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Author Topic: SWTOR 5.1 Coming Jan 24 2017  (Read 3712 times)

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SWTOR 5.1 Coming Jan 24 2017
« on: January 18, 2017, 10:12:01 AM »
A few additions to how you acquire gear, and 5 new Uprisings....

You can still get stuff by leveling up your Galactic Command and getting crates.

Every GC level will now put GC Tokens in the crate, these GC Tokens are legacy bound so you can throw them in the legacy bank and use them on any toon. So that provides some alt help.  And they are going to compensate back GC Tokens for previously opened crates. 

Then there are 2 paths for using GC Tokens...

Path 1 PVE,  during Ops each boss prior to the final boss will have an ever increasing chance to drop a random unassembled token, the final boss has a 100% chance to drop a specific unassembled token.  They have not yet said which final bosses will drop which pieces. They also have not said how many, but hinted at 3-5 GC Tokens plus one unassembled token will get you a piece of gear.

Path 2 PVP,  participating in PVP will now award unassembled components.  Again they have not said how many, but some number of unassembled components plus the lower level shell, can be traded in for an unassembled token.  Then like PVE, some number of GC Tokens plus the unassembled token will get you a piece of gear.

There has been considerable debate as to whether these pieces of gear are gold set bonus pieces, or if they are the purple non-set bonus piece just like you can get from crafting,  majority opion is purple, but again nothing confirmed from EA.

Here are the names and locations of the five new Uprisings:
Trench Runner – Denova
Destroyer of Worlds – Makeb
Landing Party – Rakata Prime
Divided We Fall – Coruscant
Trial and Error – Space Station

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Re: SWTOR 5.1 Coming Jan 24 2017
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