts Box.  Some people might be missing some hot topics.

The Elder Scrolls Online / ESO: The Beta, First Person and Skyrim
« on: February 18, 2013, 11:15:27 am »

How has The Elder Scrolls Online changed since it was revealed last year?
"We are constantly refining ESO, polishing, and responding to feedback - currently with internal playtest feedback and soon with beta testing.

"So in that sense, it has changed a bit since April 2012 - we've done a lot of work refining the controls, making sure combat is fluid, responsive and balanced, etc.

"We've also reproportioned some of our NPC (non-playing character) and player figures, and retextured and tweaked some of our structures and buildings.

"Still, the basics haven't changed: Elder Scrolls combat and content in a MMO with a minimalist interface and awesome visuals."

During the beta announcement, it was said that "invaluable feedback" would be received. What sort of data are you hoping to receive that you couldn't get otherwise?
"I know it's sometimes hard for gamers to think about it this way, but the "game" part of The Elder Scrolls Online (and any online game) is just half of the development effort.

"There's also the giant IT project that goes on alongside it - you need a place to sign up for accounts, maintain your account, security considerations, network traffic shaping and tons more.

"When you go into a beta test, you are not only testing the game systems, you are also testing - in some cases for the first time - external user access to the game.

"So, not only are we getting invaluable data on player behavior, bug reports and direct feedback on the game - we are also making sure that the systems underlying the game support our user base."

What does setting The Elder Scrolls Online hundreds of years before Oblivion and Skyrim allow you to do?
"It allows us to be able to tell stories about a time that is not well documented in lore, but what is known is very useful - mid 2nd era is known basically as a time of destabilization, lack of central control in Tamriel and lots of outside influences causing problems (invasions, pandemics, etc).

"It's a perfect setting for The Elder Scrolls Online. It has the familiar provinces and races, but a different cast of characters and stories.

"Also, it gives the player another era of Tamriel to explore, a time that is a little more unsettled than the Tamriel that they are used to in the other Elder Scrolls games."

How do you balance creating an experience that's familiar to both MMO players and fans of the single-player Elder Scrolls games?
"First on the list is to make a good game - very easy to say, very hard to do. If you totally concentrate on features, you can miss the overall goal that they all have to fit together in a fun, compelling way.

"That being said, we have taken the best of the Elder Scrolls - freedom to explore, mouse-driven combat, awesome lore, setting and world - and the best of online RPGs - social systems, co-op gameplay/PvP gameplay and tons more."

Elder Scrolls games are known for allowing players to walk in one direction and freely discover dungeons and missions outside of specific quest lines. Will The Elder Scrolls Online offer a similar level of freedom?
"Absolutely, our quest/exploration system was designed around this idea. In general, you can just walk across the area you are in, and the game's compass will lead you to areas to explore.

"When you find those areas, you'll find something fun to do, and you'll be rewarded right there - you don't need to go talk to an NPC to direct you to a quest.

"You can just find it yourself. We do limit somewhat the area that a player can explore based on level - if you get too far afield, you start running into enemies that are more difficult. Still, there's so much content that you don't have to do it all to progress to the next area."

How will the first and third-person perspectives differ from mainline Elder Scrolls games to better suit an MMO?
"We are still working on this system, but as it stands right now, we have first and third person support, just like in any other Elder Scrolls game. The only difference is that you don't see your hands and weapons in first-person mode.

"The main difference here is that in an online RPG, enemies can spawn in a 360 degree radius around you, especially in PvP - so third-person view mode, if you use it, will give you a far greater ability to see enemies behind you.

"In many situations, this will be the difference between living and not surviving a combat sequence."

Competitive, Player vs Player combat is new to The Elder Scrolls. How did you approach this traditional MMO feature to make it feel part of the series?
"We took the world setting - alliances in conflict with no central power - and designed the PvP system around that idea. The player is a member of one of three Alliances, all fighting over the remains of the Empire and the Imperial City.

"There are strongholds and keeps and towns scattered around Cyrodiil which the player's Alliance can control and defend - the Alliance that controls enough of these strongholds will control Cyrodiil, and can crown a player Emperor.

"By tying the reason for fighting into the lore of the world, we made it understandable to Elder Scrolls players and MMO players alike."

How will you encourage teamwork in the game?
"Our philosophy for player interaction is to reward everyone. Older MMO design punished players for helping one another, leading to MMO terms like "kill stealing", "ninja looting" and the like.

"In ESO, we want players to help one another - so any time you come across another player in trouble, you can help kill his enemy, and both of you will get fully rewarded.

"Forming social connections is the basis for a long-lived and healthy player population, so we want to be sure that players are encouraged to help one another.

"Another way we do this is with public dungeons - these are non-instanced dungeons that are solo-able but designed to be harder and less forgiving than normal above ground content.

"When you explore a public dungeon, you'll often find players in trouble - as it is more difficult - so you can help others out at no cost to yourself - and who knows? You may make a new friend."

The Elder Scrolls Online will feature Skyrim as a region. How will it differ to that in the full game?
"This is one of the coolest parts of having the game set in Tamriel's remote past. Skyrim is there, along with its major towns.

"It "feels" the same as it did in The Elder Scrolls V, but because ESO is set in the past, we have our own stories and characters.

