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Author Topic: Secret World Legends - Popup Tutorial  (Read 2966 times)

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Secret World Legends - Popup Tutorial
« on: June 30, 2017, 11:40:12 AM »
There's a useful post on the TSW forums on how to create an in game popup. SWL doesn't have 'official' forums and I feel the TSW forums will be taken down, eventually. So, this is an attempt to save that post.

You have seen how you can post links in the game and let them open up a window with information.
This is a practical feature in Funcom games, as you can provide a lot of information to those who are interested, but not needing to bother those who are not.

Making this good for services you want to offer for PAX, RolePlaying, Looking for Group and Cabal recruitment.

Below are a couple of examples:

Spoiler  :
Code: [Select]
<a href="text://<font face=LARGE><font face=LARGE_BOLD>Name:</font> Tertia Decima<br><font face=LARGE_BOLD>Server:</font> Arcadia<br><font face=LARGE_BOLD>Recruiters:</font> <a href='chatcmd:///tell Antelope I am interested in your Cabal'>Antelope</a>, <a href='chatcmd:///tell Aphroditae I am interested in your Cabal'>Aphroditae</a><br><font face=LARGE_BOLD>website:</font> <a href='chatcmd:///option WebBrowserStartURL &quot;http://xiiilegion.guildlaunch.com&quot; \n /option web_browser 1'>xiiilegion.guildlaunch.com</a><br><br>Laid back, adult, family friendly <font color=#2a6bab face=LARGE_BOLD>Illuminati</font> Cabal now recruiting. Please send a recruiter a tell for more info, or apply on the website.</font>">Tertia Decima recruiting</a>

Spoiler  :
Code: [Select]
<a href="text://<div align=center><font color=#00CCFF>World of Korruption</font><br><font color=red>Guild Info</div></font><br>Recruitment status : <font color=#33FF00>recruiting!</font></font><br><div align=center><font color=#00CCFF>Illuminati</font></div><br>PvE/PvP : Both<br><br>Website : Yes <font color=red>( KGClan.net )</font><br>Voice Server: Mumble <font color=red>( Info in MOTD )</font><br><br><font color=red><div align=center>Guild Leader<br>Korruption<br><br>Guild Officers<br>Dethlock<br>Cyrinn<br>Zearth<br><br><br><br><br><br><br>Additional Info</font><br>We are a US West based Cabal but accept members from all over the globe, Looking for others to help spread the Korruption!</font><br><a href='chatcmd:///tell Korruption I am interested in your Cabal'>Click here to join!</a></div>">Illuminati - USWest based - World Of Korruption - Pve/PVP focused</font></a>

Spoiler  :
Code: [Select]
<a href="text://<div align=center></div><font face=LARGE>The Troupe is Calling All <font color=#2a6bab>Illuminati</font> Performers To Join.<br>((We are a roleplaying cabal so be prepared for this.))<br><br>Use the <a href='chatcmd:///chat join Circus'>/chat join Circus</a> to be able to talk with Cabal members.<br>((Write OOC when you are out of character.))<br>Bad Jokes, rude joking remarks, sexually deviant humor is all possible and probable.<br>Strong minds and warped sense of fun is demanded of all members.<br><br>Message <a href='chatcmd:///tell Ryleth I am interested in your Cabal'>Ryleth</a> Or <a href='chatcmd:///tell Tingler I am interested in your Cabal'>Tingler</a> to be invited.</font>">The Circus Of Sinners Are Looking For You</a>

