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General Discussion / Recipient of Guardian Honor
« on: August 07, 2014, 05:30:26 pm »

Brothers and sisters of The Guardians, today is a special day indeed. One might even say a “red letter” day! It is with great pride and my utmost honor to come before you to forever enshrine one of our own with the rarest and highest honor a member of The Guardians can ever strive to achieve.


Is hereby awarded The Crimson Laurel
In the depths of wretchedness, their soul shines like a single torch blazing in the night.
The highest honor a Guardian can receive, it is awarded to those extraordinary individuals whom personify the values and traits that the Guardians hold most dear, and live the Code through their every action. This award should be reserved for those Guardians who, without question, make TG the guild that it is.

Words cannot begin to do justice in extolling her virtues and worthiness of this loftiest of honors. Be it as a member, a leader in the World of Warcraft division or as our longtime Director of Personnel, she makes TG the guild that it is without question! There are very few Guardians who have joined our ranks that are not the direct result of Meg’s dedication, drive and love for TG. For many of you, Meg was the first Guardian you ever came in contact with. Let’s be honest, it can be a wee bit intimidating having your application answered by “The Fairy of Doom.” But her warm nature and caring spirit has shepherded many a hopeful applicant through the wringer and into lasting community and family with us.  Of course, to all current and future officers a word of advice, you don’t want to get a pm from the “Fairy of Doom” that you are falling behind on your applications.
I find the most telling reason why she deserves this honor is that her nomination wasn’t originally for The Crimson Laurel, but rather the Guardian Service award. Some that answered the call for why she would be deserving of that award actually said that the Guardian Service award wasn’t even enough to honor what she means to TG. They were right, because she actually already had been awarded the Guardian Service honor previously.

I hereby nominate Meghaya for the Guardian Service Award.

Launch of a new MMO for an active division is always rough on recruitment officers.  If they've done their job well, they have a ton of folks too put through their places and applications to process.  For a launch division, we'll frequently see 3 ROs and the DL involved during those high traffic periods, but before it even gets to that point, one person has read them all and started the process along the way.  I don't know if everyone understands the tremendous time, effort and care that Meg puts into her role he at TG, but hers is a critical and time consuming one that she consistently excells at.  I nominate Meg form her tremendous work, specifically around the deluge of applications we handled post-ESO launch up until post WildStar launch.  It was by far the highest volume of applications we've handled at any one time, with over applications processed to completion since June 1st, and another 20 currently pending, with a 60/30/10% split between WS/ESO/SWTOR.  A phenominal amount of work and her attention to each individual app has not faltered.

Excellent thought, and I agree. That said, I remember someone wanted to nominate her a year or so ago. My thought then was that she'd just received an award for her amazing work, so it wasn't pursued. I'd like to see her receive The Crimson Laurel. TG would not be the guild we are without her efforts over the years, and her experience was key in managing that influx of apps (200 apps in barely over a month!!?? Wow). It's not that TG would fold if she had to step down, but that the foundation and system that she's built and her consistency provides stability.

The Crimson Laurel
In the depths of wretchedness, their soul shines like a single torch blazing in the night.
The highest honor a Guardian can receive, it is awarded to those extraordinary individuals whom personify the values and traits that the Guardians hold most dear, and live the Code through their every action. This award should be reserved for those Guardians who, without question, make TG the guild that it is.
I have been wanting to put Meg up for this for some time see below. I hope you will consider changing your Award to  The Crimson Laurel.

I hereby nominate Meghaya for the The Crimson Laurel

I have changed Meg from Guardian Service Award to The Crimson Laurel is there really a question that she should not get this? Guardian Service Award is a great thing but I think Meg has moved way past that and should get the Crimson Laurel Award.

Meg is a true Guardian in every way.  She puts in untold hours doing the very best job at what she does.  She always puts the Guardian touch on everything she does.  She is a rock and her years of service should be award with our highest award. Meg without a question makes TG the guild that it is.
Based on feedback, and considerable thought (because such a thing is critical in the extreme IMO) I'm upgrading my nomination to the Crimson Laurel.  This is a honor we have awarded very few, but she is most definitely deserving of it.
My comments regarding the nomination of Meghaya for the Crimson Laurel.

