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Wow, this is intimidating... WoW I was know as Hesus/Derelicte/Aranath,
AoC I was know as Geta, Rift I was Bobby, currently in GW2 I go by Pinkey.

Favorite games....Dragon Warrior, FF3, Legend of Zelda,
Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Super Smash Brothers,  Tiger Woods, Crazy Taxi,
PSO, Fable, I kinda like to play the silly games on the Kinect, but that's just
because it's all I let my 2 kids play, so it's more about playing games with them.

Favorite things in life....Pizza, telling old stories from the past with friends over
alcohol, College Football, working all night then being able to avoid alcoholism by
playing MMO's as my wind down.

I guess the heart of my MMO wants/needs are to have fun playing with friends
while not feeling pressured into an officer position :P
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