"Also, Skyrim at our time is a bit destabilised because of the recent Akaviri invasion, which was repulsed just a few years before ESO's setting. As a player, you will get to explore Windhelm and Riften - in the same place, but with altered layouts, and familiar ruins will dot the landscape."

Do you envision The Elder Scrolls Online tying into future mainline Elder Scrolls games in some way, or will this be regarded mainly as a separate entity?
"All of the Elder Scrolls games are tied together through lore. We work with the designers at Bethesda Game Studios to make sure that all lore is shared, so there is one contiguous Elder Scrolls timeline."

Read more:

Star Wars: The Old Republic / Here Lies Booms
« on: February 16, 2013, 06:53:46 pm »

Just visited theMemorial at the old Ilum Republic Base.

Pretty sure this Hefty Body is all that remains of our friend Booms after the Battle of Ilum.

Good times!


DayZ Mod / DayZ SA: Update Feb 15
« on: February 16, 2013, 06:25:08 pm »
Ivan is back!

The last two weeks have gone extremely fast for us. As many will have noticed, we didn’t do a devblog last week. While the aim is produce an update every week (scheduled for Friday), the reality is that development will always have priority over our devblogs - and there has been a huge amount of real work to do on the project!

To celebrate Ivan returning to assist with the tean; Ivan, Matt, and myself held a design meeting in a rather unusual setting - we went from a hike around a lake area in the Czech Republic. We got some excellent idea’s - and we’re all thrilled with the great concepts Ivan has been bringing. We look forward to including Ivan on our next video blog.

Project Team Expansion

One of the biggest changes in the last week has been the expansion of the project, both in scale and scope as well as with personnel. We’ve been getting more and more people involved, both locally and externally. Many of these people are from within the community. We hope that these people will be able to assist us in really pushing the game to its limits.

Multiplayer Testing

Our internal closed testing has been continuing, and then pausing, as we identify and fix crashes and other issues. The vast amount of changes we have made require meticulous testing. We’re hoping to begin our first large-scale capacity testing next week (assuming we have a stable enough build). This will involve us working the server over with around 50 people initially, then working up to 150 and beyond to obtain metrics as to what limitations we will have.

Architecture Developments

Our lead programmer has been continuing the revision of the entire engine multiplayer to operate under the server-client MMO model. The results have been outstanding, and it is going to radically change the product. As these changes are made we are filter them onto the approach taken at other levels, ensuring everything is moved from being done at a client level to being done at a server level.

We have been experimenting with some novel approaches  such as not having loot spawned at the server level, but having it spawned at the database level - therefore negating the ease with which loot tables could be produced and allowing us to conduct a form of economic regulation to item spawns dynamically. I think the end result, however, will be a mixture of the two approaches due to performance requirements.

Character Development

This is the absolute core of our current design efforts. As such, you can see some new screen shots of the new ethnic heads available for female characters. We want to allow characters to be fully customized and reflect the players story as they are going along. This has included some fantastic ideas inspired by the community. Until initial release, the vast majority of our efforts will be with expanding options for developing and customizing your character.

Inventory system

Based on feedback and development, changes continue with this area. It’s starting to operate really well. Our programmer here, Jirka, will eventually move onto the crafting system. He has been wanting to move onto this for some time, as it is a personal area of interest for him.

As part of the inventory system, we have started detailed work on the attachment system. Like the customization of characters, we want to allow maximum ability for the customization and development of a players weapons. As part of this, all weapons being introduced into DayZ are being redeveloped from scratch at extremely high detail. The work being produced so far is outstanding! This means that, on release, there will be less weapons in the standalone - but it allows us the ability to continue each week to release content updates with new weapons and items.

World development

Massive areas are changing here. Ivan Buchta having returned from his time in the Greek Prison has been a huge asset to the team, working with our world designer SenChi (designer of the Ironfront worlds) to redevelop Chernarus. I have included some low-detail screenshots taken by SenChi showing some of his developments.

Art development

New clothing, items, weapons, buildings, “special areas” are all the foci of art development. We are greatly expanding our team of artists, as we have hundreds of new items we want to include in the world.

This week’s blog is pretty light on detail and excitement, but the pace is such that pausing to write about it is taking too much time! Overall, each week is proving to be more exciting for us than the last.


Part of a regular feature we will be doing is to take peoples questions on twitter (hastag: #AskDayZ) and facebook - Matt will select a few and we will answer them.

Will we be able to host private (hive) servers? (Christian Haschek)

Private servers will be supported. The issue of private hives (central servers) is still an open question. Initially the answer is definitely no, as we need to concentrate the database centrally so we can continue development and change it regularly. There is a wider issue of regulating both the economy of DayZ, in terms of controlling item spawn, and ensuring a balanced approach. I think it comes down to a question of timing, much like with the mod.

There be any new features in the first version of the standalone or it will be the classic DayZ (Martin Rangelovwill)

The experience will be entirely new. There is virtually nothing that has been directly ported from the mod, everything has been redone. This wasn’t our original intention (hence the December deadline) - but it has evolved this way. We’re all glad it has!