In the description of Crimson Laurel it reads "This award should be reserved for those Guardians who, without question, make TG the guild that it is."  When I think about that and Meghaya in the same thought I can't help but think it's perfect.  She has spent years performing what is largely a thankless roll for this community.  Without her where would we be, what would we be?  Whatever the answers to those question are the answer certainly isn't where we are now.  Because of Meghaya's tireless efforts recruiting on a daily basis the World of Warcraft division carried on for years longer I believed it would.  Her efforts there helped develop an application system that she has executed as Director of Personnel.  Because of her efforts The Guardians boasts six divisions and well over 1,000 individuals in the member group.  When you look at those accomplishments and think about that opening phrase there is no question Meghaya is responsible for TG being what it is today.  The Crimson Laurel is not an award handed out willy nilly so I don't say this lightly, but Meghaya deserves to wear it.

Please join me in congratulating Meghaya “The Fairy of Doom” in joining those very honored few who wear the most prestigious badge of honor a Guardian can earn, The Crimson Laurel!



TG Sports! / TG Manchester United fanzone
« on: August 05, 2014, 06:06:07 pm »

I saw my mate, the other day
He said to me he saw the white Pele
So I asked, who is he?
He goes by the name of Wayne Rooney!
Wayne Rooney! Wayne Rooney!
He goes by the name of Wayne Rooney!

So yeah, he totally tore up the preseason tour through America and was named "Man of the Tournament" for the Guinness International Champions Cup. After United's pretty mediocre season last year and not qualifying for Europa or Champions League play this year, I'm pretty excited for the new season and the new man at the helm Louis Van Gaal.

General Discussion / Happy Birthday Superwhite!
« on: July 22, 2014, 09:14:36 pm »

Happy Birthday Ralth!

General Discussion / Official: Archage promoted to Squad status!
« on: July 18, 2014, 02:43:31 pm »
With interest high, and Beta upon us, I am happy to officially announce the promotion of Archage to Squad status within The Guardians! This squad will be headed up by Oawa and both Thranx and I are confident that the squad will be in good hands not only with his leadership, but with the help of the Guardian Archage players as well. Cooperation and communication will be paramount to ensure it's success and I have no doubt both of these will be available in abundance!

Stay tuned for updates from Oawa in the near future as he hits the ground running to help make this title a success!

Congrats to Oawa and the Archage players for making this possible! Have fun and, as always, LEAD THE WAY!

Star Citizen / Black Sheep Lieutenant Wanted!
« on: June 04, 2014, 09:03:33 pm »
So as many of you know, my rig is not up to snuff for SC. This really sucks because I really REALLY want to take my (Super) Hornet for a spin. But I'm going to hold off on buying a new rig till further in the development process. Let you guys work out all the bugs for me  8)

So that being said, these early alpha and beta stages are going to be great for practice and building teamwork. I am looking for someone who is interested in being the Squadron Lieutenant on an interim basis. There will be a better feel for our group leaders as we move into full launch so I want everyone to know that selection now doesn't guarantee anything. But hey, if you take the reins and are it till you are dead, or I find someone better then so bit it.



Requirements for consideration:

1. Stand up and be counted in this thread
2. Must be in the Alpha
3. Why do you want to be a Lt. in the Sheep?
4. What makes you think you're good enough?

General Discussion / Recipient of Guardian Honor
« on: May 28, 2014, 02:38:29 pm »

Brothers and sisters of The Guardians I am proud to recognize one of our own for their outstanding display of leadership and embodiment of Guardian values:


Is hereby awarded the Mark of Leadership award
Their commands are part rallying cry, part sermon and wholly undeniable.
Those who wear this mark have distinguished themselves among their fellows in showing leadership and inspiring those around them. This award is not limited to those holding an officer or official leadership title.

Being a Division Leader and Councilor doesn't come with a free pass to receive this award. Yes, outstanding leadership qualities are a necessity when it comes to steering the ship of a Guardian division, but it is the lasting impression left upon your peers that makes this award so meaningful.

I would like to nominate Jiraxis for the Proven Leader honor.

During Jiraxis' time as DL for SWTOR, we have seen a stabilization of our numbers and recently a spike in the numbers of online members.

