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General Discussion / Martini's weekend starter kit
« on: Today at 11:35:37 am »


General Discussion / Stealin' thunder...11 years!
« on: December 18, 2014, 10:14:50 am »
So just like Meg, I was congratulating another member on their 1 year anniversary and now congratulating Meg as well, that I realized that I just dinged earlier this week! I'm now part of the double year badge club at 11 years! (if only someone would make some 11+ year badges... :torynn:) My actual join date has been lost to antiquity with the decommissioning of the old boards. I use the date that I re-registered on these boards.

I've seen a lot of growth over the years and a lot of good friends come and go. The amazing thing to me is the number of us old timers that are still around and that the guild is still going strong after 12 years or so. Congrats to all the Guardians that have come before me, and all those who will come after. It's been a great home, a great family and I'm excited for the many more years to come!


TG Sports! / One of my favorite sports rivalry weekends is here!
« on: December 11, 2014, 02:45:38 pm »
Take me home, United road,
To a place, that I belong!
To Old Trafford, to see United!
Take me home, United Road!

Glory, Glory Man Uniiiiited!
Glory, Glory Man Uniiiiited!
Glory, Glory Man Uniiiiited,
As the Reds go marching ON! ON! ON!

Welcome to Old Trafford, it’s our Theatre of Dreams.
The power and the glory, oh the Stretford End will sing!
The Busby Boys will take the pitch with magic at their feet,
As the Reds go marching ON! ON! ON!

General Discussion / Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer
« on: November 26, 2014, 12:12:05 pm »
 :o :o :o :o :o

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General Discussion / Receipient of Guardian Honors
« on: November 12, 2014, 11:19:45 am »

Brothers and sisters of The Guardians, it is once again my distinct honor to come before you to recognize one of our ranks for their dedication and contribution to the betterment and success of our online family. Apologies as this award is long overdue, I’ve had all the info in my 70+ item PM box for some time.


Is hereby awarded The Mark Of Excellence Award
Dignitas Virtus.
The Mark of Excellence is intended to award those members who excel in what they are doing beyond a shadow of a doubt both in performance and knowledge of their craft. Beyond this they must use their skill and knowledge to help other Guardians excel as well. The nominee should be a walking talking Wiki for the craft in question. Knowing the ins and outs of a game and spending a significant amount of your time helping fellow Guardians excel at the game or having a great knowledge or coding and helping make TG’s website are examples of good reasons for this award.

The Guardian Mark of Excellence is truly an honor to receive because, to me, it isn’t just about your extensive knowledge and proficiency in a game, but using that to make the entire Division and Guild better for it. Your contributions to the SW:TOR Division have not gone unheralded or unappreciated. Let the words of your fellow Guardians speak for themselves.
I can't think of anyone more worthy than Raja to receive this award.  Since Raja has become a Guardian, he has been a model member.  He is a member that all divisions would be lucky to have.  Raja has been running at full throttle helping me and my other officers in our decision process for our weekly conquests.  Raja has built and maintains all our conquest data and analytics into a multi-tabbed google spreadsheet.  His detailed tracking has been used to pick our planets for the past few weeks with huge success.  We have not lost a planet since we started using the data.  He posts highly detailed conquest information each week for all our members to see what will be expected that week and how they can maximize their contributions in conquest.  I have heard him train numerous people at different times in mumble on how to get the most out of their crafting to benefit us during the conquest.  He has done all of this without any prompting by leadership or any promised of reward.  He deserves much more than this award, but I hope be receiving this reward he will know that we all appreciate him and his efforts to help The Guardians continue to be the best we can be.

Raja has been doing an outstanding job at running the Swtor conquest system.  He has put in untold hours putting together charts ,graphs and guilds that the division has been using to calculate strategy and plan of attacks. His work has been invaluable on this front.
would like to nominate Raja for the Mark of Excellence. The amount of work he has put in from his first day of joining The Guardians has been massive. From spreadsheets to research, he has been an important asset. I do not think we could have pulled off 4 wins in a row with out his help.