Spoiler  :
Code: [Select]
<a href="text://<div align=center><font face=LARGE_BOLD>Light´s Hope</font><br>are reqruiting</div><br><br><font color=red face=LARGE>We are looking for mature and dedicated players who has the personal drive to be the best player they can be. If you are a player who is enthusiastic about your role and character, and can adjust to play well in a challenging environment while keeping your wits about you, you’re just the kind of person we are looking for. We can offer you a helpful and welcoming cabal that strives to make everyone a part of our Cabal. In return we expect you to be a dedicated, long term member that like to participate in raiding and are not afraid to give or receive criticism in areas that needs improvement in order for us to always get better. You must also be over the age of 18 and confident in using Teamspeak.<br>Visit our website for more info at this address:</font><br><a href='chatcmd:///option WebBrowserStartURL &quot;http://lightshope.mygamesonline.org&quot; \n /option web_browser 1'>http://lightshope.mygamesonline.org</a><br><font color=red face=LARGE>or <a href='chatcmd:///tell Cayn Light´s Hope'>or contact Vincent ´Cayn` Carmichael</a> <font color=red>or any other member of our cabal in-game for a chat and invite.</font>">Light´s Hope are recruiting</a>
The reason I post 4 examples is two-fold.
1) to show how it looks like
2) to give you working examples

As these already work in the game, you can take them and modify them with the text you like, rather than needing to start from scratch.

This is indeed my recommendation:
Take a working script and edit it.

In the next post there will be some simpler scripts to start out with, and I will explain how it works step for step.
I am sorry I have to double-post, but there is a limit on how many images you can have in each post on these forums.

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Re: Secret World Legends - Popup Tutorial
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2017, 11:53:45 AM »
Where to place the files
Open your SWL Directory.
Create a folder named "Scripts" (without the ") and place the text files there.
IE: Program Files/Secret World Legends/Scripts
If you created a script named "PopupTemplet", when that is placed in the Scripts folder, you can immediately in game type:
That will send the popup/link to the channel you are talking in.
Will auto-complete it for you.

How it works
First word of caution:
It all needs to be in one continuous line.
If you put an [enter] in the popup, it will not work.
use <BR> for line shift.

A simple script
Code: [Select]
<a href="text://Hello world">My first popup</a>
You need to start with:
<a href="text://
Then put the text you want in the popup, then end with:
If you put any " between those in your text, it will not work.
The next thing is what you want to appear as the clickable link, in this case:
My first popup
Finally end it with:

This is all good for information, but if you want it to be pretty with colors, links to chat-channels, websites and /tell messages, then we need to ad links in that space between <a href="text:// and ">

Changing color in the popup
When talking about adding or changing things in these posts I always mean between <a href="text:// and ">.

There are two ways to do it:
Code: [Select]
<font color=blue>text you want to be blue</font>and if you want a more specific color:
Code: [Select]
<font color=#00CCFF>text you want to be that special shade of blue</font>Again, if you put any " in there, the popup will not work. They are not needed either.

Changing font size / make text bold in the popup
In TSW popups you do not change font size, you change the font face to do that.
The same with making text bold and italic.
> and > do not work. ( does though)

Here is how you change the font face:
Code: [Select]
<font face=LARGE>text you want to be large</font>bold:
Code: [Select]
<font face=NORMAL_BOLD>text you want to be bold</font>
There are a limited number of options though, being:
NORMAL Size: 12
LARGE Size: 14
HUGE Size: 15

There are more and bigger font faces, but they are not needed.
To see how they look in-game you can use this script:

Code: [Select]
/Text <a href="text://<BR> <font color=#00CCFF face=NORMAL>NORMAL</font> Size: 12<BR> <font color=#00CCFF face=NORMAL_BOLD>NORMAL_BOLD</font> Size: 12<BR> <font color=#00CCFF face=LARGE>LARGE</font> Size: 14 weight: Medium<BR> <font color=#00CCFF face=LARGE_BOLD>LARGE_BOLD</font> Size: 14<BR> <font color=#00CCFF face=HUGE>HUGE</font> Size: 15 weight: Medium<BR> <font color=#00CCFF face=HYBORIANSMALL>HYBORIANSMALL</font> Size: 16 weight: Medium<BR> <font color=#00CCFF face=TSWLARGE>TSWLARGE</font> Size: 16 weight: Medium<BR> <font color=#00CCFF face=HYBORIANLARGE>HYBORIANLARGE</font> Size: 18 weight: Medium<BR> <font color=#00CCFF face=HEADLINE>HEADLINE</font> Size: 21 weight: Medium">Font faces</a>

Adding chat channel links to the popup
Remember the note about not having any " between <a href="text:// and ">.
We need a quote mark to put in links, luckily we still have ', meaning that you are not allowed to use that either in the links you put in the popup.
you can safely use ´and ` though, id you want to spell don´t or use it for other things.