I attribute this to Jiraxis' putting the right people in the right job; be it our RO's that are leading the charge on recruitment or PVE officers that help get as many members involved in flashpoints and raiding as possible.

Jiraxis has also had to deal with drama and conflicts in his time.  and despite how frustrated he may get that a petty issue or even a larger one occurred, he has done a great job in staying calm, listening and rendering a judgment based on the facts of the issues and not emotion and frustration.

He has been a steady and calming force for the division that has us set up for continuing success; building upon what his predecessors have built.

Jiraxis for the proven leader award.

Jiraxis has done a outstanding job at running the Div. He has built the Div in to a power house on the server in many ways.  The Guardians Swtor Div is still one of the strongest Div we have and there's no sign of this changing. With most nights hitting 20-30 members logging in he has earned this award.

SWTOR, as a game, has gone through a range of  challenges, ebbs and flows. Throughout these times Jiraxis has been a consistent and steady keel, allowing the SWTOR Division to thrive, even when server population levels dropped, the game went f2p and other guilds would rise or fall.

He is always thoughtful, consultative, respectful, honest and straight shooting. While each of these characteristics are common on their own, it is rare to see them balanced with each other. He doesn't just lead the division, he inspires. Jiraxis, with the leadership team, identifies strengths in the members and enables them to excel based on their interests.

Overall, I have been impressed with his leadership and admire the qualities he brings to the Division. These things in mind, I recommend he be awarded Proven Leader and a guild-wide high-five.

High praise for someone who simply conducts his affairs in both leadership roles and personal interactions in a way that is a shining example for all Guardians, now and in the future.


General Discussion / Recipient of Guardian Honor
« on: May 15, 2014, 04:26:50 pm »

In recognition for outstanding achievement in The Guardians: Elder Scrolls Division:


Is hereby awarded the Field Achievement award

**Through a mistake while drafting a new Guardian Honors post I accidentally deleted the recommendations for Zlad's honor. One thousand apologies, but no less well deserved!

General Discussion / Dallas, Texas. May 8, 2014
« on: May 09, 2014, 12:27:06 am »
Severe Thunderstorms to Hit Dallas Texas on Thursday May 8, 2014 Small | Large

What's crazy is this guy in Nova Scotia was pretty much right on about what went down here today.

Warrior / Little Ball of Hate: Shocktrooper edition
« on: April 28, 2014, 10:45:20 am »
Some of you have asked for my burst rifle build so here it is:

Build note: The Signet of Might and "On my mark" are recent changes still in testing. Usually those skills had been Berzerker Stance and Endure Pain with the trait in Discipline changed to either Sharpened Axes or Sweet Revenge.

I have to say that this build is insanely fun for me to play. It also might be the most successful build I've ever played in wub wub.  I have high survivability with high health, good armor and 65% condition duration reduction. I'm sure that I could get the burst damage higher on "Kill Shot" but I like where things stand at the moment with my high survivability.

I think of this build as an enemy supression type role. Zergs are cautious to advance when they are getting hit for serious numbers at range in a hurry, and the rifle pierces so positioning can really befuddle balled up zergs. Obviously the rifle is your main weapon and the idea is to go Rifle 4 for vulns, Rifle 2 for immobi, the either Rifle 3 for burst or "Kill Shot" if you have the adrenaline. If Kill Shot is fully charged then I would pop "Sig. of Rage" for might stacks, On my Mark for 10 stacks of vuln. and Sig. of Might to make unblockable. Then it's your Rifle 4, Rifle 2, Kill Shot and then Rifle 3 to finish.

Weap. swap is Sword/Axe but your offhand is personal preference. Having 25% speed increase with melee weaps makes this my primary travelling set, along with sword 2 being a huge leap on command. The leap is also amazing because when I am in one on ones I will be bombing on someone with my rifle and then while skills are on CD I can use sword 2 to leap at them, Axe 4 to gain fury and then either Axe 5 to spin to win or Sword 3 if the yare under 50% for bonus damage. The sudden change of positioning that leaping in their face with sword 2 usually really throws people off because they have been trying to recover from the barrage of bullets they have been eating. Dodging back out after and uncorking the rifle again really throws people for loops. Great battlefield management.
I'm usually pretty reckless in WvW but the battlefield control the Rifle gives me is amazing. I haven't lost a one on one yet since running this build, including against bunker wars and guards, and have been having an absolute ball!

