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Author Topic: Thranx's Steam Winter Sale 2018 List  (Read 10006 times)

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Thranx's Steam Winter Sale 2018 List
« on: December 21, 2018, 07:07:42 PM »
You all know the deal.  Since the Steam sale doesn't really change day-to-day I'm breaking things down into 3 categories.  VR, First Hand Experience, High Interest (no first hand experience but it's caught my eye) and Bought (I may not have played them yet, but you can see where I'm puting the ever more limited Thranx Buck.)

With that, I'll catagorize as buy/meh/pass based on both price AND how good the game is.  It's all about value... will the experience be worth the $$.  My main rule of thumb is that a decent game should have a return of $2 per hour.  If that game was completely and totally awesome... it may deserve a higher rate... if it was meh, then... lower.

Virtual Thranxality
BUY - $DoesntMatter - Beat Saber : If you own a VR headset and DON'T own this yet... you're a fool.  "But Thranx, I don't like rythum games."  Neither do I.  Buy it.  "But Thranx, I almost never fire up my headset."  Are you crazy?  Buy it.  "But Thranx, I don't have $20."  Sell your cat.  Buy it.  This is the exact same thing I said in the summer... it still holds true.
BUY - $17.99 - Arizona Sunshine : The best FPS in VR.  Hands down.  Anither MUST have if you own a VR headset.  Single player story is great.  Horde mode is great.  Co-op is great.  Just a blast all around.
BUY - $5.99 - Space Rift - Looks like it could be good and at $6, it's worth the risk.  Great theme and setting... hoping the gameplay is as well.  There's aspects of the videos I've seen that make it look a little jank, but... it's $6.

First Hand Experience
PASS - $18.74 - Deep Rock Galactic : Looks like it'd be a blast... but it's not.  Game play is pretty flat.  Advancement is boring.  Story is... low.  Suprisingly high rating on steam, but I'm just not feeling ig.
BUY - $3.74 - Infested Planet : I pimped this for the summer sale, and I'll offer it up again... even cheaper now!  Fun little tactical game.  Basic, yet complex.  Varied level design and mission types.  Each of them fun in their own way, not one felt like a boring "I have to slog through this mission type".  Well designed, good progression.  Really enjoyed it.  I enjoyed it enough that I took the time to 100% this.
BUY - $4.99 - Borderlands 2 : Bit of a throw back, but if you don't own this... pick it up.  Best $5 you'll have spent in 2018.  I don't exaggerate.
PASS - $7.49 - Age of Wonders 3 : It didn't grab me.  It looks like it should be great, but, story fell flat and gameplay wasn't that engaging.  Gave it a solid 6 hours... if you can't grab me by 6 hours, sorry.
BUY - $7.99 - Dirt Rally : Best Rally racing game, hands down.  And just a really fun driving game in general.  Also awesome in VR.  Don't upgrade to the bundle... the other Dirt games are just OK.  Not on this level.

High Interest
BUY - $9.99 - Scythe : Not exageratting, I own every possible upgrade and expansion for this physically and I have not played it yet.  That is a SIZABLE chunk of cash... and now this is here for $10.  It's a complex game, so I may just buy this to have it teach me to play.  This game is VERY well recieved physically.
MEH - $10.04 - Into the Breach : I don't know why it's so hard for me to pull the trigger on this.  It's like Advance Wars (love) made by the guys who did FTL.  How could this suck?  I'll probably grab it finally.
MEH - $20.09 - Frostpunk - Just priced a little to high to risk, IMO.  Really intersted in it but... I can't pull the trigger yet.  It's a very narrow management game, and while the theme is neat, I thing it'll have the added effect of being a depressing game, which is a minus in my book regardless of how well made or interesting a setting is.
PASS - $10.49 - Kingdom Rush Origins : Static placement tower defense that's just... not great.  I've player the previous installments and nothing about this new one would interest me for over $10.  Maybe not even at $5.
BUY - $14.99 - Hero Defense : Here's an oddball.  It's been off the store for a while but I kept it in my wishlist just in case.  It looks like an interesting tower defense with progression game, so I'll likely bite and buy it.  Odd that it was off the store when I discovered it initially.  Only problem is the price being juuuust beyond my comfortable risk threshold.  If it was $10... yea, sure.  $5... no brainer.

BUY - $3.74 - Ironcast : Cool match 3 game I've had my eye on for a while.  Looks pretty fun, actually watched a few dev streams a while back.  At this price, it's easy to grab and have at least 2 hours of fun with.
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