End Game content - Other than the mad max mods to cars, what other endgame solution is there other than everyone becoming bandits, the forums have made mentions and suggestions of random events like raiding a c130 crash site or setting ambush to NPC convoys, What do the dev’s have in store for us? (Rhys Fiander )

Endgame is an open question, and is something we will look at later once we have got the basics where we want them (player customization, controls, animations, zombies, loot spawn, attachments, disease, hacking, etc…). I’m personally not a fan of NPC’s but we have been keeping this available as an option for development. I kind of think  using NPC’s is cheating in this context. I am sure we can come up with a more creative way of doing these kinds of events, working directly with the community.

Dean: will you being adding other food and drink types (Ross J MacGregor)

The list of planned items is huge. A reasonably small functional set will be available initially, then new items and weapons during weekly updates.

Are you working on other ways to indicate hunger, thirst, temperature to achieve a more minimalistic HUD or getting rid of it completely and instead use sounds and such ? (Jesper von Hundhufvud)

The current situation is “no HUD” and we hope to keep it this way, demonstrating through the use of sounds and animations. We do need to add options for those with hearing impairments and we will look at those options too.

It was a very romantic evening for me cleaning my sneaker collection (I’m a total sneakerhead), so no - I did not get my date in the end! No matter how many Lamborghini’s I promised!

What will be the pricing on standalone? (Dylan Panda Belisle)

It is still to-be-confirmed. However, to put it in perspective, I want a higher price than nearly everyone else in the company. So we’re not talking an expensive product. Released now, I am confident people are getting more than required value from the product.

Will you continue pursuing/developing the humanity system? have you made/felt the need to make any changes? (Daniel Yacoubian)

I think this will continue to be developed throughout the life of the product, it will be a very subtle art to get it right.

Will the number of zombies be increased, or should we expect a similar amount? (Kyle O’Dowd)

Yes, expect the numbers to increase as they are controlled directly on the server independent of player locations.

@Lirik - Will there be character slots or will it be limited to one survivor?

Initially, just one live character for each player account. We store a huge amount of data for each character, so we need to limit it.

@Biddaman - From what we know about next gen consoles so far, would Dayz be possible to run on those machines?

Personally, yes I believe it would be technically possible. Some of the consoles will be easier than others. There are some issues with requirements for publishers which are really annoying, and I have been frustrated in the past with some of the rules required that force some weird design changes in games (I don’t like tutorials!).

@zSc0pe - Will there be changes with the chat? I would like to be able to type or talk to friends in game without the whole server knowing

We’ve started development of a basic radio system. If you’ve played Space Station 13, you’ll recognize this system. More to follow on that. And love the songs by the way!

@jerry_hopper - Will the squadXML be overhauled,2 achieve more interaction ‘outside’ the gameserver? or will there be some API which taps in dayz?

API is something we, longterm, want to look at for nearly everything - considering the outstanding creativity within the community. In particular I think it is best to allow the community to develop its own player profile statistic sites. But this is something that will come much later in the year.

@Ray23estRay - If there will be any further map releases for DayZ in the future,will they be released as DLC content for money?

We are starting our planning process for this, but we don’t have any idea how we would monetize it. There are issues with the DLC model we would want to avoid. We’re hoping we will be so successful in sales, that we can just release as a free content update.

@TheBeehawk - What kind of vehicle customisation [sic] is planned?

I have only basic ideas on this currently, essentially functioning similar to the weapon attachment system we have designed. If your car has a missing or damaged door, take the door off another car. But of course, if they are different colors, you’ll see that. Each part also has various damage states, so we end up with GTA-esque damage visuals.

@Chernoeb Will there be different servers with different weapons. Example: One server has DMR’s while another server has no DMR’s

Not initially. Either loot will be entirely controlled centrally by the central server, or it will spawn based on loot probability tables, or (most likely) a combination of the two.

@poopthought - Do you have any malls, hotels, prisons or bigger hospitals planned for the standalone?


@EvanLutes1999 -   Will there be the old weapons from the mod, new weapons, or a mix of both?

New weapons, based on the old weapons.

IAsh - How many clothing varieties should we expect?

Once released, expect new content every week. We are planning hundreds and hundreds of clothing varieties.

The Elder Scrolls Online / The Comprehensive ESO Mechanics thread
« on: February 15, 2013, 05:03:31 pm »
Latest Updates – 15th February 2013


1.0. – The Environments
2.0. – The Factions
3.0. – Guilds
4.0. – MegaServer
5.0. – General World PvP
  •     5.1. – Distrationary Gameplay
  •     5.2. – PvE Dungeons and other Environments
6.0. – PvP In Cyrodill
7.0 – Combat
  •     7.1. – Anti-UI Combat Philosophy
  •     7.2. – Monitoring the Environment and Animation
  •     7.3. – Tab-Targeting, Soft lock & Projectile/Range attacks
  •     7.4. – Blocking &  Dodging
  •     7.5. – Tactical &  Strategic Combat
8.0. – The “Finesse” System
9.0. – Character Progression
  •     9.1. – General Levelling
  •     9.2. – Class Freedom
  •     9.3. – The Perks System
  •     9.4 – Gear, Item Affixes and other stats
10.0. – Abilities & Skills
  •     10.1 – Abilities & Skill Loadouts
  •     10.2. – Hotswapping
11.0. – Stealth
12.0. – Story Progress
13.0. – Character Customisation
14.0. – Miscellaneous Information

1.0. The Environments

So the entire world of Tamriel will be scaled as how the previous 3 games, Skyrim, Oblivion and Morrowind, have been. We will see all of the major towns and all important structures, buildings and dungeons as they were in those previous games. So the City of Windhelm looks and feels the same; The Palace of the Kings will look how it was before, carved in the same stone. The river moat outside the city will be exactly how it was in Skyrim. However, the layout of the buildings and homes within these towns and cities will be different, as this is 1000 years before Skyrim, and 700 years before Oblivion. The developers want the feeling of us, “going back in time” as well as giving us the feeling of nostalgia.