General Discussion / GoT:Breaker of Chains
« on: April 21, 2014, 06:57:57 pm »

Daenerys Targaryen is a stone cold badass

Please give Emilia Clarke an Emmy for her speach at the end of this episode ("Breaker of Chains")! Doing the whole scene in a fictional language with that much energy and passion was amazing! One of my favorite moments in the whole series to date.

General Discussion / Dead Alewives D&D (a classic)
« on: April 15, 2014, 12:06:02 am »
Dead Ale Wives D&D Small | Large

I'm the dungeon MASTER! I control worlds, UNIVERSES! Every potion you drink, I MIXED IT! Every magic item you find I PUT IT THERE!

Rift / Nice to see renewed activity
« on: March 21, 2014, 09:32:00 am »
Hey y'all, your friendly neighborhood Ass. here. I just wanted y'all to know that I've noticed the renewed activity in the Rift mumble channel and I think it's great. If y'all need anything from me or the council please don't hesitate!

Warrior / Mace/Shield - GS Warrior theorycraft
« on: February 06, 2014, 03:07:54 pm »

Interrupts cause confusion so there are quite a bit of interrupts. Heal clears lots of conditions/plus condi immunity with zerker stance. Weakness and projectile reflect on mace/shield. Cripple/Immobi with GS 4.

Just something I'm playing around with to see if it is viable.


General Discussion / Recipient of Guardian Honor
« on: February 05, 2014, 07:23:43 pm »

It's that time again! Time for another long overdue honor! It makes me very proud that I have the opportunity to come before you all again to celebrate one of our own!

The greatest virtues are those which are most useful to other persons.
Is hereby awarded the Guardian Service award
"This award is intended to recognize those who sacrifice a significant amount of their resources above and beyond the call of duty to help better The Guardians. A Division Leader spending time writing up rules for their Division does not qualify for this…a member of a division sacrificing their time to create and maintain a specific database useful to the division for 2 years would."

There are many ways to "Lead The Way" but those who so selflessly give of themselves for the betterment of others are, in my mind, the highest example of this.

"She stuck with RIFT through think and thin and turned it back into a division. She worked hard to make everyone enjoy themselves and if not for her I don't think the division would have lasted as long as it did.  I am very happy to see her lead RIFT as a squad."

Pie is awesome! I know whenever I logged into Rift she'd be there to set me up with bags, gold, and anything else I may have needed.  She's outspoken, confident, and a riot in mumble.  I'd let her lead me into battle, or swarms of mobs 30 levels higher than me any day!

Pie has been a wonderful asset in every game I have played with her.  She has made amazing strides as a Leader while Rift was a Division.  Everything that is set before her she strives to exceed expectations.  A great example was when we were having a Guild meeting in Second Life.  Not only did she provide a fabulous spot for the meeting she spent a few weeks trying to get everyone acquainted to the game to make it the best possible experience even if it was for a short time. 

She has also worked tirelessly trying to obtain every type of crafter skill in FFXIV in order to be of assistance to the Guild and anyone else that needs items made.  When asked if Pie deserves this honor?  Hell yes she does without a second thought!!!!

I was first introduced to Pie while playing Rift, and to me when I think of The Guardians and Rift the first thing that always comes to mind is Pie.  When the Rift division closed the first time it was Pie that kept a light on for those that might pop in and out from time to time so they would always have a TG home to come back to.  Pie LOVES Rift, and when many others would have joined up with another group to experience all that the game they love could offer, she stuck it out alone always hoping that a time might come when the division would come alive again.  When that opportunity happened with Rift's first expansion, Pie was right there with the welcome mat out to greet everyone at the door.  She made a point of always trying to get everyone involved in the guild's activities, not matter what level they were or how long they had been a Guardian.  Pie has dedicated herself to making TG a better place everyday