The amount of time he takes off from doing the thing he loves most, PvP, to help other members get an understanding of conquest and offer tips to maximize their points is also outstanding.
He's been up and active to the on going conquest happening in the guild the moment he stepped into The Guardians. Utilizing his resources, we manage to know things ahead of time, who goes to which planet, what's the priority target for the next week and other things. He's been always on the look out for next best thing for the guild to do in order to achieve the goals we aim for. Providing as much instruction as possible to those who aren't familiar with where to go. He always posts the guides on the forums for everyone to know what to focus on and have always been ready to lend a hand when needed. Either with commander conquest or not. Always up for helping people learn things and ready to share what he knows. These things have been witnessed by Drim and Jiraxis and Ierdosian and other people in the guild.
I want to nominate Raja for Mark of Excellence. His contribution to SWTOR conquest is above and beyond everyone else's in the guild. Without being asked to do so, he researched the conquest system, analyzed competing guilds' strategies in conquering planets, analyzed what benefits TG the most in galactic conquest, and formulated strategies for TG to conquer planets and for countering competing guilds' conquest progress. The amount of effort and the depth of the strategies he formulated for TG in the conquest system are unmatched. Because of his devotion to galactic conquest, TG is well on her way to become the first galactic conqueror on the server. Thus I nominate him for Mark of Excellence.
Since joining TG, Raja's passion for the new SWTOR Conquest system has lead him to creating tools for tracking our progress, our potential point out puts, and conquest scenarios that we are most vulnerable to our conquest rivals. 

he has also tracked this information for our rivals as best he can by their weekly performances.  the data, research and theory crafting that Raja has done has been a big help and a major factor for our current success and why we are only 1 planet behind for the server first title Galactic Conqueror.

Please join me in congratulating Raja for not only being nominated and receiving this award, but going above and beyond to make The Guardians the very best we can be!



General Discussion / Announcement: FFXIV and Rift Squads Decommed
« on: October 27, 2014, 09:05:43 am »
Decommissioning of Final Fantasy XIV and Rift Squads

As the sun finally sets on these 2 squads, I want to take a moment to send some love to everyone who has been invovled in these games. Especially, I'd like to say a big thank you to Kiyah and Pie for all of their efforts in keeping the lights on. I'm sure there will still be people playing and if you feel like picking up one of these games or giving it another whirl for funsies then be sure to hit them up. Even though it won't be an official game, we can still have a forum in the "other games" section for folks to talk shop about these games.

Thanks for all the memories!

General Discussion / Google Image Search: Game of Craft Brews
« on: October 21, 2014, 04:22:25 pm »
Because I like to get new ideas for yummy beers. I'll go first:

General Discussion / Dallas Stars Dynamic Due on Dude Perfect
« on: October 14, 2014, 02:09:38 pm »
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I got yer trick shots right here!

ArcheAge / Worth it to try?
« on: October 06, 2014, 11:46:54 am »
So just a quick question here about my rig and whether y'all think it is worth it to try and DL/play

I have an older rig and plan to build a new one after the turn of the year. I could play GW2 pretty well on my machine, SWTOR isn't bad but there is some lag from time to time. My framerate for the FFXIV beta, however, was horrible at around 2-4 fps and I can't even view the hangar module for Star Citizen (grrr I wanna get in my Super Hornet).

So I right now I believe my card is a Radeon HD2xxx and the minimum requirements have the 4xxx series. I'd like to try this out for funsies but just want an informed guess as to if it will even be worth my time to DL.

Thanks in advance!

ArcheAge / Last Night's Division Interest Meeting
« on: October 02, 2014, 11:17:11 am »
I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who attended last night's meeting. Besides that my damn modem kept taking a dump on me while I was either in mid-sentence or listening to someone else's opinions, I felt the meeting was extremely productive!

Just in case you weren't able to attend, I want to reiterate what Booms said in that now we have taken this important first step in progressing to Division-hood, the Council will take a few days to discuss the issue before Thranx makes his final decision. Typically this will happen within 7 days, as Booms mentioned. So if you woke up this morning expecting an angelic choir to herald in the news, don't be discouraged. Let the process take it's course and the world will turn.

Thank you again for everyone's attendance, participation and enthusiasm!

Star Citizen / $55 and $56 Million Stretch Goal Gifts
« on: September 26, 2014, 12:12:05 pm »
So quick question because I've been somewhat out of the loop lately. These "ship upgrade" gifts, are they just for AC or will they be part of the account when it hits PU also? I'm hoping it's the latter because I really like this bit from CR's recent Letter from the Chairman:

The winner of last week’s “ship upgrade” reward poll was…

    Ballistic Gatling – Preacher Armament Inquisition XXII: Preacher’s Inquisition XXII is the weapon to turn to when you want complete target saturation. Its dual-ammo feed allows you to hotswap feeds without exiting your ship, giving every owner the ultimate flexibility to pick the ammo based on the situation.

