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SWTOR - The Guardian… The Guardian­s - Fore… Rift Division - Init…
The Guardians - Forever
- The Guardians --

Founded for the release of Star Wars: Galaxies The Guardians are a Multi-Game Community built on the six tenets of Camaraderie, Loyalty, Honor, Maturity, Integrity and Duty. Having expanded through more than a dozen online multiplayer games The Guardians will be soon be celebrating 10 years of active multiplayer gaming.

Find us at our website:

-- Information --
This video was made from various trailers and video clips filmed by our members from just some of the games we have played as a guild.

The video was made using Adobe After Effects CS4, Sony Vegas 9.0 and 3dsMax.

All content in this video is copyrighted and all rights reserved are to the various developers and publishers. This video is an homage to the fantastic work of these developers and is completely non-profit.

-- Credits ---
Video Editting: Mas
3D Modelling: Eagle4Delta
Audio: Booms

Special Thanks to Hawt Buns Productions

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