The principle of the code is chatcmd://
A code that executes what comes after it in chat.
Meaning if you put in chatcmd:///say Hi
The character clicking it will say "Hi"
Just like that we write it so it allows people to join a chat-channel with a single click:
chatcmd:///join chat IC
We need to put it into a link for it to work though:
Code: [Select]
<a href='chatcmd:///chat join IC'>Join the IC channel</a>
Adding /tell links to the popup
Sending a /tell via link works the same as chat channel links, it uses the chatcmd:// command, but rather with a chatcmd:///tell Daath if you want the reader to easily be able to contact Daath.
Writing it out like this means that no matter who posts the code, the tells will always go to the same person, so be sure they are online.
Code: [Select]
<a href='chatcmd:///tell Daath I read your popup'>Send Daath a tell</a>If you want to make it so you, the one posting the popup gets the message, here is the code for you:
Code: [Select]
<a href='chatcmd:///tell %m I read your popup'>Send %m a tell</a>%m is automatically replaces with the name of the one sending the popup.
For more more variables, for scripts see the section later in the posts.

Adding website links to the popup
This is kind of complex, and relies on the previous methods and then some.
Hence I will post the code and then try to explain it afterwards:
Code: [Select]
<a href='chatcmd:///option WebBrowserStartURL &quot;http://www.thesecretworld.com&quot; \n /option web_browser 1'>open the TSW website</a>
WebBrowserStartURL is supposedly meant to set the permanent starting address for the browser..
But it is not working like that at the moment, it only affects the next time the browser is opened.
Which is actually what we want, so that is fine: no permanent damage there.
There is the slight (HUGE) problem that the way it works, if you want to use it is:
/option WebBrowserStartURL "http://www.forums.thesecretworld.com"
and it does not work without the ".
..and we have a popup where we can not put " in without breaking it..
---- luckily there is the fact that &quot; is another way of writing ", and as &quot; in passed at a later stage it does not interfere with the popup.
So yes, we can set it so the next time the user opens his or her in-game browser the site linked will open.
.. but that is troublesome asking the user to do that, so in the code above a \n in included, meaning "new line" or in this case "new command", after which we put in the command to open the in-game browser: /option web_browser 1
TL DR it works.

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Re: Secret World Legends - Popup Tutorial
« Reply #2 on: June 30, 2017, 12:02:55 PM »
Example popup with all the features mentioned above
Code: [Select]
/Text <a href="text://Hello world<BR><BR><font color=blue>text you want to be blue</font><BR><BR><font color=#00CCFF>text you want to be that special shade of blue</font><BR><BR><font face=LARGE>text you want to be large</font><BR><BR><font face=NORMAL_BOLD>text you want to be bold</font><BR><BR><a href='chatcmd:///chat join IC'>Join the IC channel</a><BR><BR><a href='chatcmd:///tell Daath I read your popup'>Send Daath a tell</a><BR><BR><a href='chatcmd:///tell %m I read your popup'>Send %m a tell</a><BR><BR><a href='chatcmd:///option WebBrowserStartURL &quot;http://www.thesecretworld.com&quot; \n /option web_browser 1'>open the TSW website</a><BR><BR>Remove this and the:<BR>/Text <BR>in the start of this script to show it to others">My first popup</a>