Every backer who pledges before we hit $55 million will have a pair of Inquisition XXII ballistic Gatling cannons added to their accounts!

General Discussion / WOW! Such Smoob!
« on: September 12, 2014, 03:29:12 pm »
Nice sig bruddah  :P

General Discussion / Receipient of Guardian Honors
« on: September 03, 2014, 10:15:18 am »

Brothers and sisters of The Guardians, it is once again my distinct honor to come before you to recognize one of our ranks for their dedication and contribution to the betterment and success of our online family.


Is hereby awarded The Guardian Service Award
The greatest virtues are those which are most useful to other persons.
This award is intended to recognize those who sacrifice a significant amount of their resources above and beyond the call of duty to help better The Guardians. A Division Leader spending time writing up rules for their Division does not qualify for this…a member of a division sacrificing their time to create and maintain a specific database useful to the division for 2 years would.

This award is one that I value quite highly and hold dear to my heart. It is quite the honor, indeed, to be nominated and recognized not for one’s own accomplishments but rather how much they give of themselves for the betterment of others. Personal glory and accomplishment are wonderful things, but to me, the selflessness of service is one of the greatest virtues of all! I’m not the only one who sees the immense value of this virtue:
Killa has always been one of the division's happy go lucky people.  He gets along with everyone and everyone thinks highly of him.  When asked for help, he stops whatever he is doing and helps.  He has always done this.  Killa is a driving force of in game recruiting.  He plays lots of alts so he can have maximum exposure to players for recruiting.  I haven't seen anyone in a long while stay on top of the administrative duties as well Killa.  He is very detailed in messages sent to recruits and stays on the top of the application status tracking. The execution of his RO duties have been virtually flawless.

I think what puts things over the top and makes Killa stand out is his attitude towards his duties.  Anyone who has been an RO knows how quickly burn out occurs.  It becomes a job really fast.  Even with Killa's length of time in the position, he is just as gung-ho as he was day 1.  This truly shows his desire to make the division one of the gems in the guild.  I think the best complement I could Killa is he is one of only a couple of people I would trust to actually decide if an applicant should be promoted to full member.  He is a vital cog in the SWTOR division machinery and deserves to be rewarded as such.

I've witnessed him spend hours helping recruits get set up on the boards to submit an application. I know he also has like 20 billion alts, some of which he keeps at certain levels to recruit at those levels in Flashpoints and War Zones. He keeps up with the recruits checking on them and seeing if they need anything. He tries to get into Operations with them (if the are level) to get to know them and foster the feeling of community that we all share in SW:TOR. All said I think Killeshandra show what it really means to be a Guardian.
Killa has been an excellent RO, and is directly responsible for finding and recruiting many of the recruits/applicants that ultimately have made to full member. 

Killa is super friendly, and one of the nicest guys around.  he has purposely kept toons at lower levels to interact with recruits of all levels.  Killa has made TG a better place by his presence and has worked the hardest of anyone to add more people that keep improving the quality of member we have gained in SWTOR these last several months.

Please join me in congratulating Killeshandra for not only being nominated and receiving this award, but clearly embodying the ideals we Guardians hold dear in giving of ourselves for the betterment of all!



General Discussion / Recipient of Guardian Honor
« on: August 07, 2014, 05:30:26 pm »

Brothers and sisters of The Guardians, today is a special day indeed. One might even say a “red letter” day! It is with great pride and my utmost honor to come before you to forever enshrine one of our own with the rarest and highest honor a member of The Guardians can ever strive to achieve.


Is hereby awarded The Crimson Laurel
In the depths of wretchedness, their soul shines like a single torch blazing in the night.
The highest honor a Guardian can receive, it is awarded to those extraordinary individuals whom personify the values and traits that the Guardians hold most dear, and live the Code through their every action. This award should be reserved for those Guardians who, without question, make TG the guild that it is.

