May 21, 2019, 07:20:13 PM

Guardian History

The Guardians Online Gaming Community began life in March of 2002. It was formed as a player association for the MMO Star Wars Galaxies. A small group of people that had gamed together in the past undertook the project of forming this community. In the days of Star Wars Galaxies the community was heavily involved in role playing their characters in the Star Wars universe. The Guardians were members of the Rebel Alliance. Their creed was Libertas, Ara, Amplus. Translated that means freedom, protection, honor. Their small group became part of a city called Vagabond's Rest. It did not stay there long. The Guardians soon grew large enough to occupy their own city. The forming and development of Libertas is still to this day considered one of the greatest achievements of The Guardian Community. Alas not all things were meant to last forever. Interest in the MMO Star Wars Galaxies dwindled within The Guardian Community.

The downsizing of the Star Wars Galaxies division and its ultimate closure in late 2004 was not the end for The Guardians. They found new life battling the Horde in World of Warcraft. Moving onto World of Warcraft was more then just a new game for The Guardians. It marked the beginning of having multiple active divisions within the community. It was around this time in 2004 that the Battlefield 2 division rose to popularity. It would go on to become the first person shooter division and would ultimately be closed as new criteria for maintaining an active division was developed. World of Warcraft is still an active division at the time of this writing, early 2011. Over the years it has had many ups and downs. At one point in time it boasted membership in three forty man raid teams as part of alliances with other guilds. At one point in time a World of Warcraft Horde division was as active as the original Alliance division. As with all things, the WoW Division game to an end after nearly 9 years, our longest lived division (by a significant margin) to this day.

In 2007 The Guardians began their next major venture in preparing for the new MMO Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. It boasted a high level of early recruiting in pre-beta and beta. Despite its recruiting success it is regarded by many as The Guardians single greatest failure in any game. The division flopped within days of release and reached a point within weeks that it could not be sustained. Fault by those involved in getting it off the ground is largely placed on the game itself. The Guardians did not stay in the game long enough to learn if those issues had been corrected.

A division that was largely a success formed almost at the same time as Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar garnered interest from many Guardian members who fondly remember reading J. R. R. Tolkien's series of books and from watching the movie trilogy. Members of the Guardian community played in both factions for many years. The division would run successfully for over two years until dwindling interest led to its closure in late 2009.

In early 2008 interest spiked regarding a new MMO on the horizon. Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures became a Guardian Division. Guardian success in this MMO was virtually immediate and sustained. The division barely survived a year. After a leadership void at the very beginning of 2009 The Guardian Council sought Division Leader applications. All candidates turned down the job. The lack of leadership ultimately led to the divisions closure.

2011 began with a new division, The Guardians taking the fight into Rift: Planes of Telara. Returning to solid open world, faction based PvP roots, The Guardians established themselves early on Faeblight. Strong in both organized and spontaneous events, the fun and sucess were constant. While the division was shorter lived that many in our storied history the time spend in Rift was no less rewarding for our members.

Our return to the realms of our founding game was met with much joy late in 2011 as The Guardians first stepped into Star Wars the Old Republic. A new setting, but that same old love for blasters, lightsabers and space ships. The Guardians have been an unstoppable, constant force in SWTOR with a solid number of server firsts and even a (tho weakly, weakly contested) world first. Our efforts in The Old Republic have been epic; providing a ton of fun for The Guardians of Jung Ma and continues strong to this day.

While we never picked up an interest in the original Guild Wars, the real MMO design of Guild Wars 2 caught our eye. With a beautiful world to explore and some excellent PvP, TG remained entertained for quite a good time in GW2. While our numbers dwindled in the months following launch, a core crew of members could be found constantly pounding their opponents on the battlefield. Small but strong, the Guardians led the way for nearly two years.

Final Fantasy finally got it right when they re-launched FFXIV as "A Realm Reborn". The first go was pretty bad, but the second go round had Guardians whipped into a frenzy. Hopping atop our noble and feathered steeds, we had a breif but fun romp in the game.

Forming in late 2013 and launching in 2014, The Elder Scrolls Online finally allowed people to play together in the world of Tamriel. Joining the Daggerfall Covenant, our Orcs, Redgards and Wood Elves flowed into the world, loving the space and really digging the PvP.

WildStar was a game that had so much promise... so much that the promise ended up more potent than the delivery. Our shortest division to date, WildStar rose and fall as quickly as our hopes for the game.

A mad man came out of retirement, full of promises for a return to the glories of PC gaming; of a galaxy so massive, so wonderful, so detailed that our eyes would melt and our hearts soar as we flew our space ships, build or trade goods and raided some pirate asteroids. This crazed mad man continues to seem less and less crazy as the millions of dollars are poured his way to make Star Citizen a reality. The Guardians have most certainly become believers, with very large numbers of us having already bought in with heart and wallet to the design of what we all dream will be a fantastic universe in which to play. The jury is certainly still out, as is the release date. Formed in Early 2014, TG's Star Citizen Division sits, waiting for the deck crew to wave the all clear, ready for launch into the great unknown.

While the rest of the world had seen ArcheAge, by the time it hit our shores, The Guardians were ready for it. Massive PvP, tons of crafting, farming, personal housing, it ticks all the right boxes for many of our members. With great preperation spurred on by the research of our members, we hit the ground running at launch, securing land and speeding our way to sucess on the most heavily PvP active server in the game.

A long, storied history filled with fun and achievement that continues on to this day in the multiple official and unofficial efforts in the games we love. In all things, The Guardians continue to Lead The Way.