Not all of the world will be available at launch; many dungeons and areas in provinces will slowly be released through content patches, and expansion packs.

There will be a Day/Night cycle, but they will not comment on how this will affect the game.

ESO will also be heavily PvE focused until we reach level 10, which is where our story “really begins” to make a Heroic name for ourselves.

2.0. The Factions

So, we all know that we will all be locked in factions. We will not be able to go into other peoples provinces at all. At no moment in time would I, a Breton, be able to go into the Ebonheart Pact and venture into Skyrim. The developers want to separate the factions as much as possible; and divide up the population leading to interesting roleplaying elements. This, as a consequence affects guilds, which is discussed later on.

The faction system is very divided and stretched in this game, which makes it very interesting.
I will discuss the 3 way factions work in separate different paragraphs; as the Factions pays a part in many other mechanics in the game; including questing and guilds. As part of the lore, the other alliances are meant to be your enemies, the ones you kill. And to have open/free areas in the maps for all factions to go in wouldn’t make any sense, unless there was complete Open-World PvP. The developers have stated that they DO NOT want ganking in any shape or form in PvE areas, and this is why there is a strict faction lock.

3.0. Guilds

Guilds will be faction locked according to the sources. This is because the developers want the players instinctively hate the other factions and races as part of the Role-Play element and only see the enemies in the battlegrounds in Cyrodill. However, you will be able to do Public Dungeons with other people from other factions so Nords and Bretons CAN PvE with each other, which will be discusses later on in the thread. It is unconfirmed if in the newest version of the game that guilds will have the guild-faction lock lifted.

They’re incorporating Facebook and other Social Media sites into Guilds in ESO. One example was that you could create a Facebook group, and directly import the members in that Facebook group into an ESO Guild, as long as that person has an ESO account and has linked their account to their Facebook.

You can also import your Facebook friends list into your ESO friends list, as long as those people have their ESO account and Facebook account linked. Matt Firor really wants MMO Guilding to not only be an in-game community, but use social networks to revolutionise Guilding and ESO communities outside of the game.

Guilding also plays a part into PvP. Matt Firor has said that the best and most organised PvP Guilds will level up as a whole much faster and gain new rewards. This is done through doing various activities in PvP, such as capturing keeps in PvP

The developers also want Guilding, or grouping to be much more of an enjoyable experience than solo play, rewarding you more, giving you more XP and being able to complete content faster. However, this hasn’t been said how it will work. Most likely loot will be instanced, as the developers also do not want competition in PvE.

4.0. MegaServer

The MegaSever is multiple, individual servers which are all networked together to give the impression everyone is connected to one gigantic server, one world, one universe. It is all one real-time world, which is separated by instances. This is so people do not have to reroll characters to play with friends, or go through the hassle of finding your friends/settling in different servers for the most competitive gameplay.

I could be playing solo, and then decide to switch to my friends instance and play with him. NPC’s are also instanced, so I and a friend could venture into a town. I saved the town in a side quest, and they’re all cheering me on, shouting my name! Whereas my friend will see them all crying, depressed and upset.

This MegaServer instances you out and sorts you out with players you want to play with. So first, it takes into account with Guildies. If you have any Guildies online, it’ll instance you with those Guild mates. If you have no Guildies online, next priority is your friends. If you have neither friends, nor Guildies online, then it will phase you out, and place you in instances with people who’re similar to you.

This is all done by a survey which you complete directly after character creation. [14]

5.0. General World PvE

5.1. Disctrationary Gameplay

The Developers have mentioned something known as “Distractionary Gameplay”. This is their term for an environment which is filled with content which will stray you off your main quest objective. So you could be on your way to deliver an Item to an NPC, when suddenly a villager comes up to you, asking to kill these Bandits who’re harassing her Husband, or maybe stray you off with a dungeon you never noticed before, which is screaming “Explore me!” in your face, which then leads to another quest chain you start doing, even before you completed your main quest objective. This system is very similar to the Dynamic Events system we’ve seen in GW2, but the Developers want theirs to be very different and not “events”

Another element in “Distractionary Gameplay” are Daedric Anchors. Daedric Anchors are similar to what the Oblivion Gates were in TES:Oblivion. The Daedric Anchors are portal-like objects that randomly spawn throughout the world; they’re a gateway where the Daedra can spawn through and even attack us players. It’s up to us to kill the Daedra and banish the Anchor from the land of Tamirel.

