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The goal of The Guardians is to unite like-minded individuals under a common code in order to form a fun, safe, organized and lasting community for the purpose of gaming and other online activities. The Guardian Code, to which every member is sworn, is a set of six values meant to guide us in our efforts to accomplish this this goal.

The Code

1. Camaraderie ñ A Guardian will treat fellow guild mates with respect and courtesy at all times; never harboring ill will or grudges and always fostering a spirit of brotherhood.

2. Loyalty ñ A Guardian will remain loyal to TG and uphold the values for which we stand. Guardians should never conspire with groups who hold values contradictory to our own.

3. Honor ñ A Guardian will do his or her utmost to represent TG in all aspects of life. Guardians should refrain from any activity that would bring shame to our organization and be exemplary models of our values for anyone they may encounter in our online activities.

4. Maturity ñ A Guardian will be respectful and mindful of others, members and non-members alike. If asked to "tone it down" or stop using inappropriate language, a Guardian will readily comply.

5. Integrity ñ A Guardian will always protect information deemed to be private within TG. Guardians should never leak private information to outsiders.

6. Duty ñ A Guardian will remain active in our community by participating in any of our online activities or maintaining communication through our website and forums. Guardians who become inactive without notice are subject to removal from our roster.

Rules Clarifications and Other Policies

TG Naming Policy

Guardian Members must never choose names that are offensive to others. Names that are sexually explicit, contain offensive language or include references of a specific political or religious nature are strictly prohibited. This policy includes names used throughout any medium of communication used by the Guardian organization.

Policy on Leaving the Guild

All Guardian members are encouraged to think long and hard before leaving the community. We strive to maintain a lasting organization where members remain for many years. Thus we follow several guidelines for people who leave:

1. Member access on the Guardian forums will be removed if you leave the guild. A grace period may be given for you to say your goodbyes, but this is at the discretion of the forum administrators.

2. All members who remove themselves from TG will be required to submit an application for readmission if they decide to come back. Their application will be processed in accordance with the normal guidelines set forth by the Director of Personnel.

Open Door Policy

The Guardian Council and the officers of the guild exist in order to serve its members. This organization is completely dedicated to providing the safest and most enjoyable environment possible for players who choose to follow our cause. For this reason, an open dialogue must always be encouraged between the membership and officers of the guild. If a problem or concern arises, no member should hesitate to bring it to the attention of an officer or Council member. If that officer or Council member cannot handle the issue for you, he or she will find someone who can. This Open Door Policy exists for all Guardian members and encompasses any issue or problem that may arise.

1. Follow the chain of command. Speak to an officer about your issue/problem/idea first. If that officer can not help you or your problem is with an officer, you should contact the Division Leader in whatever game you play. If there is no Division Leader or your Division Leader can not help you, you may contact the Assistant Guild Leader or Guild Leader.

2. Request an audience with The Council. There is a special, private forum available where a single member may speak with The Council on a 1 on 1 basis. The forum is wiped clean after the conversation is complete and the issues discussed remain between the councilors and the individual. You may currently request an audience by sending a private message to Mikhal Lastin, Rico Vanzant, or Jaedan on these forums.

The Guardian Leader Code of Ethics

The following is the code by which every Guardian officer and councilor must swear before taking up their post.

As a Guardian leader I will:

1. Leadership - A Guardian Leader will strive to lead by example, always serving as a role-model for members to emulate.

2. Patience - A Guardian Leader will display patience and understanding in all situations. He or she will confront problems and situations with a level of poise and control that exemplifies the Guardian Code.

3. Honesty - A Guardian leader will be forthright in their dealings with others, representing their positions and intentions to others with honesty and accuracy and without deception.

4. Empathy - A Guardian Leader will put themselves in the shoes of their members, doing their utmost to recognize, perceive and understand issues as they arise and keep open the lines of communication that solve or prevent such issues.

5. Trustworthiness - A Guardian Leader will always keep the confidence of fellow Guardians, never divulging information to which their rank allows them access in an inappropriate fashion.

6. Reliability - A Guardian leader will remain active in their position and in the organization as a whole, conducting their assigned duties faithfully at the direction of the Guild Leader and Guardian Council.

7. Wisdom - A Guardian Leader will make fair and just decisions for the betterment of TG as a whole, exercising prudence, insight and knowledge of the Code and Policies of this organization.

The Guardian Disciplinary System

The Guardians strive to maintain a safe and fun environment for the members of our organization and the communities we interact with. While we hold our members to the highest standards, indiscretions do happen and situations do arise. Thus we have created a simple and straightforward disciplinary system to handle problems we may be faced with.

Let The Punishment Fit The Crime

Guardians who are found guilty of minor rule, policy or code violations by officers or Councilors will be subject to disciplinary action that is suitable for the offense committed. Punishments may include any or all of the following:
  1. verbal warning
  2. suspension from in-game activities
  3. suspension from forum participation
  4. temporary removal from TG
  5. formal written apology to the organization
  6. expulsion from TG
Grounds for Immediate Expulsion

While this disciplinary system operates on the theory of the punishment fitting the crime, there are occasions in which a member may be immediately removed from the guild. Such removal is only justifiable by a gross and willful violation of The Guardian Code.

Tracking Violations

When violations occur, officers or councilors will record the violation as well as the corrective action taken in a private forum designated for this purpose. Only officers and councilors will have access to this forum and its contents will never be revealed to members or outside sources.