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Author Topic: Race and Class Groups - Complimentary Training  (Read 6423 times)

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Race and Class Groups - Complimentary Training
« on: August 12, 2018, 12:56:27 AM »
With the new skill system in the past 2 versions, I'm going to put down my ideas for my skill training. I highly suggest everyone at least get on to start the skill training, then log in a day-week later to spend those point to get an understanding. Training is 3x faster so you'll get a great understanding pretty quickly.

Exploration (leads to harvesting)

Guinecean or Stoneborn
Fae or Elken

Rogue - Duelist
Mage - Cleric (except Fae) or Druid (Fae)

Race and Class will be important because you'll want 2 complimentary races and classes now that double dipping is removed. What I mean by complimentary, Fae and Elken are both behind the Faerie tier so swapping between them should be pretty easy, much easier than trying to get Human and Fae.

As an example for Race:

Mankind - Pure-Blood - Human | Nethari
             - Half-Blood - Half-Elf | Half-Giant
Sylvan - Elf - Wood-Elf | High-Elf
           - Faerie - Fae | Elken
Monster - Hybrid - Centaur | Minotaur
            - Underfoot - Stoneborn | Guinecean

My races and corresponding class:

stone - knight, champ, myrmidon, cleric
guin - knight, cleric, duelist

fae - asn, druid, frostweaver
elk - knight, confessor, temp, range, cleric

While writing this out I've decided, although my willpower will have to be pretty high, to complete each tier before moving to the next.  In the Race example above, finish Monster then finish Underfoot, this will allow me to swap between Stoneborn and Guinecean as I'm getting bodies. Actually Race is a bad example but the Class would make a difference.  Although the last Race and Class tiers are a year to a year-and-a-half away.

edit: found out skill speed is 3x not 10x.
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