5.2. PvE Dungeons and other Environments

Public Dungeons and Heroic Dungeons will see light in ESO. This is an Old MMO system where dungeons are free for everyone to play and join whenever they wish. Public Dungeons which are in many old the older MMOs will progressively get harder for every 1.5 players who join the dungeon. However, there is hardly any information on how Public Dungeons will work in ESO. It is indicated that Public Dungeons are separated in phase/instances in-conjunction with the MegaServer.

Some of these Dungeons, according to sources, may be randomised like what we’ve seen in a lot of ARPG’s, and even a few MMO’s. This is to ensure that not all content is the same experience over and over again and not easily predictable. [21]

Paul Sage talks about how civilised areas in Tamriel are owned by the Alliances. There are areas in the wilderness and the world however, which aren’t owned by anyone. These areas will be known as “Adventure Zones” which is full of challenges and obstacles to go through. These also, can be done solo or in groups. These Zones will be level-50 only zones. [14] [21]

Heroic Dungeons will presumably be instanced. [21]

One very interesting thing is that PvE systems, dungeons and quests can be done in Cyrodill. This is indicating that Cyrodill is not only just a battleground for PvP, but an open-world PvP area, full of areas for people to not only PvP, but to also do dungeons and Raids. One of the developers lightly commented that in fact, public dungeons in Cyrodill are accessible to all races, indicating that PvP can in fact not only on the ground, but also underground in dungeons. That Nord messing up your dungeon run? Why not just slay that filthy Eboneart scum!

6.0. PvP In Cyrodill

So the Developers really want a Dark Age of Camelot feel to PvP. Instead of Realm Points which we gained from DAoC, we will get something known as Alliance Points. These Alliance Points allow us to, presumably, to increase our Magicka, Stamina and Health pool, similarly to how it was in DAoC where you could use Realm Points to increase certain stats and acquire new abilities.

Alliance Points also allow us to gain Alliance Ranks. Each new Ranking will give you a new Title and Icon next to your name and there will be a total of 23 Ranks at launch. Emperor will be crowned to which player has the most Alliance points within the last 24 hours of gameplay. This will be a rotation that goes on every day at a certain time.

Cyrodill will be separated into Campaigns, each supporting around 2000 people, divided up by each of the 3 factions. This is to ensure that Cyrodill is as open as possible, and not just a crowded battlezone which disrupts many of the other PvE and Story elements that solo players, or non-PvPers would get annoyed by whilst venturing throughout Cyrodill.

The campaigns are also split between Guilds. Entire guilds will always represent an entire campaign, and whilst in a Guild, you will always be assigned to that one Campaign. It is not said how this will interfere with users who’re in in Multiple Guilds, or how the MegaServer with the filtering will act with this system. [21]

The Developers also have said “Everybody benefits from it”; In other words, they want your realm, your faction, to benefit from another players war effort. They’re referring to a system like how it is in GW2, where everyone in that realm gains buffs and extra experience points or rewards for their realms effort in the WvWvW. So yes, PvP will heavily influence your realm. Every man counts! [21]

You can also Fast Travel between keeps that your faction owns. However, if that keep is under attack, you cannot fast travel to it.

Destructible environments are another aspect the Developers really want to push out in PvP. They want you to capture a keep however you want. Whether that means going through the front gate of the Keep, or blowing all the walls up around the Fortress, they want you to PvP however you want. They do not want people to be bottlenecked and only limited to 1 or 2 ways to breach a keep.

You can also upgrade siege weapons however you want. Make them deal more damage to take down gates or fortress walls, or coat them in armour to protect them from enemy attacks. You can even have guards protecting your Keeps and Fortresses, which you can also level up. [16]

ESO will also have systems in place to ensure equal footing in PvP/Cyrodill. They do not want a Veteran-Only PvP game, where the Veterans with the best gear, best skills and most time invested into their character to completely overrun the battlefield. It is unconfirmed how they will manage this equal-footing, other than level scaling and tactical PvP. This balancing also needs to be in place, as there will not be separate gear for PvP in Cyrodill.

The scaling will make everyone in Cyrodill level 50, and will scale up their Hitpoints, Magicka, Stamina and other uncomfirmed stats/resourced. You will not gain new abilities through this scaling. So any armour and abilities you have, you will have to stick with them even with the scaling. It is unconfirmed if your ability levels will also scale upwards.

Paul Sage in an interview has stated that there will be PvP Skill Lines and Special Armour you can obtain. He has not said what these are, how you obtain them, nor the impact of these two additions. From a speculative point, we can assume we will use our Alliance Points to purchase these new Armours. [21]

7.0. Combat

We all know about the synergy system and how it works, so I will not discuss this in depth. However, for those who do know what this is, you will be able to make combos with your allies to give you a strategic advantage. So if a mage sets off a firestorm AOE, a warrior can run in, create a “whirlwind” and fire off those fireballs for example.

7.1. Anti-UI Combat Philosophy

The developers, and they couldn’t stress this enough in the video interview, DO NOT want a lame, boring UI combat system where you see cast times and numbers. They want their combat system to be all based on visuals; Colours and Animations.

They’re making us focus on enemy actions; React to the Reaction. They don’t want you to be looking at the UI; where I just Hard-lock, press buttons, and monitor my HP levels. They want a very active gameplay where you can interrupt enemy animations and stun them.

