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Author Topic: Artifact Fishing Pole Guide  (Read 4362 times)

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Artifact Fishing Pole Guide
« on: April 16, 2017, 09:07:28 PM »
I'm going to be getting my Artifact Pole this week on one of my alts. Everyone is welcome to join.

My plans are for Monday/Wednesday/Friday. This should be plenty of time to obtain it.

Requirements: Be 110. The final quest item won't drop if you're below 110.
Dates: M/W/F after 6pm central
Character: Cetibanks (she has water walk so 1 one zone will be easier)

Preparation 1: If you want to get the pole faster, I suggest you buy the Lures from the AH. If they are to expensive then don't.

Skrog Toenail/Aromatic Murloc Slime*
Pearlescent Conch
Rusty Queenfish Brooch

Funky Sea Snail/Salmon Lure*
Frost Worm
Swollen Murloc Egg

Moosehorn Hook/Silverscale Minnow*
Ancient Vrykul Ring
Soggy Drakescale

Rotten Fishbone
Nightmare Nightcrawler
Drowned Thistleleaf

Demonic Detritus
Sleeping Murloc
Enchanted Lure

Stunned, Angry Shark**
Message in a Beer Bottle/Axefish Lure*
Decayed Whale Blubber/Ravenous Fly*

* If you can purchase, do it, it'll save time.
** can't be purchased from the AH.

Preparation 2: Fly/Goblin Glider Kit/Rocfeather/Glide down to Moroes place just north of Dalaran and catch Mana (there should be raids for this), purchase about 30 Arcane Lures.

Full Guide as on Wowhead:

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Re: Artifact Fishing Pole Guide
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2017, 05:00:48 AM »
You make me more knowledgeable. I like all of you very much