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GW2- Achievement Hunting
« on: February 02, 2012, 01:47:13 PM »

I'm 99.99% sure we have some people who absolutely love getting achievements in games so this thread is for you.

There are three types of achievements:
- Regular achievements — non-repeatable long-term goals with purely cosmetic rewards.
- Daily achievements — short-term, repeatable and easy-to-complete goals that reward gold and experience.
- Monthly achievements — medium-term, dynamic and varied goals that reward substantial gold and experience upon completion.

- Titles can be earned by completing certain achievement tracks.

Regular Achievements
These types of achievements are designed to reward long-term progress and are all account based. They include things like the Centaur Slayer achievement, which tracks how many centaurs you’ve killed, as well as achievements specific to each of the different story arcs. Achievements encompass all aspects of the game from WvW to PvE to PvP, and even noncombat activities, such as trading and leisure games. Each achievement is divided into tiers, and every tier you complete awards you with achievement points. As your achievement points accumulate, they are reflected in your account’s achievement score. This score is easily viewable in both the friends and guild panels and is an easy way for you to compare your overall level of achievement progress with your friends and guild mates.

Comparing scores with your friends and guild mates can be good fun, but we also wanted to provide rewards other than just a higher achievement score. This is where titles come into play. A title can be earned by completing certain achievement tracks and is displayed beneath your name for everyone to see. For example, a player could choose to display the Dungeon Master title if they’ve completed the explorable mode for every dungeon at least once. Those who are really into earning achievement points can also unlock repeatable versions of some achievements after completing the base set. For example, anyone earning the Dungeon Master title will also earn access to a repeatable achievement that gives them points every time they finish a dungeon in explorable mode.

Daily Achievements
Daily achievements are a list of achievements that reset every 24 hours. They are very easy to accomplish, and players are expected to complete them in a short period of time. For example, one of the daily achievements tracks the number of monsters of any type killed by the player. Once an achievement has been completed, the player is rewarded with some achievement points as well as a chest containing gold and experience orbs. The player can now progress toward completion of the next tier of the achievement. There are a finite number of tiers for each daily achievement, and the numbers are skewed such that more casual players should finish a high percentage of them in an average play session. If a player is able to complete enough daily achievements, they will also unlock a special bonus chest. This system makes the first couple of hours of play each day extremely productive and helps equalize experience and gold gain between casual and hardcore players.

Monthly Achievements
Monthly achievements are a new addition to the game and serve the purpose of bridging the gap between the short-term goals offered by daily achievements and the long-term goals offered by regular achievements. Monthly achievements are intended to be more difficult to complete than daily achievements and usually encompass a variety of different types of content, from completing dungeons to social activities to participating in competitive PvP. As a player completes tiers in their monthly achievements, they will receive achievement points as well as a chest containing gold and experience orbs. Much like daily achievements, any achievement points earned also contribute toward a special bonus chest. Monthly achievements reset every month, but unlike daily achievements, they change to a completely new set of achievements.
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Re: GW2- Achievement Hunting
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2012, 03:14:09 PM »
Awesome post. I kept seeing the daily achievement trackers pop up but was too busy finally playing GW2 to actually take some time to figure these achievement out. Thanks for the info

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Re: GW2- Achievement Hunting
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This is a great post. It will definitely help those who want to know more about the achievement system. :)