7.2. Monitoring the Environment and Animations

One example they gave was where a Giant could get ready for an attack. He’s slowly raise his club and prepare to swing it, and you as a group or players and stun him, sweep him off his feet and knock him down to counter the attack, rather than just tank it and call your healer.

Another thing is the AOE markers. All ally AOE pools will be marked in Green, where all of these will be safe to go in and synergize, or even gain buffs. Red AOE pools  however are all enemy areas, dangerous, full of debuffs Areas of Damage.

They also don’t want people looking at their cooldown timers; in fact. Skills in ESO won’t have a cooldown timer at all. They’ll instead be resource allocated governed by your Stamina and Magicka for levels, except for Ultimates, which I will touch on further on in the thread.

7.3. Tab-Targeting, Softlock & Projectile/Range attacks

So the softlock is simple aiming, just like it is in Skyrim and other TES games. You have a little crosshair/aim circle which you use, to aim your hits on enemies.

Interestingly, there is a crossfire system. So I’m aiming at Enemy A, but Enemy B runs in between myself and Enemy A whilst I am firing my projectile or executing my attack, I will hit Enemy B instead. Also with this system, all of your projectiles and melee attacks pass through your allys.

This can lead into interesting tactics, so if I am about to die from a range attack, an ally tank can run in between myself and the enemy to tank the rangers hit and defend me. In turn, I can get the healer to heal me up, and now I can return a volley of arrows towards my opponent, whilst my tank is in front of me taking all the damage.

There is Tab-Targetting in ESO. Please, do not confuse this with Hard-Lock. There is NO Hard-Lock system in ESO.

You can hover your mouse over your target, and Tab-Target on them. You can also use Tab to cycle through all of the available enemies around me. There are a few bottlenecks regarding the Tab-Targeting system.

Firstly, crossfire does affect Tab-Targeting. So using the example above, if I Tab-Target on Enemy A, but Enemy B runs in between myself and my Target whilst I am firing my projectile or executing my attack, I will attack Enemy B instead.

Tab-Targeting also has a very light homing-system. So if I fire a projectile at an enemy, my projectile slightly curve/follow to a target. This is to ensure that latency issues do not arise whilst trying to fire projectiles at moving enemies. This homing-system bottlenecked however, and this is through your crosshairs/aim.

In order for Tab-Target attacks to hit your opponent, your crosshairs or aim circle must be adjacent to, above, or slightly around your target. This is to ensure that you cannot do 90 Degree trick-shots in the air, whilst your back is turned to your opponent, and still hit your target. So remember, with Tab-Targeting, you must actually face and aim at your opponent to actually hit your target.

Tab-Targeting in ESO is more like an aid to your soft aim, think of it that way. You can also lock onto your target, move your cursor over elsewhere onto another enemy or run around, but please note that you must aim towards your target if you wish to attack them again. There is NO Auto-Attack in the Elder Scrolls Online. [19]

Tab-Targeting also does have a UI feature of some-sort, but it is unconfirmed what the UI looks, or how it allows you to keep track of your target if he/she is moving or running away from you.

7.4. Blocking & Dodging

Blocking can be used in many different ways according to the sources. It could mean:
  •       Migating/Taking less damage from attacks
  •       Using your shield to bash/knockback/stagger your opponent
  •       Can be used as a Stun-Block, or to break out of Crowd Control
Remember, all of these different uses for blocking does use up your stamina.

The Developers have also confirmed that you can doge. Dodging will work by double tapping your WASD movement keys. Dodging will also consume stamina, just like blocking. You’ll also be able to stun opponents with little combo’s. One example given was:
  • A really fast left click followed by a right click will stun or stagger your opponent

7.5. Tactical & Strategic Combat

Enemy mobs will have very intelligent AI’s. Smobs will stand back and kite, heavy armour/tanky mobs will try and stall out as long as they can whist the ranger can DPS you and your allies. Mobs will act like any other player would. This is because they want ESO to be a game of Strategic and Tactical Combat, rather than Hack n’ Slash combat.

They really want to emphasise that skill and tactical combat to give you a massive advantage in combat and cannot be outmatched by a player decked out in the best gear. They want players to carefully manage their resources in combat (Stamina and Magicka). As I said before, this system they’re developing is to eliminate a Veteran-Only meta-game in PvP, especially in Cyrodill. (So hopefully this should end the whole PvE & PvP Gear Progression debates)

There are many combos and synergies in ESO you can take advantage of. This leads onto a system Zenimax Online call “Finesse” (Pronounced fin-eese)

8.0. The “Finesse” System

This system rewards you for taking advantage of Synergies, tactical advantages and strategic combat like Staggers and Knockbacks. The more you take advantage of the combat system, the more “Finesse” you get. This “Finesse” gives you more experience points during that combat, and also rewards you with either more loot, or more unique items.

Some of the things that rewards you with Finesse are:
  •        Staggering, Stunning and Knocking-Back your opponent
  •        Blocking Attacks
  •        Avoiding and dodging attacks
  •        Taking advantage of Synergies, crowd control and enemy status-aliments [7]
Consequently, if you get hit, you lose some Finesse. [19]

Developers have stated that Finesse also pays a role in Guilds, and PvP in Cyrodill.