Words cannot begin to do justice in extolling her virtues and worthiness of this loftiest of honors. Be it as a member, a leader in the World of Warcraft division or as our longtime Director of Personnel, she makes TG the guild that it is without question! There are very few Guardians who have joined our ranks that are not the direct result of Meg’s dedication, drive and love for TG. For many of you, Meg was the first Guardian you ever came in contact with. Let’s be honest, it can be a wee bit intimidating having your application answered by “The Fairy of Doom.” But her warm nature and caring spirit has shepherded many a hopeful applicant through the wringer and into lasting community and family with us.  Of course, to all current and future officers a word of advice, you don’t want to get a pm from the “Fairy of Doom” that you are falling behind on your applications.
I find the most telling reason why she deserves this honor is that her nomination wasn’t originally for The Crimson Laurel, but rather the Guardian Service award. Some that answered the call for why she would be deserving of that award actually said that the Guardian Service award wasn’t even enough to honor what she means to TG. They were right, because she actually already had been awarded the Guardian Service honor previously.

I hereby nominate Meghaya for the Guardian Service Award.

Launch of a new MMO for an active division is always rough on recruitment officers.  If they've done their job well, they have a ton of folks too put through their places and applications to process.  For a launch division, we'll frequently see 3 ROs and the DL involved during those high traffic periods, but before it even gets to that point, one person has read them all and started the process along the way.  I don't know if everyone understands the tremendous time, effort and care that Meg puts into her role he at TG, but hers is a critical and time consuming one that she consistently excells at.  I nominate Meg form her tremendous work, specifically around the deluge of applications we handled post-ESO launch up until post WildStar launch.  It was by far the highest volume of applications we've handled at any one time, with over applications processed to completion since June 1st, and another 20 currently pending, with a 60/30/10% split between WS/ESO/SWTOR.  A phenominal amount of work and her attention to each individual app has not faltered.

Excellent thought, and I agree. That said, I remember someone wanted to nominate her a year or so ago. My thought then was that she'd just received an award for her amazing work, so it wasn't pursued. I'd like to see her receive The Crimson Laurel. TG would not be the guild we are without her efforts over the years, and her experience was key in managing that influx of apps (200 apps in barely over a month!!?? Wow). It's not that TG would fold if she had to step down, but that the foundation and system that she's built and her consistency provides stability.

The Crimson Laurel
In the depths of wretchedness, their soul shines like a single torch blazing in the night.
The highest honor a Guardian can receive, it is awarded to those extraordinary individuals whom personify the values and traits that the Guardians hold most dear, and live the Code through their every action. This award should be reserved for those Guardians who, without question, make TG the guild that it is.
I have been wanting to put Meg up for this for some time see below. I hope you will consider changing your Award to  The Crimson Laurel.

I hereby nominate Meghaya for the The Crimson Laurel

I have changed Meg from Guardian Service Award to The Crimson Laurel is there really a question that she should not get this? Guardian Service Award is a great thing but I think Meg has moved way past that and should get the Crimson Laurel Award.

Meg is a true Guardian in every way.  She puts in untold hours doing the very best job at what she does.  She always puts the Guardian touch on everything she does.  She is a rock and her years of service should be award with our highest award. Meg without a question makes TG the guild that it is.
Based on feedback, and considerable thought (because such a thing is critical in the extreme IMO) I'm upgrading my nomination to the Crimson Laurel.  This is a honor we have awarded very few, but she is most definitely deserving of it.
My comments regarding the nomination of Meghaya for the Crimson Laurel.

In the description of Crimson Laurel it reads "This award should be reserved for those Guardians who, without question, make TG the guild that it is."  When I think about that and Meghaya in the same thought I can't help but think it's perfect.  She has spent years performing what is largely a thankless roll for this community.  Without her where would we be, what would we be?  Whatever the answers to those question are the answer certainly isn't where we are now.  Because of Meghaya's tireless efforts recruiting on a daily basis the World of Warcraft division carried on for years longer I believed it would.  Her efforts there helped develop an application system that she has executed as Director of Personnel.  Because of her efforts The Guardians boasts six divisions and well over 1,000 individuals in the member group.  When you look at those accomplishments and think about that opening phrase there is no question Meghaya is responsible for TG being what it is today.  The Crimson Laurel is not an award handed out willy nilly so I don't say this lightly, but Meghaya deserves to wear it.

Please join me in congratulating Meghaya “The Fairy of Doom” in joining those very honored few who wear the most prestigious badge of honor a Guardian can earn, The Crimson Laurel!



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