The first time I heard about Pie was always with regard to Rift which I have heard (and seen) over and over again how well she has been the rock of that crew (division/squad?). She took the time to help show me the ropes when I decided to dabble in it. She always has the time to help out others if she can whether it be with information or action. When there is something that needs to get done, she is often one to just hop in and do it before waiting to be asked. The island she put together for the 'All Guild' meeting in Second Life is a prime example of that. She's not shy about letting you know what she doesn't know, as well, but she always wants to learn. That honesty is refreshing in a time of gaming where so many people playing would claim they've "beat the mmo

Pie Pie Pie - what isn't there to say about her that's good? =)  Pie is one of the smartest, level-headed, intelligent individuals I've come to known in TG and to top it off, she is just plain NICE.   She says what needs to be said when it needs to be said, and that also applies to functions such as leading the Rift division/squad and assisting in all aspects of keeping the guild running. 

The best part is she does this all without being condescending - she knows how to interact with people in a way that both guides them and encourages them to be the best they can be at whatever they are doing.   Pie has a talent for this, something that can't easily be taught and yet is one of the most important aspects of being a leader.   Oh, and did I mention she's super-nice? =)

Well, I am very new to the guild so let me say that first so you don't disregard my opinion but understand that it is from a not all that enlightened view. I encountered Pie several times while I dabbled in Rift, this was only a few weeks of playing mind you so like I said my interactions with her were limited at best. From what I saw however I do believe that if anyone deserves the award it would be her. She was in the time that I was around an exemplary leader, helped me out a few times with simple noob questions, this may seem like a no brainer but it was the way she handled it that makes me think of her as a leader. Explained the answer and actually took the time to not only give a yes or no but a this is why. Even though I have only been here for a short time I can see that The Guardians handle the awards/honors very seriously, and I can say that in Pie this honor will be well placed.

This is but a small sample but all of us who know Pie can attest to just how much she does for us in the games we play together. All the while she does so with a cheerful spirit and I'm honored to be in a gaming family with her.

Please join me in congratulating Pie on this award!


General Discussion / Recipient of Guardian Honor
« on: January 23, 2014, 07:41:11 pm »

Brothers and sisters of The Guardians I am proud to present one of the rarest honors a Guardian can achieve!

In recognition, long overdue, of outstanding achievement in The Guardians Guild Wars 2 Division:


Is hereby awarded the Field Achievement award
This award is given to Guardians who have achieved something great in the respective game they are playing. It is intended to award members for achieving something incredibly rare such as a server first kill for a raid team or completing all the achievements in a game where this is incredibly difficult. Getting an outstanding score in a PvP match or 20 headshots in a row, while impressive, is not going to earn you an award.

In Guild Wars 2, Structured PvP (sPvP) Voa was the 1st person in the entire game to achieve rank 50. He then went on to achieve an equally impressive 2nd game-wide to reach rank 70!

Voa was the first person in the universe to reach rank 50 in sPvp. Voa was the second person in the universe to reach rank 70 in sPvp. Voa's combination of dedication and skill are unmatched in all of Guild Wars 2. It's amazing he is literally the highest ranked sPvper in the entire game. This outstanding achievement does not only benefit Voa. Whenever we are in a game together and someone says, "Ermahgerd rank 70 :O :O :O", he always responds with something like, "Yes. Come check out the guild I'm in. We are a great group of people to Pvp with." Voa uses the attention he gets to positively represent and recruit for TG. I think Voa deserves this award for being the higest rank sPvper in Guild Wars 2 while using that to all of TG's advangtage.

I would like to give credit where credit is due. I use to play exclusively in Spvp. I can count on one hand the times that I've logged in and Voa was not on. As a steady hardcore spvp'er I've reached Rank 51 with devoting 3-5 hours playing time per day. Voa plays in excess of 10 hours a day. To accomplish Rank 70 is a feat in itself, but Voa also has completed 8 legendaries and ranked all his characters up to lvl 80 PVE. I can't fathom the time and dedication it took to achieve such acclaim in Structured. Only one or two others in the GW2 world have reached Rank 70. This speaks volumes to his consistent drive and determination to accomplish a seemingly unachievable goal.

Another inspiring example of a Guardian truly "Leading the Way!"

Please join me in congratulating him on this prestigious honor!

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