The Finesse system is also how you charge up your Ultimate. You have a bar which shows how much charge you have, and you can charge that up with Finesse. So people who are not really active in combat participation will not be able to use their Ultimates as frequents as other players who do use Finesse to their advantage. This also reduces spam of ultimate moves, and makes it so only the most skilled players or those who take advantage most will always have an advantage over other players. [7]

9.0. Character progression

9.1. General Levelling

In ESO, we will be capped at level 50. This is to lead us into many expansion packs where our max level cap will be increased, giving us a real progression in each expansion release.

Paul sage has stated that he wants us, the players, to work hard to get the gear we want. He also stated that he wants us to feel rewarded, full of achievement when we do accomplish our goals of getting the gear we went. This is hinting towards a very long progression curve and grinding (Sorry! No freebies here!) They estimated that it will take 15 hours to reach level 10.

You will be able to level up your skills with the weapon-type you’re using, just like in Skyrim. So if you’re wielding any Bow, you’ll increase your Archery skill or wielding Two-Handed swords increases your sword talents. [19]

Levelling up these weapon talents also allow us to gain new skills and abilities. [19]
9.2. Class Freedom

They want us to be as free as possible with our character progression, so a Templar can become a healer wielding two handed sword, and switch to pure healing. Whereas another Templar could be pure mage, and switch to pure healing. This, is to bring up class diversity; Making every character unique in their own way instead of every class using the same build.

They want you to play however you want to; including the famous “heavy armour mage” back in Skyrim. The developers have said you CAN do this in ESO, however equipment does affect your skills in some sort, indicating that a heavy armour mage will be outputting much less damage than a mage in robes.

Visuals are another aspect they lightly dabbled on. They want you to look however you want, whilst being effective. So yes, you could pull off that Glass Chestplate, with a Daedra Helmet look, whilst being as effective as someone in full Daedra, but yet this hasn’t been mentioned how this works. Most likely, it will work through the enchantment system (Yes, enchantment has been confirmed!)

Talking of armours, without the developers realising, they’ve semi-confirmed that will be seeing these armour sets:
  •       Daedric
  •       Glass
  •       Dwarven
9.3. The Perks System

So each time you level up, you will gain 1 Skill Point to invest in Health, Magicka or Stamina. The more you invest in these 3 core skills, the more you will work towards gaining Passive Perks and new abilities.

The first 3 perks have roughly been mentioned, but these are subject to change when Closed-Beta is released. These are:
  •        First Perk for Health Increases your overall Health Pool (The Pre-Alpha testers gave the impression this is an Additive Buff)
  •        First Perk for Staminia (Pre-Alpha testers used Endurance) gave us a Heal Over Time each time you successfully block (Not mentioned if this can be stacked)
  •        First Perk for Magicka gave us some resistances, though the Pre-Alpha testers didn’t seem 100% sure if this were the case
Vampirsm and become a werewolf is available. This is obtained through the perks system. You can also get pets through the perks system to aid you in combat.

This also ties in with crafting, but they do not want everyone to be a master of all skills. Instead, they want people to focus on becoming the master of a skill. There is no comment on how this will be implemented, but most probably will work through a finite skill/perk system where you only have a limited amount of points to spend. This could tie in with the very slow progression system they want.

9.4. Gear, Item affixes and other stats

Also confirmed, that Armour and Power are two there stats, along with Health Magicka and Stamina. They will not follow the typical MMO skill/stat system with Strength, Agility, Movement Speed, Intelligence etc.

You will be able to get all 5 of these confirmed stats as Affixes. The Pre-Alpha testers could not confirm if there were any other item affixes on gear.
The 3 Primary Skills and their affixes also give your character increases to its performance in combat. As follows:
  • Magicka Affects the Strength and Damage of your magical spells. Higher Magicka allows you to cast more spells and more Magicka costly spells
  • Your Stamina affects:
  • your Damage with Weapons and Weapon Abilities/Skills
  • how long/often you can block
  • how long you can sprint for
  • how long sneak for
  • Health only increases the amount of survivability you have [20]
10.0 Abilities and Skills

10.1. Abilities & Skill loadouts

In ESO, the Classes only determine what core abilities you obtain. You have a total of 8 usable skills. Left and Right click with your mouse, which is your main hand attack, block, and most possibly dual-wield/offhand strikes. Then we have the skill bar, where 1-5 which are your abilities and skills which you can obtain whilst levelling, and 6 is your ultimate.

Skills 1 & 2 are skills which are tied with your weapons. So if you have a bow, skill 1 & 2 are skills related to the bow. Skills 3, 4 & 5 are tied to your class. So a Templar is healing dominant, majority of his skills will be healing based. A dragonknight on the other hand, would have more physical abilities and destruction spells in their arsenal. As you level up, you will be able to get yourself an arsenal of 20, 30, or even 40 skills to play around with. You will unlock new skills as you level up your Health, Magicka and Stamina, as well as maybe obtain abilities through PvP.

The Ultimates are also tied with our class. Two examples given of Ultimates, with the dragonknight are:
  •       One Ability engulfs a pulsing aura around the dragonknight, constantly damaging all enemies around him/her
  •       Another grants the dragonknight invulnerability from all damage
One of the Developers has indicated that you may be able to “customise” your abilities to deal more damage, or deal more AOE. This was very lightly touched on, and the extent of this customisation is unknown. It could mean that there is a system where you can alter your abilities to suit you, or whether it’s a very linear levelling system for abilities, where levelled variants have a large AOE, or deal more damage, rather than for example, customise a fireball so you fire multiple projectiles rather than a single projectile.