Popup limitations
  • It all has to be in -one- line, no [Enter], use <BR>.
  • Keep the popup under 1900 characters all included. Recommended size: 1024 or lower.
    You will -always- see it as a link, but if it is too long -everyone else- will see it as a wall of HTML text in the chat, getting you ignored and reported for spamming rather quickly.
  • <B> and <I> do not work
    To change font size or type use <font face=XXXX>.
    See the list of possible font faces above.
    • No " between <a href="text:// and ">.
      So the text in your popup -can not- contain any " besides the starting and ending one.
    • No ' between <a href='chatcmd:// and '>.
      Meaning write your linkified /tell messages without ' but using ´ instead.
    • Use ANSI, UTF-8 encoding does not work.
      If your script works, and you do not know what the above means, do not worry; only nerds will run into this problem.

    Those are the most common mistakes I see.

    Social limitations
    While this is not a technical, but rather a social limitation:
    Please do not use colored links in the general and faction chats.

    Popups are there so you can -avoid- bothering people.
    Interested can click the link and get a ton of information, without disturbing those who do not.
    Following up on that I will not show how you color a link.
    It is doable, but I simply see too many people mis-using it to spam the general channel making it worse than a porn-site with bright red, yellow and green advertisement scrolling by.

    There are also larger font-faces, but this is a guide for practical and responsible use,
    not a guide on how to annoy other people.

    The more people who mis-use this system, the more likely it is it will be removed..
    Meaning back to the wall of text RP, help-channel replies and recruiting messages, rather than a subtle link.

    It is a gift from Funcom that we can do this, but as with all things internet:
    it can be misused
    we as a community must stand together and disprove of unacceptable behavior.

    Script commands
    In the previous I clearly stated
    -it all has to be in one line-
    The reason for that, is that you can indeed write over multiple lines, just as in the web-link: New line means a new command.
    So rather than doing just one thing, you can do several.
    All from dance-moves to changing how you see name-tags in the game and change GUI.
    Just put the command you want on separate lines.
    You can even call other scripts or the script itself for an infinite loop.
    To get out of the loop,
    The brake-command is:
    CTRL+SHIFT+F1 or /reloadui

    In other Funcom games scripts cancel each other.
    So if you start a script 3 times, only the last one runs.
    In TSW they queue, meaning that if you accidently activate a script twice, it will run twice.
    use CTRL+SHIFT+F1 or /reloadui to stop the 2nd one, when the first one is done.

    Variables in scripts
    In the popup examples %m is mentioned, and it is the most useful one for most popups, there are other variables though:
    %m your own nickname.
    Hi my name is %m
    %t your target's nickname
    Hello %t
    %f your fighting-target's nickname
    Let us all attack %t
    /Delay 1000 a delay/sleep/pause for 1 second (1000 milliseconds)
    You can adjust the value to what you seem fit
    %0 The script's own name
    /%0 will call the same script again, creating an infinite loop
    CTRL+SHIFT+F1 or /reloadui Will stop infinite loops

    If you write %1 in a script called Test
    It will be replaced by the first word after the script name eg. Hello in the following.
    /Test Hello

    For a more practical example, a link popup:
    Code: [Select]
    <a href="text://Click the link below to open it in the browser<br><a href='chatcmd:///option WebBrowserStartURL &quot;%1&quot; \n /option web_browser 1'>%1</a>">%1</a> %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9 %10 %11 %12 %13 %14 %15 %16 %17 %18 %19 %20 %21 %22 %23 %24 %25 %26 %27 %28 %29 %30 %31 %32Where if you write:
    /Link http://forums.thesecretworld.com/showthread.php?t=39547 Check the guide on how to make popups.
    It will make a popup with the link being clickable, and you can do that for any web address you want.

    as you can see there are %2 %3 etc. as well, I know of no limit, but have tested up to %50
    A command to write all of them is:
    But in the example above that would mean that the web address would appear too.
    Remember to put spaces in between them.

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