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Author Topic: Monday Night Flight 06.12.17 @ 6pm Pacific  (Read 3138 times)

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Monday Night Flight 06.12.17 @ 6pm Pacific
« on: June 06, 2017, 01:58:25 PM »

Pilot, marine, mercenary, explorer, trader, citizen.
We all have callings we hold to and identify with.
But one unites us all; that of the Guardian!

Heed the call this coming Monday 06.12.17 @ 6pm Pacific.

Prepare for participation in any or all of the following:

  • Arena Commander - A spacecraft simulation with multiple modes including fending off swarms of 'duul and pirates, dog-fighting opposing players, or challenging them on the race track.
  • Star Marine - A battlefield where marines fend off enemies from control points or one vs all in elimination.
  • Crusader - Take your first steps into the greater Universe, exploring the farthest reaches of known space, taking on missions and eliminating threats against the UEE.
  • Tactics and controls - New to Star Citizen? We're all still learning too. Let's collectively help each other out. Officers and members alike will be available in TeamSpeak to answer all manner of questions.

  • Let us know you're planning to attend in a reply below or on the #starcitizen Discord channel, including your RSI handle if your name is not listed below.
  • Ensure you've downloaded the latest live patch for the SC client AND the latest version of TeamSpeak the night before. The SC client is large, so give yourself plenty of time dependent on your ISP.
  • Add TG Members to your 'follow' list on RSI to ensure you can see them in the Contacts List in game. This helped tremendously in our last meetup. Here's the list of frequent attenders:
    AgtUnknown, Booms, Scootter-McGavin (Scootter), Dreho (jer), Ghoststryker (Sylent Jay), Hectik, Jag, Jetah, Koagedo, Madmartigan17, Meridian, Thranx, TG-Spike
  • Join us in the Star Citizen channels on Team Speak.
  • Fire up your SC client and party up!

Q: But I can't play! I can still listen in though. Is that okay?

Yes, please do! We're a division so let's talk and dream about this game and what it hopes to be. There's lots to chat about and review about what's already in the game and what's coming in 3.0. Be a part of it! Spread the word to others who may not frequent the forum. See you there!

Q: I can't make it this week. What about next week?

Yes! This is a weekly occurrence at a set time (unless holidays or other cancellations are necessary). If you don't see anyone in TS at time, hop in anyways. That encourages others to join in. Form a group and decide what to play from there. Even if you can't make it on time or can't stay long, feel free to come and go as you need.

Q: I've got friends and family who are not [yet ;)] Guardians. Can I invite them?

Absolutely! Unless specifically mentioned, these exercises are for all members, applicants, and allies of The Guardians.

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The Guardians fleet needs you, citizen. Suit up today!

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Re: Star Citizen: Monday Night Flight 06.12.17 @ 6pm Pacific
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2017, 02:40:34 PM »
Bonus gallery from 05.22.17!

Here's a few shots I took once I was taken out of the fight from a Pirate Swarm simulation with Jer, AgtUnknown, and Hectik.

Just prior to meeting up with the Guardians, Meridian fires up the Whistleblower for a quick data run.

Dueling interceptors!

Hectik firing shots

Hectik corners an outlaw!

Never underestimate an Aurora's resilience!

With a well-timed rocket, Jer begins freeing a pirate of it's mortal coil.

AgtUknown being lazy. :torynn:

Filthy pirate.

AgtUnknown begins to lay the smackdown, Sabre style!

Agt in pursuit.

Pirate eliminated.

Jer, Agt, and Hectik hero shot

You too can have this fun by joining us each Monday! Got awesome screens to share? Post 'em up!
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The Guardians fleet needs you, citizen. Suit up today!