Racial Skills have been confirmed, but that is all we know. [20]

10.2. Hotswapping

Another issue is swapping abilities. In TES games, if you wish to switch your bow, your armour, your skillsets, your current usage of spells or abilities, you have to pause the game to do this. This is very good in a single player environment, where it’s only you in the game. However, this is an Online game, with thousands of other players. You cannot simply pause an online game, thus the developers have confirmed they will be implementing a hotswapping system, where you can change your skillset and abilities in real-time. You could switch from healing, to range combat instantly. This is still a work in progress, but hopefully we’ll see more of this in Beta.

11.0. Stealth

I feel that stealth deserves its own little section, as this a topic people have wondered how it works.

When you stealth, you will appear “shrouded” and dark to your allies, same how you’ll see yourself. To an enemy, you’ll be invisible as long as you are outside of the detection range. If you take damage whilst being in stealth, you fully uncover yourself and break out of stealth. Stealthing is all skill based, and every class can use stealth. It’s unconfirmed however how rogues play a role in stealth and whether rogues gain stealth perks which increase their stealthing abilities.

Crouching and Sneaking can be enabled with the “C” button on the keyboard. [14]

12.0. Story Progression, Lore & Role Playing

A lot of people have asked this… And yes. You CAN be the villain. You can go around and kill NPC’s for the fun of it. You can play that dangerous, barbaric character you’ve always wanted to be. Paul Sage strongly supports any fantasy elements in ESO, and that includes killing NPC’s. Though this is unconfirmed if you can kill NPC’s in your own faction or only in Cyrodill. They want everyone to have their own individual experience and story in ESO.

This leads onto the factions themselves. Each faction has their own unique and individual story you can go though which is separate from the Main Story with Molag-Bal. They’ve not commented on how the stories will differ, but they want every character to have their uniqueness.

The quests will influence our characters in some way. Again, it’s unconfirmed how this will take place, but this is to ensure that each character at end-game has is unique.

Majority of the Molag-Bal story-line will take place in ColdHarbour, which is Molag-Bals plane of oblivion. Unfortunately, this story-line is 100% solo and instanced, so you will not be able to request help in these story lines! [15]

Books around the world will open up new quests, as well as be part of the Mages Guild Story. These are called “Ancient Tomes”. Reading/Collecting Ancient Tomes increases your Mages Guild Rank. [18]

Also regarding books, each time you read a book, it is automatically added to your book collection. Books will not consume any inventory space and you can go back and read them any time you want. [18]

Dark Anchors are related to the Fighters Guild. The more Dark Anchors you destroy, along with their Daedra, the more rank you gain. [18]

Paul Sage has stated at some point, we will be able to “experience little parts of the lore”, such as the King Ransers War, which was 50 years prior to the Elder Scrolls Onlines setting. Paul Sage made it seem like we could go back into history. [18]

13.0. Character Customisation

This is a direct copy-paste from one of the Pre-Alpha testers about what the Character Creation opens are like:

  • First/Last Name: During character creation, the player will have the ability to enter both a first and last name for their character (forming an unique server combination). The naming guidelines: At least 3 letters long, starts with a letter and ends with a letter. No more than 2 of the same letter in a row. One hyphen or apostrophe at most.
  • Body: Type (triangular slider featuring points of Muscular / Large / Thin)
  • Body: Skin Color (various selections)
  • Face: Type (triangular slider featuring points of Heroic / Soft / Angular)
  • Face: Hair Style (slider featuring approximately 11 selections)
  • Age: (sliders)
  • Adornment: (sliders)
  • Eyes: (various selections)
  • Brow: (various selections)


First and Last name is to ensure that all players can get the name that they want. This is limited by the double letter rule they’re enforcing to prevent spam names, such as “Noooooord James” or “Leegolaaaaaass”

14.0. Miscellaneous Information

Yes, there will be an Online Trading Post, where you can put items up for sale. Though, the extent of this has not been stated whether it is faction locked or a Global Market, where you can sell through all 3 different factions.

You can also Loot items from crates and even from NPC homes. Maybe this was a slight hint that Lockpicking will also make an appearance in ESO?

You can use “R” for your consumables, such as potions or food. [19] [14]

"Shift" is to sprint. [14]

Achievement System and Lore Library (Hinting at the Book Collection I mentioned earlier) [14]

Red Glowing mobs are hostile. Yellow are neutral. [14]

"E" is your primary "action" button. It is also a "loot all" button. [14]

You can tab through your current active quest with “T”. [19]

Kill Cams will make a return in ESO. [19]

Mundus Stones, which are similar to Guardian Stones in Skyrim will make an appearance. Mundus Stones grant the players buffs. [20]

Unlike in Skyrim where you can fast-travel to every location you’ve obtained, ESO will have Wayshrines you need to find. Wayshrines will be ESO’s method of fast travelling through the world. It has not been confirmed if there will be a form of gold-sink for these Wayshrines. [20]


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