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First things first. I am really excited for the upcoming release of SW:TOR. To the point where everyone I know IRL knows that I am excited. However, I do also have other hobbies, interests and likes.

Such as:
I am going to school for Community Psychology.  I have no idea what I plan on doing with it but the degree will be a fashionable wall piece.
I really enjoy zombie anything.  Games, Movies, Apocalypses.  I think of myself as a Zombie Buff.
For out of game activity I like to skateboard, rock climb, swim, play guitar.
I am a techy. All of my jobs have been more technological jobs which completely does not correlate with my degree. Wonderful.
Favorite food would have to be Chicken Alfredo Pasta.
I just recently quit my job at at&t to trade penny stocks. Lets hope this goes well.

I am a pretty easy going. I like to have fun (weird right?).

As to SW:TOR I am a pretty competitive player.  I mostly am excited about the PVP
possibilities that come out with this new game.  I will be playing a Jedi Consular but am not 100% on it.  I hope to do some operations and flashpoints also but PVP is my main focus in SW:TOR.


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